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  1. @Deltay I read from twitter too, seems like there is scheduled TVN serie with 5 actors name on it during 12 weeks on Thursday so it should air during Dec - Feb, however that could be changed too I suspect... Some twitter comment said that SS2 will start filming Q3-Q4 or Nov this year (the script is under writing process for now) but SS1 start filming the at least half season (6 EP) before the actual air time and span over 7 months so I doubt if SS2 start quite late then the chance of SS2 airing in 2021 maybe more realistic. I hope there is no much cliffhanger so we can wait patiently for another year! at least IkSong and WinterGarden please PD nim!!
  2. @__jesse Thank you so much for this! I have been curios on how to script looks like and imagine that each actor/actress got customized part of their own. Wow, just wow for the team on the effort they input and resulted in beautiful, hart warming and so real life drama for us.
  3. @midflight Totally agree with you, I never being hooked by any drama like this... and while I was expecting for sweet scene or kiss scene in other Kdrama, I only wish for holding hands scene between Ikjun-SongHwa for SS1 and it would be just heaven! after EP.11 I am even wish for less, at least they are still together would be good enough. EP.11 really make me heart ache, though we know for sure that won't be 2 happy EP consecutively but my heart still wish for it! I also feel that EP.11 is wrap up and EP.12 is kind of starting of SS2. Start off HP by watching the ordinary, warm hearted, funny moment without any expectation of love lines and ended up so hooked on it. PD/writer nim duo got us again and again...
  4. If I was Shwa, with 20 years friendship - all that IJ had slipped would make me feel something for sure, but I won't make that assumption unless I hear it directly. Especially SHwa situation that IJ maybe her first love, I think she would not dare to lose friendship until she confident with her feeling for him. BTW, noticing SHwa clothes in the trailer during moving over (if it is), it seems to be "summer"? But next EP should be Dec with winter? Sokcho with 2 hours drive should be cold? Any idea anyone? ..... And we are running in circles, analysing scenes, gestures, bgm, ost and everything waiting for next Thursday. Kind of mixed feeling of dying to know what will be showed and desperately don't want it to an end ...
  5. I was screaming out loud like ... Noooooooo, you can't run away like thisss (I was too much hoping IJ super indirectly confess to be succeed :D) Yes, it's because of SHwa sickness to move to Sokcho but I still feel that it's kind of excuse that she use to hide her feeling as well. Though I am on Iksong ship but I also adore Chi Hong in the same time, I agree with you - I don't like the way he put IJ into the situation that make SHwa awkard, but wearing his shoes - he know himself well that there is a line between him and SHwa that he cannot cross, but still he likes Shwa .... however everytime IJ naturally step on as a close friend, pad SHwa shoulder (then Chi Hong ask to speak informal with shoulder pad as well! IJ even call her during her drive. Obviously IJ know about how Chi Hong feel, but what exactly IJ feel towards SHwa is what Chin Hong want to know. So at this point, a bit minus point on Chi Hong!
  6. Saw this too, and many more moments of JWan and SHwa on the eating scenes - supportive Jwon who care to people around him and lovely moments between the two. So far I am on Iksong ship since I believe that the moments between them got more chemistry and Ikjun treats SHwa more different than just a friend, the way he use his voice tone towards her is getting more sensing. But I was once on FlowerGarden ship and won't deny if there will be really plot twist in SS2/3, it depends on what PD reveal to us. So let's keep enjoying!
  7. Wow, beautiful voice ... almost everyone in HP can sing beautifully, just right for Hospital "Playlist". I would love to buy actual album of our beloved Fab5 and other cast crew if they release it, or at least some more scene with others singing skill? Too bad SongHwa is tone-deaf otherwise we may be able to hear her beautiful voice on HP (or maybe duo with Ikjun!)
  8. Finally! I found the end credit song! I don't know if any of you is waiting for it but I kept searching for it since day 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oksNjjNb7UU Oops, I don't know why it is not showed as subbed here?
  9. @Glide Noticing that once Songhwa turned away and changed the topic, but she didn't aware it was raining outside? So she was absent minded while turning away I guess
  10. Ep10 make my heart skips a beat! BTW, anyone know what is the end credit song? I really try to look for it since the first few episode. EP10 is the first episode with some Korean lyrics but I'm not Korean. Can anyone help please?
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