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  1. Hi all.. it's been a while.. So.. since everyone here seems in a drought.. I'll bring you something sweet and refreshing from the recent episode of grandpa's Happy Camp
  2. It's from his modelling career, but I thought he already deleted most of his Weibo post from his modelling years. So, we better respect his decision. It's a nice hair color, the selfie was from her recent Hits COSMOPOLITAN magz photo shoot.
  3. They give credit, but not asking permission to me first. Few account converted my English translation into their native languages, but they asked my permission first. Thank you.
  4. I don't mind they converting the sub into Thai language. But I don't like this behavior. Without asking my permission to re-upload the Subtitle. I'm sorry, for me it's rude.
  5. First off all. I'm fan of Reba. I understand everyone have their own preferences. I personally watch LD, I quite enjoyed it. It's all up to you whether to watch it or not. Despite any negative rumours or unflattering. The drama is currently airing and getting closer to the big ending. But I wish, we could just focus on Reba and Vengo here. This thread is for GuangRe shippers. Both of them played in different drama with of course another FL or ML. Some have great facial or other features, some don't. My point here, I wish we don't be negative to another people which not actually related with gg or mm. Well, just some of my two cents. Thank you.
  6. Another recent interview of Reba has been released, she's talking about her role in LD, her recent Interaction with her co-stars, are her parents ever questioned about marriage. Reba said, because her parents get married at more mature age. That's why Reba thinks, it's more suited with her current generation.
  7. Few decades ago, due to surpressing the population number, the Mainland China government applying the One Child Policy. But recently, this policy has been eased. Because of imbalance number of male and female in China. Since now China have millions more male population compared to female. Also, due to economic reason. A single child will have to take care of their parents, 1 taking care another 2.
  8. No, I will not sub this interview. You could check it later on YouTube. Usually tangaurelia will gladly pick this up and sub it on her YouTube channel. It's like a dating event. Single man and woman looking to find a match. I'll just say, a match making gathering.
  9. Sorry.. after re-watching the interview. Reba is not saying uncle-ish.. but describing that she don't really into a guy whose belly fat is showed up (swollen stomach) this kind of guy surely not looks young, young guy surely will likes to go to the gym. She still saying same criteria as before, filial, kind, generous. Reba was given 5 option type of guy, she choose 高冷 the cold one. Another point, she said as you know I basically won't join a match making party.
  10. Yess... They're becoming more and more similar. Actually, before at Reba's birthday live streaming, she also shows off her narcissism. Which part of my body that I'm not satisfied with? Before, I dislike some parts, but now I like them all. Perfect. *Flipping hair Reba updates Weibo again.. Yeah.. definitely she's been charged with some confident booster. 7000(万, ten thousand).. another followers benefit?
  11. After being in a relationship for 3 months, you must be noticing if something is wrong, even after year. This one is 5 years. Both of us have to feel comfortable and naturaly being ourselves together? Trailer for Bilibili interview to be released tomorrow.
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