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  1. CLOY world domination! Someone once told that this show will never be as big as its predecessors but, boy, he was wrong. It exceeded expectations. A big part of the success of course is our OTP. https://apjjf.org/2020/12/EpsteinGreen.html This is a super lengthy article but here are some of the highlights under spoiler I am hoping that shows like Ellen would guest HB and SYJ... and there they would talk about their married life.. how they are expecting twins already...
  2. CAUTION: Allow yourself to suspend disbelief just for this post. I am not into fortune tellers but since CLOY and the coincidences that transpired between real lives of BinJin made me believe in love and destiny again, might as well listen to what she has to say.... "There love fortune is good as a couple, there is a good flow of love feelings." "Match-made in heaven" There's a bit of a downer though when she said that married life can be difficult! BUT i haven't seen any marriage that has not sailed through rough seas. I'm sure their love will prevail. Funny thing that the fortune teller has something to say about BinJin's married life. I mean she could have outright said that they are not going to get married. She could not see it in the future. But she somehow saw them ending up together in real life. Yey!
  3. Feb 2019... Hmmmm this reminds me of a sneaky couple who was also caught grocery shopping together at Ralphs last Jan 2019 The guy in the pic (Blake Shelton) was also pushing the cart. Fact: Gwen and Blake are in a romantic relationship. They never said they were "close friends"
  4. Same! SYJ only competes with her past self. i notice that she always mentions in her speech during award shows that she will work hard to become a better actress (ironic because she just won best actress haha. Better than best. Always so humble) INDUSTRY RIVAL
  5. My delulu mind imagining little binnies and jinnies possessing a combination of SYJ's eye smile and HB's dimples. Little Binjin on her first day day at school Binjin waiting for her prom date P.S. --Their faces blend so well! OMG! --their child is a girl because Seri wanted girls.. but they can create another one so that the world can witness the handsome Hyun Bin Jr. So fellow shippers our prayers must be really specific. "Lord, let Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin get married AAAAAND have babies" Forgive my delulu mind. Now back to reality
  6. Looks like things are starting to heat up. This happens during "drought" as i observed since i joined this forum.. To change the topic.... can you suggest what other sites/social media platform where i can read about SYJ, HB, CLOY.... i already follow facebook groups, twitter and ig accounts, soompi forum...i even rewatch youtube vids about them. I even started reading every reviews from IMDB, Google, mydramalist, and rottentomatoes. Haha. But i still miss them sooooooooo much! How i wish i am korean so i could also read korean websites. Hehe It became a daily habit for me to search about them. BinJin is my happy pill
  7. Even their CFs are mirroring each other! What other proof do we need? IT'S AS CLEAR AS DAY!
  8. Not sure if this was posted here before. They made a Thai version of Yejin's iconic film
  9. Will delete if not allowed here... but OMG does the trailer and background music seem familiar? our Omma really took Asia by storm way back early 2000s! Can't help but imagine what it would be like if HB was the male lead in the original version of this movie. Would they still generate electric chemistry enough to provide power to North Korea just like in CLOY? Hmmm
  10. Although i am aware of all their shows, it just dawned on me that Yejin is HB's lucky charm somehow. HB is most recognized from Secret Garden and Crash Landing On You..... And Yejin was part of those shows ( altho just a cameo in SeGa but still...) Now that is not a coincidence; it's fate
  11. For the trolls out there: You think you can destroy our ship by posting stuff here but actually you are just wasting your time. By now, you should have realized that whenever you rain on our parade here's the effect: a. More contents are generated in the forum so it gets even more popular (included in the hot topic as well) You are actually giving us something to discuss especially during " drought" b. less time is spent on your idols or preferred ship so they even get less popular (sucks for you) b. You are just fueling our love for our OTP. Personally, whenever you post hate, it's as if my love for them gets even stronger. It's like seeing your younger sibling being bullied so your love for them gets ignited and puts you on a protective mode. So thank you trolls! Go waste your time and help this ship thrive. You've tried to sink this ship since page 1 but look now we're already on page 860.... and counting. Kamsahamnida!
  12. Or maybe becasue during the soju scene in CLOY, Seri (SYJ) told Ri ( HB ) that she doesn't want to see him drinking in public because a lot of girls would fall for him even more and she will get jealous. So sorry for HB his only option is water
  13. Some haters really want to cast doubt why Yejin became most beautiful woman of 2020. Beauty is indeed subjective. I would even punch your face if you say that your mom is more beautiful than my mom! But above is the list of Korean actresses who were given the title "Nation's First Love." I googled each of them and they indeed were all beautiful! And before Suzy, Yejin was the titleholder. Fun fact: among the women in the list Yejin held that title the longest (from 2003 to 2012.... 9 years... almost a decade.) It took a long time for Korea to move on from her beauty and i kinda understand why. That is why i was not surprised she was voted this year as the most beautiful woman. The world is soooooo late to recognize Yejin's beauty. South Korea was smitten by her way back 2003! But what i like about SYJ is she did not let the beauty award get to her head. Look at her IG. She rarely posts pictures where she is so dolled up like those seen in photoshoots and magazines. She is so humble and i love her more for that. P.S. Did you know that Yejin already got a Daesang (grand prize) ????? She is now known as "Hyun Bin's one and only Love"
  14. Winning Baeksang is just a bonus. If i were the CLOY team, i'd rather be recognized internationally first than sweep awards in Baeksang. And it's not like they were totally ignored by Baeksang. They got a lot of nominations and that is a huge compliment in itself. SYJ and HB do not need acting awards desperately. Good thing that early in their career they became award winning actors first than become popular internationally. I feel sorry for those actors who were recognized panAsia but have not received critical acclaim from award giving bodies. It means they are all just face, beauty, and cuteness. Talent-wise they have to grow more. And that is not the case for our OTP. Do you know what movie won Oscars the same year Avengers Endgame was released? Coz i don't. All i could remember was feeling ecstatic watching Avengers endgame that year That movie was not even nominated at Oscars. But up until now that movie has a special place in my heart and for sure in the hearts of millions of moviegoers. Such is the case for CLOY. It will forever be etched in our hearts. Heck i would recommend it to my future children and grandchildren. Let's not dwell on the baeksang awards. It's all in the past. There is nothing that we can do to change the outcome. It will just be a downer if we keep on discussing it here. HB and SYJ seem fine so why can't we? If there's anyone who should be disappointed it should be them. But look at SYJ... she's completely fine. And has been treating us with atomic heart bombs.
  15. Maybe some korean paparazzi threatend Yejin yesterday that they will release behind-the-scene clips of their sweetness (like the video today) so Yejin dropped her own A-bombs last night and was like "better if it will come from me"
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