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  1. HB is getting japanese whipped and inflicted with second Yonsama Syndrome, the first one was Bae ypng joon, i remembered that bae yong joon was so popular until Himawari in the Shin Chan series also head over hills on him
  2. im sorry for bringing up about the things that is not plausible.. Im just a shipper, anything regarding binjin always hype me up, everyday finding content so that i could continue shipping them with peace :'(
  3. i read somewhere but i don't know if this is true, HB used to ask Jung woo sung to ask YJ for a date in 2005 after the movie AMTR, since both of them were friends, but YJ declined.. We all know that YJ was a workaholic in her 20's and didnt really into realtionship at that time So that is why, HB refused to work with her on a project, this came out because they were being asked in TN interview about their chemistry Believe at your own risk, but for me i would say i want to believe it bcoz DAMNN YEJIN WAS HOT IN HER 20s AND LIKE LITERALLY EVERY GUY WHO MET HER COULDNT LOOK HER IN THE EYES! HOW COULD POSSIBLE A MAN WOULD REJECT TO BE PAIRED WITH HER ONSCREEN? Poor HB, he waited 20 year so he could unite with her whivh is cloy and tn.. And guess what, they have been partnered up from 2017-2020 and counting? What more to say
  4. Man, malaysia currently is like totally whipped, Right now, we have popular drama airing and ongoing, was said to be the hottest drama in my country right now, and everybody nonstop talkin about it..but #SmartYejin trending the the first place and the drama is second? Man, seeing that happen is totally insane and mindblowing
  5. Me until today How the hell a simple screenshot could get a Vast infamous denial.. Meanwhile, phillipine #BINJINMARRIED trending..silence from both agency... I bet that the first denial is true, they are not dating, CUZ THEY'RE ENGAGED Well, at least theyre not lying Anyways , who notice YJ hand was tan in Smart talk? Both of them are.. Guess they were having golf party before hubby going to Jordan and being separated for long time :'(
  6. it is trending second here in malaysiaaa, i never knew YJ dominated my country too Waiting for cfffff OH MYY GOODD I COME TO EDIT THISS #SMARTYEJIN TRENDS NUM 1!!!
  7. @binjinlove u can put it on google translate, i just read it The explanation is so detail and satisfying It is said that the screenshit of the story was made on the day HB was already in Jordan, and it does not resemble him n XYZ at all.. Like you said, their family and acquaintance were very shocked with the news
  8. This is my analysis, why did i think that they both have been in talk together for these cf from the beginning? Not HB, but both of them..
  9. Funny thing is how fast and quickly vast denies the rumor even 'their' receipt is groundless and delusional, while binjin stans have been wild over soooo many receipt and crumbs over these past 3 month(is it?) From endorsing the same cf, binjinmarried hashtag, ralph lauren and yejin likes spree.. But still, no denial from vast or ms team hahaha guess they've used to it
  10. Anyone knows about Seoul internationa drama awards? Cloy nominated in best drama award and it's around september i guess, they just release the nomination at the instagram
  11. Another binjin crumbs, HB being asked about the most romantic thing he had ever done, he said he brought a camera to europe, and after finished filming, he went on vacation..The only project that HB have in Europe is mota.Is it possible that he could've met YJ there as both of the apparently happen to be at Europe at that time? But i just dont get it why bringing a camera is romantic. Maybe he just gone to vacation with the casts. What is your analysis?
  12. Baeksang give freebie to stylist? Well, then there must be other stylist who post about the perfume..Didnt dig into it yet, but if it is me, i wouldnt bother posting about freebie that i got, unless it is a gift from someone important..but yeah, we could not jump into conclusion..still got the grocery receipt though
  13. New receipt for today, we all hoping for the latest news to be true but hey, this receipt is real Both HB and YJ stylist post the same perfume after the baeksang, its both 8th june and 9th june, maybe a gift from the couple? Coincidence? i think not im tired of so many coincidences
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