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  1. New account just for shipper lol

  2. I just want to write my thoughts here after being a fangirl in this korean entertainment industry for 11 years. The last time I came back on this thread is such a long time ago.. So grateful to see more people supporting these two cuties. I really love Lee Minho.. He is definitely the cutest actor for me. He never disappoint his fan with any scandals. What I like about him the most is his attitude. He's always like this since he was born I guess lol. You will love him if you read his interview... his answer is always sincere, mature, serious and sophisticated. His answer is getting better and better every year. And not like other celebrities, he is what he answers in the interview not only about his favorite food or just ordinary questions but his love life as well. I've been watching kdrama for 11 years and ship 7 couples. 3 couples caught dating together (With pictures!) but I dont ship DOTS cuz I didn't watch it till the end haha sorry. Yes this is my 7th ship ㅠㅠ I've been his fan since BOF and I've never shipped him with his costar before. But don't get me wrong lol I'm not OIMC. (I just dont see any offcam chemistry lol) If you have watched him from BOF as well you know that he is always a gentleman since his debut days ( yes he's such a sweet) He always take a good care of his costar and staff. He is really funny, playful and friendly while doing an interview. BUT This time its different! I can feel the genuine feelings like he really enjoys shooting in TKEM (I feel that hes really happy too) I think this is the first time I saw him being shy towards his costar... I mean he's always professional and have that filming manner (I dont' know the exact word for this sorry haha) Its like you have to stop everything you are doing when the director say cut!... It's quite normal for korean actor for doing this like manner hands (you can search and read about this) but if the actors are closed then its fine. So if they aren't dating or developing into something beautiful in the future, Im sure that she will be his last long friend like Dohwan who was introduced to his BFF squad. He is always really professional when it comes to kissing scenes (deep kissing or just a single lip kiss). After the director say cut he can look at his costar right away without any shyness or excitement. Just continue to discuss the angle, position and so on. But in TKEM I saw that he's definitely nervous even it's just a peck lol. He even laughed to cover his shyness and sit like that (forgive my dirty mind) for beheading neck kiss. I think he's really adore her as an actress. Usually actors in korean don't watch drama (Yes they don't. They will watch it when they wanna get to know or study their co star acting style.) They normally watch movies. So I think he watch Goblin when he knew that she is his leading. I start to be her fan when I watch Goblin as well cuz I can't resist her charm and eye smile in Goblin. About that Birthday IG post I think its really lovestragram but I dont think he post it to announce his relationship. He is quite a private person when its come to his private life. And he said it himself that "He wont reveal his relationship although there will be many wishes. He still have to deal with unnecessary negative problem." Then Why he posted photo with her? Cuz they work together! So he got an excuse to post it. (yes im serious hahaha its about an "excuse") and for me its not for promotion... if its for a promotion he should write a caption like hers lol or just put #TheKingEtetnalMonarch. For me its just like his lifestyle lol I don't know how to explain. That Birthday post. Its just you know the things you do when you're in love. These little small details like frame ... the thing that he and she only know the real meaning. There are some actors and artists having this lovestragram but we have no idea about it until dispatch come and expose that they are dating. After that the netizen looked at their IG and then realized They were having their lovestragram all along... but this time we already know that these two are closed in TKEM and we are shipper so lol. But I have to say that some of comments are too much... And I think he didn't aware that the comments will be that far lol. I mean other ship would stay lowkey even BinJin. But I guess TKEM has attracted a lot of people who never watch kdrama before which is SO COOL! On other ship I was sailing (haha) they even ask others to stop commenting on their IG post or tagging them. Its just how it goes in this kindustry. I have a lots of korean friends when I went to study as an exchange student. Its kinda like their culture. They are very protective of their privacy. One of my korean unnie asked me "Why some of the shippers go and comment that on his IG? I dont think it's appropriate" and some korean shipper on Twitter also agree with that as well. I mean yes you can support these two together but the best thing is staying low key... And FYI Dating news in Korean is considered to be a scandal. Its not help to gain rating in the show or anything thing. Actually dating scandal damage the CF contact and so on... (only few couples give a great feedback after exposed by the media) If they are dating, they won't announce it til the day they will get married. You will never get the confirmed or denying statements from their agency if the media don't caught them dating or write anything about them. So this is the reason why their agency neither MYM nor BH will say anything about that IG post. Because the korean media haven't write anything about them dating yet. They don't have the reason to take action for that IG post. But I dont want them to get caught by dispatch or any media. Why? Do you know that there are a lot of couples breaking up after the news broke and attacked by knetizen? (These knetizen they are crazy I HATE THEM!) Have you ever read the comments from knetizen when the actors confirmed to star in TKEM? (They are just disgusting...) Now there are more knetizens who support these two cuties than before. But If they were really dating and the news broke... sometime you will have no idea where those negative comments came from. Ps. You can google and read about knetizen... Thank you for reading this. I hope this will help you understand how this crazy thing goes in this korean industry. And keep sailing for these two cuties. I really want my actor who I have watched him for long time get married and have his own family ㅠㅠ. Stay low key! Ps. Sorry for the grammatical mistake im not native speaker ㅠ..ㅠ
