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  1. He also caressed her hand in the library scene where KMY asked Kang Tae if she's part of his family. Missing HyunJi... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=152816746393122&id=104632941211503span widget
  2. It's a wrap for our favorite weekend drama but my heart's so full. I must say it's the most beautiful healing k-drama I've ever watched. Will surely gonna miss this trio but it's okay, I can always rewatch the drama. Kudos to writer nim and PD nim and everyone for giving us such an amazing IOTNBO drama. I'm definitely stanning Soo Hyun my king and my gurl Ye Ji.
  3. My favorite scene in episode 15. It made me forget the creepy Do Hui Jae and what could she have almost done to the trio. Btw, who did it better?! Maybe in the finale episode where MY visits her.
  4. BinJin nation be like: "How do we know it's meant to be? Simple...Smart kami (we are smart).
  5. My heart wanted to burst with episode 14. It's so heavy but I should commend Kang Tae for sticking it out with Mun Yeoung.This is my most favorite scene for this episode where they sat on the floor with only the door separating them and KT reassures MY of his love and sincerity. My next favorite is the scene where Sang Tae fed Mun Yeoung and she keeps on apologizing and asking for forgiveness. My brain just couldn't process how cruel MY's mom is!
  6. I found this on YT. Keeping my fingers crossed about this theory coz I think I can't handle another heartache for our couple.
  7. Whew episode 13 is a revelation though there were tale tell signs that Head Nurse Park is MY's mom at the beginning of tonight's episode. Not to mention her reaction almost crying when MY's father got really sick. Now that leaves us to wonder what's her real intention of changing her identity and keeping it low until now. I understood she worked in the hospital to somehow keep an eye on her husband but if she wanted revenge for what was done to her, she should have done so while Ko Dae Hwan was still alive. Hoping though that she wouldn't get in the way between the couple but knowing her obsse
  8. I must say that if it wouldn't be a happy ending for the three, I'll just pretend that episode 12 is its ending where they became a family through the family portrait as MY said. But since it's a healing drama, I'm still hoping for a great and happy ending especially for our couple Kang Tae and Mun Yeong. Oppa Sang Tae is on his way to recovery since he started facing his fears and open to counselling. OMG this drama keeps me on my toes every weekend and after watching it on Netflix, I have a hard time sleeping. My Saturday and Sunday nights are always disturbed coz of the roller coaster emot
  9. Episode 11 is just so heartwarming. What a good way to celebrate Mun Yeong's birthday, a passionate kiss from her beloved Kang Tae. OMG! All my heartaches brought about by the episode 9 & 10 were totally wiped out by tonight's episode. I especially love the ending too. I think KT's psychoanalysis of Sang Tae to act and think like an adult is quite effective. My heart's so full right now.
  10. I'm excited for episode 11. No matter how indifferent Kang Tae is to Mun Yeong, he just couldn't bring himself not to protect her. Eps 9 & 10 is heartbreaking for me. I feel so sorry for KT.
  11. Yeah they kissed but episode 9 is a sad episode. I was right in my hunch that Sang Tae would be one of their relationship major obstacles. And I wonder as well if Jae-Su is gay or bisexual. He had nuances of one i.e. mannerisms and the way he acts towards Kang Tae
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