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  1. "Allowing her to walk in front is a sign of respect, as well as a clue that she might be in charge in the relationship explains Blanca Jiménez Cobb, a senior instructor at the Body Language Institute in Washington, DC."
  2. Such a sneaky little brother. He dared not to come close to SYJ when HB was there, but when HB left for restroom... BOOM BOOM BOOM Many rushed for restroom
  3. It WAS NOT like you think. They just practiced the scene. If there was something special, BinJin shippers could have already discovered it. But there WAS NOT. You should rewatch the behind the scene.
  4. YJ’s IG photos likes: Please be patience, she will make an OFFICIAL PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT about their relationship when the time is right for her/ them.
  5. Dear mod, Should we allow to call another shipper like that? @cloyfan I feel disgusting with your choice of words. Be kind to each other. @LavelyShai
  6. I agree with @Choi sam sook none of SYJ fans complained about HB’s CFs, new movie. As long as we do not make offend posts about Bin or Jin and follow Soompi rules, then everyone should be welcome to share their own opinions about BinJin, Bin or Jin here. I think. We don’t need to make new set of rules, old or new information, what should not be posted, just follow Soompi rules. I am originally a YJ’s fan first and a BinJin shipper, but my latest post was to defence that it was okay for HB to be sad. So just let everyone share their opinions here instead of you should not do this or do that. It destroy the pleasure of shipping. If one feels unpleasant with YJ’s individual posts. Then she may be a HB fan only, not a BinJin shipper. — Rules: Shippers' Paradise By ebullient, October 17, 2013 in shippers' paradise ebullient 30,741 Posted October 17, 2013 1. Do follow the general Soompi Forum Rules. 2. Do not insult a celebrity / a member, whether directly or indirectly. 3. Do not spam. A post must include at least twenty characters or be of substance. Hence, a post that doesn't meet this requirement may be subject to deletion without notice. 4. Do not engage in off-topic conversations. If you'd like to discuss / post off-topic conversations (i.e. chit-chats / greetings / discussions about irrelevant couples), do so through personal message or where else more appropriate. Posts that don't abide by this rule may be subject to deletion without notice. 5. Do not quote images / gifs / videos. If you'd like to quote a post, remove images / gifs / videos (if applicable) and quote the text by itself. This is to preserve the bandwidths of images / gifs and to make a thread as simple to navigate through as possible. 6. For thread-starters -- do NOT implement a separate set of rules to regulate threads! Backseat moderating won't be acceptable, as it'll give the misconception to members that thread-starters are actual moderators. 7. Once a couple / friendship thread reaches 2,000 pages, it will be closed for archiving. If you'd like to create a successive thread to serve in continuation, feel free to do so. This is to provide the ease of manageability and navigation. The rules may be subject to updates and changes as the moderators see fit. Failure to abide by any of the rules may result in a warning. Contact any of the moderators for assistance if there are questions / concerns. The moderators of shippers' paradise are as follows: LavelyShai | angelangie | youngatheart | stroppyse
  7. Thank you for your post. I also believe many shippers can guess who she is.
  8. Are there anyone with sharp eyes, who can help to check if below opinions are correct. Thanks in advance!
  9. I respect your opinions and HB may also think that the winner deserves the award. But it’s very natural for a human beings to be sad/ disappointed to not get a reward after one has already tried his best in doing something (many agree that HB’s best performance in his career is in Cloy with YJ, his tears were real, chemistry is the best). Now I put myself in HB’s shoes. He also got nominated last year at Baeksang but the award was handed to senior LBH, he may feel ok with that as LHB is one of the best actors in SK, he won again this year for his movie. However, there were not any senior/ popular actors this year except for HB, but the judges had refused to offer him the best actor award the 2nd time in a row, so he feels sad/ disappointed for sure as a human beings. Moreover, the last time HB won the best actor award from a Korean prestigious award giving body was 9 years ago, in 2009 for his performance in SEGA. HB has won 3 best actor and 1 new best actor awards in his acting career + popularity awards. It is very normal for him to be sad/ disappointed in this situation. Nothing is wrong with that as it does not affect his image at all.
  10. Yes, Being a conservative person, HB may not like YJ to wear a cleverage dress which shows her beautiful boobs and sexy back (for his eyes only) but he still respects her choice, her opinions. Similar to the fact that he agrees to keep their relationship private because YJ wants to. These are the things that independent and successful women expect from their men, in my opinions. A controlling man would never be a good match for a strong, independent, successful, rich and smart woman like YJ. But HB is not a controlling man (Kakao Talk, YJ’s revealing dress at Baeksang, keep their relationship private) and that is one of the reasons why BinJin is a good match.
  11. From this angle it seems that YJ asked a staff/ cameraman not HB which direction she should follow to go on the stage. HB looks like he got lost/ sad because he did not win the best actor award as he might have expected. HB made his hands gestures to invite YJ to go first (lady first). This is my point of views.
  12. IF -> Negative Speculation -> Very Dangerous Because it is not truth with an IF Word. Please STOP this negative speculation NOW.
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