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  1. There is actually an english translation below about what is happening in the video. So in the video, V was with two women but he sat at the back of the car after. What's interesting is that, the dead news of him being married is alive again. Like they say this is his wife Etc. But Really, every single time that he is in a series and is gaining popularity this issue of him being married always pops-up every single time??? Many is pointing out that his hair is long in the video but
  2. I followed the Vietnamese page of Die hard Guangre page in FB and I am surprised that it is not R but well... Since V's popularity is soaring ATM, it is not a shock to me at all. Let's not be glass hearts and hold on to the belief that G and R will still be the end game.
  3. Both V and D's fans are creating libraries as charity works in name of Diliraba and Vengo. I forgot the link to D's fans charity work and unveiling a library but here is a link to V's fans unveiling a public library. Both of their fandoms are amazing .
  4. This is a big achievement. ELOD being broadcasted in 4 different countries. V and R's popularity is going to rise more. div widget
  5. Remember that titok vid that while V is playing, Guangre fans say it's R's hands doing a gesture? Here is a part of Ms.S and that vid. They say R visited V while filming Ms.S. The microscopic eyes of Chinese Guangre fans are working again. http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/169205485.html?weibo_id=4543169309708031
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