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  1. Hello from Canada (and probably the oldest member of this forum ☺️)! I have not posted anything since May because our “ship” despite some intermittent waves, is sailing to its intended destination. We all want our confirmation - and frankly, we do not care, as long as we know they are together. At their age, successful career status, achievements, marriage and family are but a natural culmination in life. I always love this forum - the caliber of the shippers are noteworthy. No one can analyze, argue and be delusional as my fellow shiippers here. In the past weeks, I have been binging on Korean, Japanese and Chinese/Taiwanese movies and dramas. My conclusion - our BINJIN couple certainly tops the list in terms of chemistry, comparable only perhaps to a least knownTaiwanese reel and real life couple who have been together for seven years and presumably got engaged at this time of COVID. Said Taiwanese couple fell in love on the set of their first movie together AND the “giddiness” we saw in them WAS exactly the same as we saw in our BINJIN couple. In fact both Binnie and the Taiwanese actor said the same thing, “I think we are getting there VS so near and yet so far”. Therefore, while you can still argue that “all our candies and receipts” can be logically dispelled as friendship and professionalism on the part of BINJIN, we cannot deny: - “in grocery we trust” - travelling over 5,000 miles and across the ocean on New Year’s Eve and randomly going grocery shopping are simply and unbelievably surreal (incidentally our Taiwanese couple were also caught in Disneyland and his parents reside in Cali); - a lone male shipper summed it best - we know this ship and their “relationship” are real because of “Binnie’s actions - those “kilig” stares, loving and gentle protectiveness and YeJin’s inactions - her tacit agreement to be fenced in and for nearly two years now quietly accepting her rumoured link to Binnie - Yejin’s subtle hints remain consistent though. As a Catholic (I understand Yejin is also Catholic), Christmas is our most sacred feast best spent with loved ones. Most often quote (aside from “Merry Christmas” of course ☺️) is “from our home to yours”. Home is where the heart is - and in her choosing a photo with Binnie taken 100 days back - was a clear affirmation that her heart belongs with the person she was with in the photo ❤️❤️❤️ FINALLY, as I repeatedly said in my few posts, we love them because they are the best of Kdrama come to life: - serendipity destiny, meant to be, right time all fulfilled in our Binjin couple - while each is complete and successful by themselves, they need each other to bring out the best in them - “I am only 90% without you - I need your 10% and with you beside me” to be happy. And we all saw that - our “bam, bam” Binnie showing his giddy side and our very self-assured Jinnie suddenly shy and self-conscious As an aside, I think Binnie is by far one of the most handsome Korean actors - but he definitely beats the competition by a wide margin with our Jinnie by his side. And of course our Goddess is best admired when she is with our Binnie. - if this relationship is REAL, we know that is because they WANT it and NOT NEED it - they CHOSE each other AND we should be grateful we have been given a glimpse of this great love ❤️❤️❤️
  2. Hello! Happy 600+ pages everyone! Interrupting my current rom.com fix so you can hear from a senior who would soon be 65, why she believes and roots for a happy ending for BINJIN. Reasons to Wish for a Happy Ending for BINJIN - their real love story makes you believe in being “in love” again, regardless of age. - it is a compelling and most appropriate ending for two people who are both beautiful inside and out - it makes you believe in all the “love cliches” - Kdrama come to life with destiny, serendipity, meant to be summed up in one breath - they are “addicting”.....a story of hope and positivity, an escape from the realities of our current global circumstances Why Binjin? The question is not are they or aren’t they? But more like “relationship goal” - we all need a Hyun Bin in our lives - someone physically good to the eyes but most of all will make us feel “loved”. Who do not want to find a man who would look us with such longing and intensity, who will travel halfway around the world to be with us, who will make you feel giddy like a princess (even if you are already a “queen” like our beloved Jinnie) - we all want to be Son Ye Jin....we want to have everything but to find someone who is a perfect match is just the icing we need on our cake No matter what stage we are in our lives, BINJIN is a goal. For my old self, they bring me so many memories of my late husband. Has it ever occurred to everyone that they are now making decisions together? Why is Binnie so busy and Jinnie so quiet? Maybe they are like successful Hollywood couples following some golden rules to keep a sacred relationship where it is. For example, couples who vowed to always be together every two weeks or to take turns being active so one can support another. For me our Bin taking the opportunity to get and finish work and Jin not doing any work is a couple’s decision and choice - more positive direction to our ship.....learning to accept and compromise with the realities of their acting