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  1. I enjoyed all the interaction/reactions on SYJ’s filmography. I personally enjoyed April Snow as well. Thanks @Helena for the heads up on why Truth Beneath didn’t get large number of movie goers, and was mentioned it involved political issues. I loved her acting on that, I was also impressed that she always cares a lot about the script first and feel sad for the director especially if he’s a newbie and the numbers wouldn’t hit big, I admired her more. I may sound biased about her acting but I always find her acting engaging, of course it has evolved and has improved over the years, definitely. I still need to finish Spotlight then Alone in Love, as per her movie, I’m almost done except for Blood and Ties, which I heard she’s also great.
  2. CLOY continues to dominate fearlessly, I felt giddy when I saw some famous personalities in the US being hooked into this, HALLYU wave brought to us by BinJin, PJE, director, the greatest supporting actors and the whole CLOY Fam! I remember when SYJ accepted an award in 2018 (apologies which award was that, I just remembered her black dress) she mentioned that she hopes to bring back the Hallyu wave right? She did! I'm apparently obsessed checking all the ratings CLOY have in different websites, platforms, and media, I feel a little competitive about this . I've read the scholarly article on CLOY, I was touched by all points raised. I hope to hear more articles coming out from different parts of the world to proudly cheer to our all time favorite Kdrama (well for me )
  3. Vast posted on IG using HB’s face on its first pic Also, our favorite drama of all time continues to make it on headlines: Bravo!
  4. @veespn I thought of that as well, it’s one of my favourite movies. Something similar to that would be good, I noticed KEnt rarely produces those kinds of stories, but that would be nice or something like Eat, pray, love I just hope we can see another work from her soon, her acting capability is way to high. And hopefully bags her first Daesang.
  5. This was published before Baeksang, (before our disappointments). Read on, such on point! https://macgmagazine.com/2020/06/03/guest-tvns-crash-landing-on-you-crash-lands-in-our-hearts/
  6. Thanks @eLizza @TotoroSY I’ll check the link and MyDramaList, might find a good kdrama to binge watch.
  7. It’s like everyday flowers keep on haunting MS team office all of them to congratulate and to support our SYJ, one from Japan and Thailand. It makes me giddy to see SYJ CFs everyday this week, they have a free marketing arm through different platforms, courtesy of US. Some people are even requesting to bring the products to their country.
  8. @NYXbaby would you mind sharing the blogger’s review? We all know it’s always subjective, biases are all over. But one thing is for sure, for the majority and a non Kdrama fan for a long time like me, and the rest of the world, it’s a masterpiece. Like many of us mentioned here, they set the bar too high that we always go back to watching CLOY instead. It’s actually funny for Kdrama first timers because it’ll be difficult to choose and watch another one without comparing, it happened to me. I just either watch SYJ movies or HYUN BIN’s
  9. Thanks @Helena for these adorable and stunning pictures of SYJ. My heart is full, there's always a thread about her on twitter and hopefully, she can visit the Philippines soon. I don't think she has visited, promoted any films or dramas or even had fan meetings here. But I'll wait for that day, and definitely be there. I tried to find the issue of VOGUE Korea article yesterday but to no avail, anyone who knows the direct link? CFs are okay for now, it's surprising that we really get new contents from her everyday after Baeksang, she really easily tops the headlines nowadays.
  10. One big BA-BAM for CLOY. The whole up take of the plot and story development were the ones that caught my attention, aside from the cast. There was a blogger, I think she’s famous in giving in depth analysis per episode, I was swept by it. So, I couldn’t take my heart out of this wonderful drama. I really don’t know how’s upcoming awards work, just hoping for a well deserved recognition. I’m waiting for more articles and features about CLOY, got too attached.
  11. Thanks @Helena for the info, sorry I’m not into K-pop that’s why it made my heart the happiest. Your info is always on spot!
  12. Does anyone know how does this work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYf5VLPTPCE - from TC handler, The Most 100 Beautiful Face 2020? I've read @Helena post about Starmometer - The Most Beautiful Woman 2020, just not happy with the comments from a website about SYJ winning. I don't want to take it seriously but it bothers me somehow, apparently. People's preference differ, I understand that but to that point of negativities, it makes me cringe. Maybe they were just surprised about the result of the popularity award and beat K-Pop stars which have bigger fandoms, they did not expect SYJ to win. Oh well, our Queen won't be bothered anyway!
  13. Aside from the crumbs that we keep on getting, our fave couple continues to dominate the world, hats off! From JTBC article, worth reading: https://channels.vlive.tv/EBF267/vtoday/1.14793667
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