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  1. Let's vote Son Ye Jin as the most beautiful actress in Korea here in metrostyle. Until Sept 5 only! https://metro.style/promos/most-beautiful-korean-actresses-nomination
  2. Since in the last part of CA, Haejin went to NK for another confidential assignment with HyunBin, will we see NK speaking Ye Jin? I would love that!
  3. Expect Yejin disappear again once HyunBin comes back, hahaha, I hope not. Let the announcement be on his birthday.... or anytime, I'm willing to wait! Hahaha.
  4. I've been thinking if I should answer that question and I couldn't agree more with what you've said. At first, I think some are too serious and strict but after many months I realize that it's our diversity that sometimes get into our skin and made us easily misunderstood others. In spite of the differences, this forum is still my get to go (and the other club for obvious reasons like ranting, hahaha), and I love hearing other shipper's opinions here and check mine as well. Virtual hug to all!!!!
  5. I just watched it again and I'm still in love with their overflowing chemistry. We can love a drama by its story alone and don't care about the chemistry (I can actually pinpoint some kdrama which either has a good plot or good actors but zero chemistry, Hyun Bin's previous dramas too) but CLOY is definitely in a higher level. Is it because Son Ye Jin is a chemistry monster or because they are really in love? ❤
  6. I don't really mind the 'new grocery discovery' post because we all know that before but I do have reservations in giving too much information (in public) about a private couple, obviously BinJin wanted a private relationship. We don't want people to talk about our private escapades like where it is exactly and what we did, do we? Even if we are celebrities. That's why I understand some people's concern here regarding BinJin's privacy. But again, the grocery thing is already a established truth. On the other hand, I think they are just too excited to share the cookie to their fellow shippers, it's done in good deed. Let's not dwell too much on it and enjoy our cookies.
  7. Yeah, based on someone quite familiar in that place, it was in Pavilions in Newport Beach CA. They might have gone golfing based on their clothes at the Pelican Hill Golf Course. The grocery store is near multi-million dollar houses like Kobe's so he assumes if they got a super rich friend to stay with or they stayed at the resort. He also said that the place (hotel) Yejin attended for the birthday party is Garden Suite in Ktown Los Angeles, which is 1.5 hours drive North from Pelican Golf Club. Well, we cannot state that as a fact though but based on what's circulating online, it feels like it.
  8. I agree with you. Only those relationships with a little foundation will result to break up when pressured by the public. BinJin's relationship is strong given that both of them are mature and have an adult-like love. The ship might have been already on the dock now, we are just waiting for the captain's signal.
  9. Will anyone post here the newest crumb? The radio interview of a K-Ent expert hinting that there could be really something about BinJin and that we can look forward into it?
  10. So they usually mention their partner as a "friend'. Ehem, CLOSE FRIEND, ehemmmm!!! I got the same translation. Yejin mentioning Hyunbin is ❤.
  11. I've heard of that. But it was written by a tabloid news so others did not take that seriously. But in my country, the most reliable source of rumors come from tabloid newspapers. Hahaha. At least that's a newspaper, not from fan sites. Hahaha.
  12. Exactly my assumption. It was a slow but steady "close friend" relationship. And the LA grocery shopping was the major turning point in which we can deduct that they got into another level of closeness.
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