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  1. This was the reason why I wanted to find out which came first... the I Really Like You bts or the seaside proposal scene. Because after either of the two, we had the wrap-up party where they looked okay and in good terms.
  2. https://metro.style/people/celebrities/the-best-k-drama-actresses-of-2020-(so-far)/26672 SJH is #4 there out of 13 actresses
  3. Have you seen the BTS clip of that photo? There were two versions taken from different angles. He was trying to pull a prank on her after she did
  4. When he said "I really like you", that came out of the blue. His first message for her selfie cam was serious and talked about how sad he was that filming had come to end. When she asked him to say something bizarre, I personally think none of them expected that his idea of "bizarre" was telling her he really likes her. I have a feeling that Lee Hyun-jin (Gun-woo) tried to diffuse the awkwardness of his "bizarre" message by also saying he really likes her, but was quick to follow it up with "especially because I'm a fan of SJH" unlike SSH. So when it probably occurred to SSH that e
  5. @TotoroSY because I recognized the ones responding to me on Twitter that's why I went here to at least be able to say my side especially when I saw your post. @girlpepper this thread is public. Posts here are often shared and quoted. Haven't we long established that this thread is often visited by the media and the celebrities, themselves? Like I said on Twitter, I am not active in this thread. I drop by from time to time but as I'm a busy mom, I can hardly keep up. So the last time I read about the Pavilions vs Ralph's discussion was back in May when @lemontree posted
  6. The photos and videos I posted on IG and Twitter are taken by yjscap25 (on Instagram) this morning at the location. In no way did I say that these were new discoveries. In fact, I was talking to someone else last night about lemontree's post. I would appreciate it if people could see that I'm the last person who would not give credit where it's due. The posts I published on Twitter and Instagram had credit for the owners of the photos (misakichidayo and yjscap).
  7. It has been a crappy week for me but my goodness! Waking up to that photo? Are you kidding me?! Such a proud moment for us They finally gave us the photoshoot these two are due and I honestly cannot wait in so much anticipation for more!!
  8. +1 on this. Frustrating, but very true. I almost answered back at someone who mockingly told me at the heonhye IG "What are you, 10?" when I tried to explain that it's quite common in K-Ent for celebrities to either deny dating rumors or evade questions pertaining to their personal lives. I had to hold myself back and remind myself that it's going to be a very long journey for this ship and along the way, we'll encounter people who will mock our OTP and shippers like us. This is mainly because overseas fans, for one, leverage their expectations of these couples to that of their own cultures an
  9. Ladies, help. Could you help me piece together their timeline at least from July 2? Like when their last day of filming was (was it the seaside proposal that was shot that day?) and when their wrap-up party was? When the BTS of SSH saying he really likes SJH was shot, when did that happen? Sorry. Confused here as I'd always thought their last day of filming was July 2 and that the wrap-up happened that night.
  10. Yes! I, for one, love how he said "belief in love", even if it's from a fan perspective that he was narrating. For all we know, he may also be talking from his own perspective
  11. There was no specific question asked that is related to Dinner Mate or SJH. All the actors were asked general questions. But he was asked, not verbatim, about the nicest compliment he remembered receiving. He said, a fan thanked him for his work on DM; that because of it, the fan believed in love, again. @fiona628 I thought it was a cat, too, at first.
  12. That's exactly what is in my mind, right now! Also, attaching here the actual TikTok clip along with my additional thoughts on it. Might be her dog. Name is Ari. I think this is the same pet from an old IG post of hers: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3JQKNpgJfM/?igshid=1aibo9hmh74ea
  13. Thank you for translating! I see this was the source of what I read before about SJH working to help her parents. This is seriously another reason to admire this girl.
  14. My pleasure! And thanks, as well! I couldn't scratch the song off my head the moment I saw the BTS clips, especially the "I Really Like You" one. I think, it's this ship's strongest receipt so far, at least where he's concerned. And the timing of what we all think were her responses, several days later in her interviews couldn't have been more perfect! It's as though she's saying that when he told her he meant what he said, she heard that message loud and clear. In one of dinner_couple's translated posts on IG, turns out, SJH was also invited by Kim Young-chul to be in the same ra
  15. You, my dear, are giving VAST and MSTeam a run for their money! LOL! I've always held the position that their statements about LA were weirdly worded and fishy at best so much so that at one point, I was so tempted to dissect their statements, word for word. But yours is gold and I can't stop laughing at 9 in the morning while attempting to cook breakfast.
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