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  1. She's actually a binjin shipper I guess it's just a video she made for entertainment purposes as we're facing a drought after getting no recent updates from both HB and SYJ sides I'm pretty sure it has no actual meaning, just for a good laugh
  2. Happy 1000 pages shoppers! I just want to say we're all here to support BINJIN, so let's just discuss about them because that's the whole point of this forum . Let's try to refrain from bringing other ships here. We're all here because we believe that they're definitely a thing. All the receipts that they had given us were enough to show their relationship. So let's continue to ship this couple peacefully. As what Captain Ri said to Yoon Seri, just wait and pray desperately. I believe our ship is sailing, and it will dock soon when the time comes. When in doubt, IN GROCERY WE TRUST
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBDa7-Jg_rH/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link This post includes 10 BINJIN MOMENTS in BAEKSANG AWARDS! and she liked it omo..my binjin heart
  4. Hi! Currently I'm in my 42nd account, and so far, they are all successful. However you really need to tap a lot of times until it's successful. I am using the autoclicker app, changing the interval to 50 milliseconds so that it will click faster, and I can do other things while voting at the same time. For me, the key is patience and dedication
  5. What if I continuously log in and out from my tiktok accs because I have 18 tiktok accs, will my votes still be recorded? seriously.. never thought I would download tiktok and made not just one but 18 accs (and i'm still planning to add) ONLY FOR BINJIN. Wow, i feel truly amazed of myself. For those who is voting, keep going! LET'S WIDEN THE GAP!!!
  6. When the votings just started, I made 3 tiktok accs to vote for BINJIN, and I was able to give 15 votes to each of them, so clearly I could vote with 3 different accs in one device. However, I think because more fans are voting and tiktok probably can't handle it, when I signed up my 4th tiktok account (just few hours ago) and attempted to vote, it doesn't work. I tried that method, but yes, it wasn't that helpful imo but I was able to give one vote to HB lol.
  7. I don't know if anyone mentioned this before, but this thought suddenly came into my mind regarding the thank you challenge. 3 people SYJ tagged: - Kim Hee Ae - Kang Hunter - Kang Ha Oh All their names starts with H. Guess whose name starts with H? Hyun Bin All their surnames starts with K. Why does it reminds me of HB's real name, Kim Tae Pyung? Hmm.. I wonder why *pardon my delulu
  8. I was re-watching their couch talk interview (I don't know how many times I've watched it hahahah ), and I noticed in minute 4:26, SYJ was talking about her watching comedy shows to prepare for her role, and it seemed like HB wanted to add on what she said, but he eventually stopped himself. I found it quite suspicious
  9. Are you referring to the one in infinite challenge? What I remembered was that she was just pranking the other members by acting as if she was tired and angry, but at the end everyone knew it was just a prank set up by the staffs for the show.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-toJ8-J_ex/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link is she saying that she likes bts? it reminds me of that bts scene in NK hahahaha
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