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  1. I believe that YJ did not make it easy for HB before she opened her heart for him. HB did things that he has never done in public before for YJ. What he has done for YJ is very meaningful as he is a person who is careful with his public image/ does not show much his real personality to the public. He was ready to risk his image for YJ. But she is YJ, so nothing to lose. But I think it's good that she challenged him before she accepted him. Men normally like being challenged/ like chasing, not like being chased by women. Before Sept He
  2. Bin/Jin are human beings. Put ourselves in their shoes. If we can't take it, then don't do it to Bin or Jin. Am I an anti YJ? Where do you come from.
  3. I think it's time to stop joking/ make comparisions about xyz. It's actually not fun at all as it is a very sensitive issue but it happens in every few pages recently and initialed by a few certain posters. Let's move on and keep focusing on BinJin as it breaks Soompi rules to talk about others in BinJin thread. @Lawyerh @stroppyse HB's recent favorite song - May 2019. I think the lyrics fit perfectly with his feelings about his love for SYJ. He acted like a teennager boy (jumping on stages) who fell in love and showed off in front of his crush. He is
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