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  1. - YSL perfume posted weibo pose - 酱 jiàng : soy sauce. Supposed to be 这样 zhèyàng : like this In Mandarin, referring a third person or object being divided into: 他: him 她: her 它: not him or her, refer to animal or not human Emphasizing on the soy sauce and 'him' *coughing
  2. Durian is a fruit with very strong scent. People usually having a hard time covering it. Easy to cover it from the eye sight, but the strong scent remains, and very obvious. Similar to GuangRe. They've pulled out so many tricks to covering it, but we somehow always could tell. It's just that obvious.
  3. Perhaps it's because of pinyin pronunciation.. Qing Qiu, differ on the pronunciation of people from different country. Normal to be mistaken by people who never studied Mandarin. Especially who just rely on listened to it for few times. Basic Mandarin, Qing Qiu, in international phonetic system, the Q will be read with 'ch' sound in (child). So, sometimes might be mistaken with Ching Chiu. Further details: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Phonetic_Alphabet
  4. Dong Hua Di Jun is looking for an assistant. Want to join? Take a closer look at how Dong Hua Di Jun carry on an interview. Join his live streaming with other talents from Jaywalk at Taobao. May 24th, 2020. At 8 PM (GMT+8).
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