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  1. Throwback to this interview when BinJin was still feeling the symptoms of love. I'm so thankful for The Negotiation movie because it all started there. #BinJinisinevitable
  2. Group hug BinJin nation. Our love and faith for these two are daebak! I'm in tears of joy with this confirmation.
  3. Hi fellas. I've been hibernating for a while but since some people try to shake us BinJin shippers with malicious and unfounded rumors, I'm back still positively thinking that our BinJin is for real. I just couldn't help but think though that there are people who love to weave stories lol. Anyways, I'm totally fine and at peace with my biases and it's so obvious to see that Hyun Bin and Ye Jin are very much happy with what's going on with their lives now. They are radiating per last vid for Netflix Japan. I don't mind if they keep their relationship status a top secret and very private as
  4. He also caressed her hand in the library scene where KMY asked Kang Tae if she's part of his family. Missing HyunJi... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=152816746393122&id=104632941211503span widget
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