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  1. I believe that YJ did not make it easy for HB before she opened her heart for him. HB did things that he has never done in public before for YJ. What he has done for YJ is very meaningful as he is a person who is careful with his public image/ does not show much his real personality to the public. He was ready to risk his image for YJ. But she is YJ, so nothing to lose. But I think it's good that she challenged him before she accepted him. Men normally like being challenged/ like chasing, not like being chased by women. Before Sept He looked forward to eating lunch with her, waited for her after he had finished his filming, sent her a food truck 3 Sept He picked up water, electric wire, microphone for her 10 Sept He made bold compliments/ flirted YJ in front of media 17 Sept He bowed to SITR staff and said that he watched the drama 18 Sept He made a funny jump to be near YJ. Director said that HB seems to like YJ more 22 Sept He waited for her outside the bus and held her hands for a while before leaving. He did aegyo with her (h said he could not do it before) in many selfies She started make their 1st selfie on her IG. He made another funny jump to come closer to her faster At Swoon interview: HB said something he always want but it's not easy to get, then he looked at YJ twice. My interpretation: he might have proposed her but she had not yet accept at that time, but she accepted it after CLOY. HB: “I like girls who love to laugh because I am very dull". He is laughing all the time when he is with YJ.
  2. Bin/Jin are human beings. Put ourselves in their shoes. If we can't take it, then don't do it to Bin or Jin. Am I an anti YJ? Where do you come from.
  3. I think it's time to stop joking/ make comparisions about xyz. It's actually not fun at all as it is a very sensitive issue but it happens in every few pages recently and initialed by a few certain posters. Let's move on and keep focusing on BinJin as it breaks Soompi rules to talk about others in BinJin thread. @Lawyerh @stroppyse HB's recent favorite song - May 2019. I think the lyrics fit perfectly with his feelings about his love for SYJ. He acted like a teennager boy (jumping on stages) who fell in love and showed off in front of his crush. He is so lively, funny and relaxing when he is with SYJ. Medellin One, two, one, two One, two, cha-cha-cha One, two, two, one Two, one, cha, cha-cha-cha I took a pill and had a dream (Yo también) I went back to my 17 year Allowed myself to be naive (Dime) To be someone I've never been (Me encanta) I took a sip and had a dream And I woke up in Medellín (¿Te gusta?) The sun was caressing my skin (Dime) Another me could now begin (Woo) Tranquila, baby, yo te apoyo No hay que hablarnos mucho para entrar en rollo Si quieres ser mi reina pues yo te corono Y pa' que te sientes aquí tengo un trono Te gusta cabalgar, eso está claro Si sientes que voy rápido le bajo Discúlpame, yo sé que eres Madonna Pero te voy a demostrar cómo este perro te enamora Ven conmigo, let's take a trip Si te llevo pa' un lugar lejano Ven conmigo, I'll be so…
  4. One more month to BinJin's wedding 22/09/20 Sorry, one more month to BinJin's 2 year annivesary 22/09/18 - 22/09/20 He waited for a few minutes just to hold and tap at her hands for a few seconds. Caring man.
  5. @Last Delulu Standing Please calm down and be polite to each other. I think you have violated Soompi rules. @stroppyse @Lawyerh
  6. Smart has done their part but has to wait for MSTeam's approval (of translation). The problem is that Vast is like a Space X missile while MSTeam is like a steam train.
  7. SYJ is aging backward. Is she a vampire. A SYJ fan's friend guess she is 18 or 20 year olds based on this photo. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEDiYDFpGWm/?igshid=1qwtue0z2a6sl
  8. SYJ's interview with Japansese media https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2020/08/415c84acf161-crash-landing-on-you-star-son-ye-jin-overwhelmed-by-boom-in-japan.html "Crash Landing on You" star Son Ye Jin overwhelmed by boom in Japan South Korean actress Son Ye Jin, who played the role of a wealthy heiress who lands in North Korea in a paragliding accident in smash hit drama "Crash Landing on You," said she is "overwhelmed" at the immense popularity the romantic comedy has generated in Japan. "It has been a while since the series ended (in South Korea), but I'm surprised that people have continued to express their interest and love for it," Son said in a recent written interview with Kyodo News. The 16-episode melodrama -- a love story between a South Korean heiress of a conglomerate family and a North Korean military officer -- has taken Japan and other parts of Asia by storm since it premiered on Netflix at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay at home. "I think the warm atmosphere and sense of comfort surrounding the drama have offered (viewers) inspiration and happiness in the face of the global threat of the spread of the novel coronavirus," she said. The 38-year-old actress also said she is "overwhelmed" to hear that their work "played a role in raising interest in South Korean dramas" in Japan. In the series, which was aired on the South Korean cable network tvN between December and February, Son plays Yoon Se Ri, who crash lands on the North Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone after her paraglider is caught in a tornado. Forced to live in the North while searching for ways to return to South Korea, she falls in love with Ri Jeong Hyeok, a military officer who comes from a powerful political family. The hero was portrayed by popular South Korean actor Hyun Bin. Son said she gave much thought to how she could effectively portray her character, whom she refers to as "very optimistic and positive," as the heroine adapts to life in the North. "There were many scenes where I had to deliver my lines like a rapid-fire gun," said Son, who is also popular in Japan for her role in the 2004 film "A Moment to Remember" in which she played a woman who has Alzheimer's disease. "I tried to be expressive in various ways, not just facially but also through my body and hand movements," she added. While the popular melodrama depicts life in North Korea, the filming was done in South Korea and Mongolia, among other places. It has scenes in which the protagonists travel to Pyongyang on a train, as well as eat and drink with locals. Son said she cannot forget the scene towards the end of the series where the two characters bid farewell at the Military Demarcation Line that separates the North and South. "It was when the emotions of the two characters exploded. I really thought about how to act it out and devoted much energy to it," she said. "Many people who watched the drama told me that it shows the tragedy that resulted from the division and that they were moved," she recounted. The series, which also portrays scenes of corruption in the North Korean leadership, is thought to have drawn criticism from Pyongyang, which has said that South Korean TV dramas are full of "falsified" and "fabricated" information.
  9. MSTeam does not play media. SYJ is still among the highest paid actress for K-drama. Moreover she received US$ 1 million for her CF with Marie in 2015.
  10. I agree. I hope she will accept a Korean movie in the last quarter of 2020. Her agency said that SYJ has been taking English courses recently. I guess she is busy with learning English everyday (intensive training) as her English accent in the Smart CF is amazing for an Asian/a non-native English speaker. Many Asians are better at writting than speaking English while many Europeans are better at speaking than writting English. Regarding while dresses: there were many fan's comments on her stylist IG before BAA that they like to see her wearing a while dress, so she and her stylist might have noticed that or brands have required her to dress in while color, I guess. I just notice that she wore 2 rings not only 1 ring on the Chinese CF.
  11. She is not sure that she has already succeeded. Such a humble human being! "SYJ is a nice, warm and professional person". She also did the voiceover by herself. Credits: https://twitter.com/yejincow/status/1290246124725444608?s=20 https://twitter.com/kkaengie/status/1290246144694484993?s=20 https://twitter.com/intoyejinhand/status/1290249536615546885?s=20
  12. Let's keep positive vibes guys Inhale, Exhale...Keep repeating BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married BinJin is married We will soon make this wish come truth
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