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  1. I have a feeling it's like reply 97. Where shin won gave her the ring and told her don what you want with it. There seems to be some unresolved feelings for song hwa whose perspective we are yet to see. I agree that it seems like ik jun will be heartbroken in the season end and maybe she does start dating capt ahn. But am positive iksong is the long run end pair. Too much emphasis had been laid on his feelings to just be for nothing. Especially when her feelings are purposely being hidden. He did use the word girlfriend during the ring scene. Maybe they sort of had an understandin
  2. Min ha stole the show with her single scene. She is truly too cute for words. The funeral scene with suk kyung s dad funeral and his concern for the baby was so beautifully done. He is a wonderful person I just hope we at least get a happy ending for him next episode aas it seems like they are going to leave us hanging for the other pairs. Also I have an ominous feeling that song hwa will accept capt ahn and the two will date for sometime before breaking up and she gets together with ik jun. Right now his feelings seem to hurt her more than amuse her. Maybe that will be the season
  3. Wonderful painful episode. It was heartbreaking. I loved patients this week. Each and everyone was touching in it's own way. I was especially really liked at how beautifully the wife of the liver patient who does not want to donate was handled. She was not made to look the villain. We were made to empathize with her. Lovely.. Ik jun ah why you do this to me?? I had tears when he was singing. Song hwa reaction was very telling. She was not shy or taken aback or even upset she seemed pissed off. I get the feeling is song hwa is angry at ik jun because she tried to make a
  4. I dont know of it is discussed before or of it's even relevant but IJ- Song hwa almost always(except maybe 2 times) sit next to each other during group scenes, The important kalguksu, toboki, the meat scene they are opposite each other the gang sitting together to work in VIP room even in van during the first meeting. Importance is being given to smaller clues than thia. So maybe this is also important. Sorry if it sounds silly.
  5. GU and IJ have chemistry but I think it is the same chemistry that's shared by joon won and Moon-sung. They have a special connection too. But just because this is a male female thing it becomes a ship. Am not saying its impossible. But so far romantic interests have been shown only by certain people towards others. IJ - Song hwa Gu- Andrea There has never been any cross reference of an idea of romance between these pairs. All you said could make sense if IJ did not make that confession to song hwa. To be really honest I dont think he even sees GU li
  6. Exactly.. Marriage experiment??? Like really?? Ij and song hwa getting together after years of friendship and various failed relationships is not that uncommon among lifelong friends. Song hwa had relationships too. She hasnt exactly been single for 20 years. Is marriage the big difference? If song hwa had been married and divorced too would that be ok for her to get with ik joon then? What in the world? Just because Andrea is a virgin he is the most deserving of the girl? That type of thinking is not just archaic but dangerous. The topic of w
  7. Oh my!! Are you saying people who are divorced should not find love again? Or is it specifically that they should not be with someone they knew before they were married? That makes them a second choice automatically? Really? Ik joon and song hwa may or may not happen. But to say he is undeserving of her cause he was married before is a bit much..
  8. Again she has added post scripts for already built up stories. In reply 94 it was always trash oppa who was in na Jung's mind no matter how hard chilbong tried, in 88 taek and jungpal had equal chance cause it was never clear who she liked. Building an entire narrative post script, completely obliterating previous development is actually not her style. Actually there was one scene added in 88 which was that the taek kiss that happened was not a dream but actually happened. Nothing else was added to the past timeline. In 94 only wedding scenes and reveal of his trash oppa name was added again i
  9. She turned away flustered. He literally rendered her speechless. She dint even notice the rain. She dint brush him off, she just said eat in a sort of broken voice cause she was so happy. Maybe that is my shipper hearts projection. She has out right rejected two proposals so far. Never being the one to shy away from direct rejection she could have just told him to cut it out. But instead she turned but never noticed the rain and when he said it was raining ran to the window opened it and smiled. If you had just turned down a friend you consider dear would you smile at the rain which clearly ha
  10. Ok but what convinced you that it is them who are each others first crushes. No longing looks no close up shots. Song hwa left the lonely night performance to meet up the gang following ik joon and joon wan so assuming her interest is one of those two seems logical. The canon performance she literally swooned looking at ik joon playing guitar. Ik joon and joon wan met her even before others and iksong had a moment with the scrunchie first time. It was obvious he was admiring her. To me she was flustered but maybe am projecting. But why would they build up such a strong arc just to
  11. I just read another blog and i must say my mind is blown. It's really like they watch another drama altogether. I have a honest question for flower garden shippers. No hate no snark please. If song hwa was Andrea's crush and/or vice versa why have they never got together till now? Why would he even consider becoming a priest when he has loved a women for 20 years. Why would he even apply knowing the women he loves is right there in front of him waiting?? What possible reason can both of them have for not even hinting at romance till now? My theory to support wintergard
  12. https://www.wattpad.com/user/kra6545 My attempt at an iksong fanfiction. If anyone is interested. Not very good, but I just had to get it out of my system. English is not my native language so please excuse mistakes.