  3. Hello, its been long time since I read this forum on the very first pages. Our shipper forum receives a lot of love I already TRANSLATED the clip from NETFLIX THAI. You can check it out on my Twitter. Sorry that I cant upload it at once so it has 3 part Enjoy + I cant upload on YouTube due to the copyright
  4. I LOVE YOUR ANALYSIS **my heart beating so fast right now** Their eyes tell us everything. ps. I never shipped that couple as well up to now after 10 years watching kdrama this will be my 7th ship ps.but I ship the one that went to grocery together in LA minho is smitten like hb >..<
  5. There are many korean actors who dont follow anyone Or just follow their agency. Its quite normal cuz their IG is like a place for their Fans so a lot of their co stars dont follow that account They do have their contact like kakao talk group chat
  6. @Graceyo Thank youuuuu! I can sense that there must be something going on here after the press conference lol LMH is alway a gentleman and well caring to every his costar but this time I dont know ... the differences .... I love KGE from goblin ... I fall in love with her just looking at her beautiful eyes and lovely smile ... ( I think the same goes for LMH ) not to mention about her acting which is already great ...
  7. @mamabear lol Thanks Ill watch it all after final exam. I can feel the difference! He enjoys working with her, staring at her and being around her … Actually I like KGE from Goblin. I love her acting in Tune in for love as well but maybe cant consider myself as a fan cuz Im not following her that much. I just cant stand her beautiful eyes!
  8. Hello chinguuuu! Thank you for starting this thread! I start shipping these two cuties after watching their promotional video in SBS catch This is the first time that I ship him with his lead actress since I knew him from BOF He just can’t help but giggling and smiling when Goeun teases him Their chemistry is so strong! (I haven’t watched the drama yet due to studying but just watching their BTS makes my heart beating!) The latest BTS that he cant touch her head because his hands are dirty buttt HE DID GRAB HER WRIST! and the fact that she is the first woman on his IG (the other is his omma) …
  9. @Yasy05 My heartttt finally he found the one! I cant believe that its been almost 10 years already since Sega. My Yejin unnie will be the first and the last woman I ship with him. It would be great if I could see them being parents of a big family Yes his eyes when staring at her tell are everything I really like the fact that they were close friends when they started filming TN. I think they know that they have a lot of things in common, attitudes, working style and experience in this industry... just a perfect timing before moving their relationship to the next step... from closer friends to lovers … that kind of last long and forever relationship Thank you for a good catching up during those years ps. Yes our shipper friends will waiting for them together right?
  10. @Yasy05 Hi! Its nice to see hyunbin fan since Sega days here! I watched Sega then as well (I didn’t ship him with the costar) but after he came back from the military service he rarely accepted a role in drama. Since im more into kdrama than movies, I didn’t follow him as much as before during that time. My point is do you see any difference between now and then? like when he was interviewing // I just want to be sure that Im not the one who see the love in his eyes lol
  11. @Yanny62 yesssss that he picked the artificial snow from her head reminds me when Yoo Inna revealed in Strong Heart that “There was finally a scene where it was just the two of us, and suddenly he called out for my stylist.I later found out that it was because he thought it would be unmannerly for him to pick off a piece of dust on my shoulder, so he called for my stylist instead” But When he witH yejin he just did it himself I knowwwwwww he wants to touch her badly!
  12. @PreciousByTheBayIn korean culture, there is a thing called manner hands. You can read about it here http://en.goodtimes.my/2018/02/05/10-top-korean-stars-use-manner-hands-posing-female-celebrities-fans/ However, Hyunbin often forgets his manner hands when he’s with Yejin. You can see that he was hesitating to touch her at first. After watching kdrama for 10 years, in every skinship scene like kissing, hugging, I can say that 98% of actors will suddenly let go of the others when the director said cut. You can see this with Yejin and hyun bin too in kiss scene ( since Switzerland is the first time they are on set). After that I never saw him hesitate to touch her again // I thought I already replied to you maybe 7 hours ago ... but where is my reply ㅜ..ㅜ
  13. Hello guys Ive been reading this thread since last August... I just wanted to ask is there anyone knowing the magazine or the article that bin-ssi said he impresses her acting in TN … when she swore at him after he shot her boss or something he thought she was going to scream at him but she couldn't say it properly which made him goosebumps .. I think it was from some the interview... not the TN special feature Thank you in advance it had been stuck in my head for a day now... I really want to see the article
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