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  1. This episode, like all other episodes, is making me laugh out loud one moment and then cry the next. I think this is probably the only drama where I never used the fast forward button. I know some people think we spent too much time with the parents (the mafia game was hilarious) this episode. But I think it is an important scene, if only for the possibility of Seok-Hyung's mom being happy again. I laughed so hard during the mafia game antics and then the show twisted my heart with the phone call between Seok-Hyung and his mom where she said it's the first time in a while that she laughed this much. As much as I hate Seok-Hyung's dad and the mistress (the guts) and want them to be miserable forever, I want Seok Hyung and his mom to be happy. And they can't do that if they are still spiteful towards the dad. The mafia game and the parents gathering is probably to show us (and mom) that it is better to move on. This pd and writer never ever does anything that is unnecessary. I also wanted more scenes with the 5 friends, but I appreciate the show treating every character as a living being, and giving them full story arcs. One of the reasons I will forever be a fan of this creative team.
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