world. So despair not.....they will choose to let us “in” when it is right. Beyonce is a queen because she knows when information should come out. Our Jinnie is just like her now, And our Binnie is very ready....for those who followed Binnie through the years, the evolution into a dashing man is simply rewarding. But we can all agree, our Binnie looks happy.....and we know we have Jinnie to thank for that ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. My dear Binjin Shippers, Do not be too hard on yourselves. BINJIN are lucky to have each other but they are doubly blessed to have so many like ourselves supporting and cheering them on. I believe this SHIP will sail for a number of “destiny-related” and “meant to be reasons”: - they met at the right time when both are already at the pinnacle of their careers. Both are “complete” and 100% realised their full potential. They do not need each other - BUT they WANT each other. - they are like two sides to a coin. Each brings what makes the other more attractive. HB is already a man’s man. When the hottest guy in South Korea asserts his possessiveness and vulnerability, he is the more attractive for it. We fell in love with Captain Ri because he was a tough man -but all pudding when faced with his developing love for YSR. We were hooked when HB, unconsciously, also showed us a glimmer of that “vulnerability” in real life. Yejin, for all her playfulness and wit and competitiveness , has shown us how to perfectly take a back seat and let our man speak for us. She has demonstrated this in many interviews when she would defer to “her man” for a couple’s position. I read somewhere, someone who is honestly in awe, ask how she made HB fall for her - Seduction 101. However, I do not think she did it deliberately. I think she remained true to herself, comfortable with her skin and that was why HB fell for her. - That they teased each other incessantly and seemed to know when to hit a nerve just show us more realism and a couple who have accepted each other unconditionally. In their world where everything must be perfect, we are blessed to see this totally perfect, imperfect couple accept and love each other. - I met through social media a number of HB purists. But those who truly loves HB knows that he is indeed a “better man” because of Yejin, One can only be thankful that through YJ we saw that playful, funny and adoring HB side. Anyone who can make HB pout should be given an award because his pout makes our heart flutter. ☺️❤️☺️ - Both have so many choices available to them. They waited this long to find “the one”. If indeed they have made this “one choice”, we should be celebrating with them because we love them individually and adore them as a couple Finally dear fellow Shippers, continue with you positive thoughts and prayers. As in my first statement, BINJIN are blessed to have you too. You respect them but most importantly, you are also the best fans who have respect for each other. Keep it that way - Hope runs eternal ☺️❤️❤️☺️
  4. Hello everyone! As I wrote in my introductory contribution, I am new to K-drama, with CLOY as the first one I actually watched fully. However, I have been involved for nearly seventeen years now as a private blogger and member of what they call here in North America, Bachelor Nation. The premise is very scandalous by Korean standards - the Bachelor/Bachelorette dates 30 men/women at the same time. Highlight of the show is a “no holds bar” fantasy suite overnight. Then usually engagement proposal - Bachelor/Bachelorette proposes after “sleeping” with at least two finalists! CLOY and BINJIN are therefore truly a breath of fresh air - love and hope personified, especially in these difficult times ☺️❤️❤️☺️ I was drawn to CLOY for a number of reasons: - it was a good old-fashioned love story of defying impossible odds to find true love against the backdrop of a North and South Korea - it showed us a developing love story that we can identify with when two very different people are attracted to each other - it showed us sacrificial and unconditional love - with nothing but very “chaste kisses”, we felt as much passion - in the end, we saw two people who do not need each other (they are “whole unto themselves”) but STILL WANT to be with each other Add the unbelievable chemistry between the leads, also a beautiful side love story in Seo Dan (in fact, as one magazine here in Canada pointed out, Seo Dan is more like the woman of today who do not need a man to move on with life), successful task of “humanizing North Korea” and highlighting all the great features of a K-drama. It even had the comedic feature of “laughing at itself”. I am in no position to argue how great CLOY is compared to other K-dramas. All I can say is my 85 years old mother in rural Philippines, my 25 years old niece in Manila and I a 65yrs old hyphenated Canadian share a love of it. That is a rare accomplishment - to cut through three generations of women with different perspectives in one family alone. As I said before, I was intrigued at first with Hyun Bin. And he is truly Korea’s “gift to women” - dashingly tall and broad shouldered with those dimples. Then I watched those BTS, videos and fans’ comments. And frankly and gratefully, I was more excited now with the developing “love story” between our BINJIN couple than CLOY ☺️ Actually, that is a lie - I am discovering how similar Captain Ri and Yoon Seri are to the real Hyun Bin and Ye Jin. If Hyun Bin is already physically attractive, he became more so as he unwittingly and unconsciously showed his vulnerability as a man in love and who knows in his heart that he has met his match. There are many examples but what made my heart skipped was when he tried to be stoic about his jealousy (imagine the hottest Korean male star trying to be nonchalant about Ye Jin’s past male co-stars), those “if only a man can look at you the way he does with YeJin” and the way he “fenced” Ye Jin with his gentle protectiveness. But of course, nothing beats flying across the miles to spend time to be with her to celebrate her birthday. All those denials were simply laughable in the face of “in grocery we trust”. In other words, Hyun Bin if not already close to perfection, became a “better man” because of Ye Jin. We saw not only his good side but the better side. It is true when lovers say, “because he/she makes me a better man/woman”. Now to YeJin. Unlike Hyun Bin, she is more guarded. But, when an accomplished and beautiful woman start acting “girly” and suddenly “in need of protection”, it is because she wants to and not need to.....and again, we have seen that in so many ways. And finally, there are many of us who have fallen in love with them. It would be a pity if we can attribute all these positive thoughts and energy to good acting and friendship. Just as an aside, The Notebook kissing scene between Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling was considered “the best Hollywood kiss”. Both Rachel and Ryan are Canadians, same age and were even born in the same hospital outside Toronto. They had a relationship, broke off, tried again but eventually called it quits. BUT, after so many years, we found out that they actually “disliked” each other during filming. Ryan even threatened to quit. And still they fell in love. Consider BINJIN - very similar, much mature and older and are friends to begin with - call it delulu mind......I prefer to think shipping them is probably bringing out the romance in our lives, across the world and regardless of age. So much already to be grateful for.....we need to be happy and “in love” with them.❤️❤️❤️
  5. Hello! I have been watching as many videos of our couple and I always end up with a “smile” of someone in love - their “love” is truly contagious.❤️ But the comments from shippers are “golden” - it is because Binnie is so hilarious but so lovable as well. He has that unique quality very few men have - innate sensuality. i have only seen it in Robert Redford and Brad Pitt (when he was younger). There is no need for him to try - it comes naturally and therefore it does not appear indecent. For example, the “t” movement in the video shows vulnerability and sensuality but probably on another man would be indecent.☺️ Does he have this “t” habit? I noticed that in “Is This Love” video, while approaching Jinnie, he had again this adorable “t” movement. Is that even acting? Just like his “vicks vaporub” thumb movement whenever he held her hand. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for your prayers. Binjin deserves our prayers because they just bring so much love and hope to all of us
  7. Hello! First time here from Canada. I will be 65 soon, a widow with one special needs child the same age as BinJin’s. I have never watched K-drama before - CLOY was my first! BUT, I enjoy North America’s celebrity gossips and have watched all the “romance series”, specifically the Bachelor franchise and even had a ten-year old blog to encourage Bachelor fans in the USA and Canada. Let me say this with all sincerity - it is so refreshing to see the “old-fashioned” romance in Binjin in both reel and real life. More importantly, I have so much respect for their fans. Your “politeness” and “respectful love” for Binjin would be considered unbelievably “kind” here in North America where everyone who lives a public life is opened to bullying and criticisms. I was first awestruck by Hyun Bin because I cannot imagine how such a handsome fellow could be single at 38. The more I read about him, the more admiration I developed for him, Korean male actors and the Korean culture, Then I read about SYJ....and ended up admiring her “glass beauty”. I am of Filipino ethnicity with Chinese blood and looked very Chinese. I have been told I looked Chinese, Japanese and lately more Korean. After SYJ and all the beautiful Korean women, I will now consider it a positive feedback to be considered I look like one☺️ Furthermore, CLOY and BINJIN made me be “in love with love” again. I smile at every little posts you make of their loving gestures. When a small gaze from HB to SYJ make your heart flutter and believe in love again it gives hope and positivity when it is most needed, Such a contrast is needed by these jaded Canadian-Filipino eyes. Thank you BINJIN for demonstrating love in its finest form in reel and real life. And to all the fans - you are the most supportive and most polite, Let us continue to spread positive BINJIN karma......if we believe in it, it will happen in its own timeline. And I do thank and pray for them everyday now.....God will always listen to a hopeless romantic widow☺️
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