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  1. How romantic their eyes when they look at each other. Especially, they look very happy for this shooting, as if it is part of their dream... a dream being dreamed and lived. Hah, my heart!
  2. I so agree! He can't help it neither he might want to. However, her eyes are also new to me. She used to represent love wonderfully, but now, wow! What I can feel when she looks at him is just that she is in love. They are simply in love. This is "magic", inevitable like destiny and pure blessing. We are blessed too for recognizing them and participate of the best that life can offer: love.
  3. Oooooohhh! Wow! It's more, way more than I expected from an ads. Thank you, Smart, and Filipinos fans for making it possible! And thank you so much, Binjin, of course! For me, if I would pick one highlight each, they are the way YJ says "I do" looking at him with a timid overwhelmingly happy smile, and the way HB keeps looking at her laughing instead of turning immediately to the camera for the finale... Madam Basas was moved too by this "delay", now I see... Eyes don't lie. They are love! God bless them with more love and same wishes for all people who look at them ❤
  4. With a smile from ear to ear that can't seem to fade away any time soon.... I hope they both know how "love" makes everyone so happy! In contemplation of the big news and wishing more and more love for both and for BinJin family the world over. Thank you, for being together sincerely ❤ What a bright start for 2021! Happy, healthy, and prosperous new year, everyone! With love
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