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  1. OMG that main theme I swear so much feels....and thabks 4 sharing it. So much hardworking & dedication for the Making of a series or movie. Hatsoff Missing Memory Couple hopefully we will get to see them in some CFs or variety shows.
  2. Seriously after the BTS clip we are all dead! They were so comfortable with each other I'm really gonna miss Memory Couple & the IG lives chingus....
  3. Finally we got an episode full of lovey dovey moments for both couples & a hot kiss! Thanks PDnim gosh we has the last BTS video....
  4. So sad about the wrap up part being cancelled but it is for their safety so. Hopefully we will get a last IG live by MGY/KDW. I'm being nostalgic as tomorrow will be the finale and they better not disappont us. It was a beautiful ride overall and I was glad to become part of this forum as well with you chingus. Let's trend well tomorrow on Twitter. See u
  5. So good to see a happy preview for the final episode thanks MBC. Wedding or not as long as they show both couples happy that's what matter the most for me. I don't mind Memory Couple spending a lovey dovey night together! Hopefully we will get a video for the wrap up party.
  6. Ok so finally watched it with the subs I'm not Mad or that disappointed but the break up or the whole episode. Given that Memory Couple is a public figure it is more like a break with a goodbye than it's over we will never be again or meet right? The whole medias dramas is relatable as it is what actually happens there. But the less importance for Anchornim's job and the way he handles his guests I was disappointed with this the most. Let's see what are in stores de can hope for a happy ending and who knows if they were actually secretly dating. So far writernim kept sprising us so I'm gonna watch it till the end and keep supporitng FMIYM team. This is a fiction after all they can't be all the time realistic or have perfect plots.
  7. IKR will hv a Nutella bread toast for teatime as well! Gosh I'm gonna miss all those lovely-fun BTS vids. I really hope this week end we will get an IG Live with both couples.
  8. Ok so just caught up with the MBC clips for tonight's episode, loved the reality they showed around medias - HJ/JH, lots of lovey doves moments then break up as HJ goes to pursue her career in US from what I understood and JH resign from his anchor post. Leap of 2 years, JH drinks beer, he is back on the news channel but no more as anchornim even Maknae Couple seem to have broke up... Mixed feelings as we have to wait next week for the final reunion and need to watch the whole episode with subs to see how they justified HJ/JH's break up once again...oh writernim!
  9. Ok so mixed feelings with the new preview but seeing Memory Couple at the hospital I'm relieved and bust like many of you I'm not ready for it's ending....ottoeke. Plus the new cute IG live....gosh my heart. After IC I'm became so fond with FMIYM and it's lead casting including 2nd leads our cute couples! So much comfort level & cuteness with KDW / MGY I really hope to see them soon in a film or something together. They better win MBC Best Couple Award.
  10. Regarding ratings both FMIYM & 365 didn't have much promotions and there is a variety show with the same slot as FMIYM on wed. Anyways at least it is in the talks on SNS and among international fans as well. At least with this KDW & MGY will grab more projects & acclamations. My heart want them to star in another drama or a film, the chemistry and performances are so natural! Coming to this week's episodes what a rollercoaster of emotions and fab acting by KDW/ MGY, MBC they better win awards! And Make Couple's romance was so refreshing among the high drama episode. Gosh ever girl deserve a man like Anchor Lee, he gave HJ her space during her bad times just like she did for him but he was looking after her from afar. This was well directed just like the break up scene ( what a scenary haha) and the reconciliation, glad writernim didn't drag this into a typical let's avoid each other bla bla. That simple talk / hug with the 1st OST in the rain, perfect it felt so relatable and honest! Well no preview and I'm scared of what we are gonna have for the rest of the episodes. Will JH heal from his disease or will he be harm this time? So many questions but hoping for a happy ending and an IG live for the wrap up party as well.
  11. Just when there are happy moments tomorrow be ready...why writernim? Anyways it has to happen hopefully they won't drag until the last epi for the leads reunion happy ending. It was good to see the double date / JH-HJ's love confession & how Anchornim supoorted HJ during her drama shoot. TE's father no comment! As expected SY's stalker kept his words but yes JH will be there for his love no matter what. MBC really knows to play with our hearts with both couples romance, those pics on SNs & the IG live. I never saw such a comfort level between kdrama leads after ages.
  12. I'm fed up with TE & his father feeling JH how to live his life WTF? And JH's reply to TE was bang on he will not live in fear anymore. And as many of you said I also find it weird to accept the fact that director entered info JH's house...something is fishy right? On the other hand both couples sailing and the sisters duo is 1 of the best this year. Kim Seul Gi deserves an award & she better do a FL role next time it is high time! I must stay JH is becoming 1 of my fav kdrama ML of the year they really did a good job with the caracterizations of the lead characters!
  13. KDW actually forgot to look at the camera & even after NG he is holding hands with MGY asking to the directornim where was the camera he can't see so the staff laughed. It was cute & funny at the same time so wanted to share with you. They better win the Best Couple MBC Award! Credit goes to it's uploader.
  14. Same here gosh the preview....another storm & SY's murderer sais that he will not let JH be happy with HJ gosh! But glad that no matter what HJ/JH will overcome the hurdles together.
  15. Hi5! Today epi was such a fresh breath of air and they ended it with another secret. We had lovely moments and 3 couples where shown. Never knew that KDW's voice could get more sweeter kya! The last scene of TE with that expression....I'm still suspicious about him. So next week be ready for another roller coaster till then let's enjoy the happy ride & those lovey dovey BTS on IG.
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