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  1. Thanks @yejinatic1981 I totally agree with you, I'm actually excited about this. And for sure she thought a lot about it too.
  2. Welcome! It's great to hear lots of people from different parts of the world, including me of course are loving Son Ye Jin and keeping this thread updated as there are many contributors here as well. She has lots of CFs pic nowadays so we are getting fed with her charms almost everyday. For her movies, aside from The Classic, which will always be classic for me, her "A Moment To Remember " - she had me cried buckets here (and I'm sure others), but what made me admire her more were her performances in White Night and The Truth Beneath, her movie "My Wife Got Married" - this made me research mo
  3. Thank you @cybertron, it all started because of you... it was a roller coaster ride for most of us here but look at this paradise now. We are still waiting for any of your updates as a senior shipper. Kamsahamnida! To @ElectricHearts who has been working hard for us to get fresh updates, good luck, always thrilled by your pieces of evidence. To ALL others who have been tirelessly contributing, enjoying all your delulu minds. Kamsahamnida!
  4. I checked it, I don’t know how to report or if there’s a way to DM. I just commented if she could take it down. She seems like a BinJin shipper though based on the contents of her channel, the scary parts are the number of subscribers. It was pretty funny that she put up all these “delulu convo” from here together just to get some clicks or more so subscribers.
  5. Oh thanks! Saw that too, I just thought there’s a longer one and I hope there is. Any updates on Seoul Drama awards, I’m still hopeful for them to get an award.
  6. Thank you, I agree they meant no harm. There were lots of behind the scenes and meetings before they arrived into the final concept even the script that we were not aware of. The fact that Hyun Bin did the voice over and for SMART to choose the words that would suit him to speak confidently reflect professionalism. It’s pretty unfair to call out the CF company unprofessional, yes, I’m a Smart subscriber and from PH, silent lurker and a proud BinJin shipper. I may sound biased but the VPs we’re so grateful to the different BinJin fandoms in making this ad a success to the point that they contac
  7. I just love her that I asked SMART for my Son Ye Jin desk standee if any as a Smart signature subscriber, they said they don’t have it yet. I’ll definitely wait for that. As for the trend, I was amazed of the support from the international fans... speechless. I was a proud twitter addict for today, for the Love of Son Ye Jin (not into Socmed much but becoming one). Cheers to SYJ’s success.
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