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  1. I agree with you, I believe the judges has another criteria for this. I also want to address some misunderstanding because I see some solo stans being put into the bad light just because of their opinion that "Ye Jin deserved the award more". First of all, they are not saying that Hyun Bin doesn't deserve it. It's only that in their point of view, like what you said, they think So Ye Jin's role has shown multi-dimensional acting. Comparison is inevitable and should not be taken as an offense against Hyun Bin. Take for example a basketball league, one of the players in the winning
  2. I'm curious of Bin's previous speeches. I'll be happy if someone post them here. Hahaha. Congrats to BinJin again!!!
  3. Same thoughts. Hahaha!!! Congratulations to CLOY and Hyun Bin if the rumors going around is true that they won. I'm a bit sad and upset for Ye Jin. You all know why, clear as day. But yeah, let's look on the brighter side.
  4. Let's not get our hopes up on this because celebrity couples in Korea are lowkey in showing public display of affection. Regarding one car, they aren't married yet so there is less probability for that. If they did then I'm dead. Lol. Let's not just expect too much.
  5. Been away and I did not think Hyun Bin's MIA will be an issue. Well, honestly I am waiting for a fan letter from him too. But not a confirmation, instead, a wedding announcement. Hahaha. And I am sure he'd let everyone know about that SOON, he will be the one to announce that. So do not be sad if we did not get any written letter from him yet. He has always been transparent and open about his attraction slash love to our dear Ye Jin. Remember, he is our ULTIMATE BINJIN receipt. Have a happy and blessed 2021, everyone. The best is yet to come. In God's time. Looking back..
  6. Knetz are ecstatic and happy for them. You may find their comments in the korean media articles and almost are positive about the news of them dating.
  7. Exactly. His behavior is actually the BIGGEST RECEIPT BinJin nation ever had. The comparisons were not meant to disrespect his other co-stars but to show how different he was around Ye Jin. And we are talking about the behind the scenes not the drama itself. So the comparisons are inarguably impartial.
  8. Since yesterday's confirmation, I can't stop browsing for new updates. I can't bring down my phone and rewatch their vids together. Hahaha. I'm still waiting for Bin's fan letter, which I think will drop another bomb in our nation. Hahaha. Marriage announcement? Maybe. Hahaha. He might be thinking of posting it on Ye Jin's birthday.
  9. Indeed, they were giving hints and we are receiving it very positively. They must be in a very serious stage in their relationship right now that Ye Jin, who 'was' scandal free for 20 years, confirmed her first relationship publicly. That says something. I can hear wedding bells!
  10. FINALLY!!! THE NEWS THAT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS CLOY SHIPPERS! I think they agreed to release it that they are dating for 8 months only since they have denied around Feb 2020. Anyways, I am so happy!!! Huhuhu! Exactly. Dispatch is protecting them. So now, who said Hyun Bin was so cold around Baeksang awards last June 2020? HAHAHAHA!!!!
  11. Question: Why am I seeing so many edited wedding pics of BinJin today? As in most of my followed BinJin accounts have their own edits and captions. Is it because some anonymous people appeared last week saying that BinJin will be married this week? I'm just curious. Hahaha.
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