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  1. Are Kookmin still going strong? Does Somin still have the same feelings for KJK. Guys, please, i don't feel good, i don't like it, guys Edit: Even these short clips are not easy for me to watch now. Not only Somin, KJK too looks so awkward in these. It's weird that none of you guys sees the same. Btw the quarantine thing is really getting to me. I probably need a mental health checkup?! :d
  2. @kookminclan RunningMan Somin is showing a completely different side of her. This makes me sad for so many reasons. My gosh!
  3. I really wish this was true but things are telling me otherwise. I'm afraid that it's the opposite. Ever since Somin's return there was only one time she seemed genuinely happy being with KJK and it was RM ep 507. The filming date of ep 507 was May 25, 2020 and the airdate of ep 504 was May 24, 2020. KJK looked quiet okay in ep 504 and i think that's the reason why Somin was happy and behaved around KJK like that in ep 507 ( i made a comment about ep 504 before, i said i was really glad seeing KJK looking healthy). The thing is KJK looks sick most of the time nowadays and i can't expresss how much it hurts me seeing him like that as me being just a fan. I can't even imagine how much pain Somin is going through. My heart aches for her. I also feel that there's this awkwardness between Kookmin. @Rida Live once asked me if i had watched the at the time newest RM episode. The truth is i can no longer watch RM. i refuse to believe that KJK is unhealthy and he's aging prematurely. JSM has been acting so weird lately i think. I hope i'm just imagining things but i highly doubt it.
  4. As i have observed him so far he seems to be the type of guy who can't hide his feelings at all. This is just my personal opinion tho.
  5. Somin seems to enjoy LKS's company these days. KJK noticed that too i guess. Someone is jealous?!
  6. Somin has a thing that makes all the people around her happy just like Han Ji Eun in "Full House" drama, you should watch it if you haven't yet,i really enjoyed the drama. Don't get me wrong, i like her just as much as i like KJK. It's just that i was not in the right state of mind when i was writing the previous comments.
  7. I feel the same way! In regard to Haha why do i feel like he didn't support kookmin at all in the beginning, i'm not sure about now because he did help KJK to join Somin's team in recent RM episode. what is your take on this if you don't mind me asking? Btw i really like your second last comment!
  8. @kookminclan RunningMan I don't think wearing a mask tells us much about whether she met up with her boyfriend or just a male friend. It could be that she didn't feel like putting on a mask at that time, even if she got caught she could simply deny it by saying he was just one of her many male friends just like this time. Regardless, thanks for your nice response!
  9. well said, i couldn't agree more! <3
  10. Woahhh! All these comments talking about kookmin being just friends are driving me nuts and now this. Did Somin actually meet up with a man last winter ( december of 2019? ) ? To make matters worse, Somin posted about a song on Instagram with a caption that says " i fail everyday, but let me become a better person tomorrow" on the day before the air date of Rm ep 508. Is she trying to tell Kjk that she feels sorry and she will try to become a better person? My perception of Somin has changed in a bad way. Someone please prove me wrong, i would really appreciate it!
  11. It is quite upsetting tbh. I know it's none of my business who they dated or are dating but still. MANNN, all those Kookmin moments!!! Sorry, my kookmin heart is taking control over my mind.
  12. So jsm dated last year. That's surprising news to me (quite shocking too).
  13. @MandelBrot He should have just given her a kiss right there
  14. @MandelBrot YSC's action was intentional. He likes Somin. What a scary dude!
  15. KJK is looking great in the new RM episode. I'm so happy!
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