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  1. Hi guys, when I rewatched all off behind the scenes of LDW film, I realized that when he works with YIN on TYH, he is so manly, more mature than ever. He acts like a quite man but in others, he acts like a boy ^^ more cute. I think YIN loves mature man more than a baby boy... so.... haha ^^ That's my opinion.
  2. Yeah, I saw it too. Maybe he feel enough close with her to treat like that. I also watched a video about photoshoot in Goblin, I saw LDW always keep in touch with her, even they finished the photo shoot, LDW still hold her hand, I saw his hand cover all her hand. His hand moved so slowly. haha all of these proved that he feel so comfortable with her... then TYH, I think he knew how to treat to her :V In Goblin, I think they are just friend and tease each other, but I also think he like her a lots. Then he praised her so much than normal, right? Till TYH, so sweeter from him to her...
  3. If they still are single, we can hope for them. From friend to lover is normal. In eps 9, 7.7 Billion of Love, a guest (Noh Ji Hoon) said he and his wife have known each other for 7 years (be friend) then they get married, even at the first time they met, they weren't close, just normal friend, but after 2 years(if I am not wrong) the fate made them together.... ^^ WE are all know that uri Pichi have known each other for a long time. Even the first time (Airang) or Mama 2014 in Hong Kong they were not close friend, just for know each other, the way he look her in Mama ( haha so deep).... But then fate made Goblin.... you know what I mean? Their fate can't be denied. I think we can't find any couple who have the fate like them in South Korea, right?
  4. You know what? I wonder why LDW-ssi still act like YIN-ssi..... This action he had long time ago after Goblin. WE CAN'T DENY THEIR FATE because even they don't appear together but some how the project they did a bit same. We can see some hints. For example: He became a host of his Talk Show then She became one of MC in 7.7 Billion of Loves ( a Talk show). After Talk Show they are both going to join a new drama (for their own drama - main leader) We can see clearly that they are both tallent at speaking. They are both love to work as DJ on Radio. We all knew that YIN-ssi was one of the famous DJ before Wookie. SO I guess he often watch uri HONEY D, YOO D to get more experience. I see the way that they host their show, same same here. Bonus 1: In eps 8 of 7.7 Billion of loves, when the guest (Wenkai-Chinese man, a big fan of YIN) said how people in China love her so much, Its started from Goblin. Wenkai talked about just Sunny-YIN but PD-nim even used Pichi picture in Pressconf's Goblin. He should show the pic of Sunny but no....I guess PD-nim likes PichiCP too, haha.... Bonus 2: I think people also love pichi because even Shin Dong Yup and Kim Hee Chul tease her about how to protect boy friend from parents. ( The previous comment in this thread also talk about this)
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