  13. Exactly if flowergarden was endgame why no confession until now?? Why would andrea even consider priesthood if song hwa was his love and she had feelings for him too?? Wouldn't they have confessed by now. Both have been single for many years. Ik joon at least was married for sometime. And iksong are shown to have history. Where is even a small hint of backstory for flowergarden? Andrea has more scenes with ik joon and of course gyewool than anyone else. Today was the only flowergarden scene. Even at 3 seasons shouldn't there be atleast an indication of romance between the two?
  14. I think we all are watching a completely different drama when I read this thread. flowergarden just seemed so done to me this episode. Like writer telling fans it's not song hwa when andrea spoke to his mom. Andrea song hwa scene just was so friend vibe. Her smile for him and asking him to marry was just like a friend or even a sister. And this was there first ever proper scene together. Why would they be put together in such an unromantic way of they are endgame? Also ik joon giving gywool flowers pushing her towards andrea there wasnt even a hint of jealously. How would they end up toghether
  15. I am so convinced of ik joon song hwa that I really think i will be shattered if they dont happen. Cant see how it wont happen after this episode. I have never been wrong about a reply pairing before. Even though I liked jungpal I knew it was taek who was the husband almost 3rd episode itself. Why would they interview otherwise?I was always team trash. With both those I would have been ok with either outcome but with this one am sure I will be devastated cause it will make no sense to me to actually pair anyone else with song hwa. Ik joon said to andrea dont end up like me. He obv
  16. I think flowergarden is almost a impossible ship now. Andrea said it's not song hwa almost too emphatically. It seemed to be a direct indication to the fans. Just my opinion.
  17. 2 main confessions both beautiful. But ik jun song hwa scene had me in tears. The guy literally said you are the only joy in my life. He is so focused on others that he hardly takes time for himself. He is so shut off sometimes about his feelings that this moment hit me hard. How perfect?? I think song hwa cried too. She dint even notice the rain..Please dont make it a choice. I love Capt Ahn but iksong are just meant to be.. Min ha impressed me with her directness. She is one bold girl. Love her. Andrea just say you like her already am so tired of him dragging his fe
  18. Am reading a lot of theories suggesting flowergarden and ik jun and dr. Jang revealed to be actual pairing. I just find it sort of improbable with the given scenes. Of course its 3 seasons and that could be a big twist. But that sort of a twist now would be so forced right now. Had they shown atleast a few scenes between andrea and song hwa it might be probable. But to show it now after building up other relationships would be a let down. So much time has been given to building the winter garden and ik song couple. Flowergarden dont even have that many scenes together
  19. Uju is so freaking adorable. And when he cried I wanted to cry. Such a charming kid he is in all the scenes love him. That scene in hospital where he has to bow down was sooo cute. One question usually the lead pair sit together right in script read?. So is it a clue that ik-Jun song-hwa sat together. Also I read somewhere cho jung suk was the first to be cast and he suggested Jeun Mi-do.
  20. Exactly I watched this multiple times just for that reaction. And his eyes just wandered all over her body for a second. No sexual tension?? Really. I dont know how people see this and think there is no sexual tension.
  21. So about the 'motherly' love that swag hwa shows towards ik jun. I disagree that it shows them as just friends with 2 arguments. Since we have extensively analysed pds characters in past dramas. Go ara in 94 constantly mothered oppa ordering him to put moisturizer, wiping his nose for him, cleaning up after him. Taek was also mothered by hy-ri in 88. She takes care of him brings him food lays out clothes and such. So it isnt that mothering someone rules them out if the race. Second I disagree its just motherly. Why would they explicitly show him walk
  22. Am I the only one who believes there is going to be no red herring. I think all loveliness are pretty much well set up. Ik sun- J wan- This is pretty much a done deal. They have had the most progress and to break them up would just be cruel now. Andrea- Dr maggot- Way too much emphasis has been given to her feelings and one sided crush. I just think he likes her too but is conflicted about priesthood.Also Andrea's headache this episode is that some sort of foreshadowing. God I hope not. Min ha- Suk Kyung- This ep really moved their relationship forward. And he need
  23. It's always the case right. The most outgoing and talkative has the most sadness inside. It's why most comedians have depression. Ik jun is just someone who cannot show sadness or weakness to others he has to keep a happy face. He likes seeing others around him happy too. That is why he can never share his feelings well. I don't know why but again he reminds me a lot of trash oppa in 94. A more charming version. He was this goofball who just could not show his weakness. That split him and na jung up for sometime the fact he could not share his feelings openly with her.
  24. I have been a fan of jjs from his you're the best Lee soon shin days. His smile in the drama made me smile. Since then he has improved leaps and bounds. Be it oh my ghostess, though that drama belonged to park bo young or two cops. JI is still one of my most fav dramas. Jjs is flawless. He made me root for the less likable character which usually never happens. So glad he is getting so much recognition. He deserves it. And he has a voice of an angel. Just like his wife. I cannot wait to see how incredible their child's voice is going to be..
  25. I really understand that this writer director duo is inspiring people to assume there is going to be some big twist revelation. But honestly I just think a swang hwa- Jeong won loveline would be out of left field they seem so platonic now exp now that dr Maggots crush is so firmly established. Also why would swang hwa stare so lovingly at ik joon during the canon practice session bw him and suk myung if he wasnt her crush. I think the loveliness are pretty firm at this point it is just a case of will they? or wont they? With all the couples. But hey I dont
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