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  1. 1 minute ago, MayanEcho said:


    Karmic laws do catch up with them. Being immortal doesn't mean they live forever either. They can still lose their lives, and be reborn at either lesser or greater status than they used to be.


    If you've seen TMPOB, Sujin escaped a lot of punishments due to her connivance with the present Tianjun. 

    Yeah I agree, bai qian is a high goddess that’s she was able to punish her but how about those low status immortals or mortals , too bad . 

  2. 6 minutes ago, MayanEcho said:


    Drama POV, the punishments meted to Sujin were of celestial laws. Initially her use of witchcraft alone would have her reincarnated as an animal. But she was excused on that and was sent to Ruoshui to guard the Eastern Bell containing Qing Cang instead as what Bai Qian demanded.


    When the old ghost realm Lord was breaking free, Sujin didn't ask help from Jiuchongtian which was her obligation as a guard. Thus, only Yehua fought Qing Cang and Bai Zhen against the ghost soldiers, while the rest were shielding the weakened Dong Hua and injured Feng Jiu.


    In 3L3W, Buddha belongs to another realm, and you can say somewhat equal to Dong Hua and Mo Yuan.

    So these immortals will never be punished unless if they were been suspected... that’s not good 

  3. 1 hour ago, MayanEcho said:


    Well, an Emperor is hardly expected to cook in the first place...whatever reasons he had for such awful cooking, he found someone who could eat his sweet and sour fish. ^_^



    In the 3L3W universe, an immortal is not supposed to interfere during a trial of another immortal so as not to change the story in his book of fate. 


    The deity who uses magic in the mortal realm suffers from backfire, or will later be punished for it during ascension via lightning and karmic fires. In TMOPB, Si Ming cautioned Hua when he used magic to save Bai Qian from falling into the river. In ELOD, Feng Jiu was ill enough to vomit blood after she joined the battle at the border and used magic to save Song Xuan Ren.


    Su Jin had hurt Bai Qian by her lies, and instances of attempted murders. She would be later punished for acts of sorcery and falsely implicating Yuan Zhen, biological grandchild of Tianjun, then further on expelled from being a celestial again after Ye Hua died.

    Thank you . But about sujin is that heaven’s punishment or just a punishment coming from yehua and/or from heavenly emperor ?
    heaven’s punishment I’m referring to those above the 9heavens like Buddha or Brahma .  

  4. I have a question . When ye hua hurt susu during her trials, is it also part of what was written on her trial? does he need to act like a cruel person to her and doesn’t he control his actions? 
    I am wondering if it is the same with the people who hurted susu during her trial like sujin ?

    so for the trial, they were sent to mortal realms to be reborn, the parents that raised them are they still blood related to them? Like song xuanren from pillow book

  5. 1 hour ago, MayanEcho said:


    There is a timeframe** for the trials in their book of fate. When the two people separate, it's because their time together is over, or the person's part in the trial has been fulfilled. Like story plots, it's how the love trial plays out from beginning to its end. (**From the way Si Ming was prodding Feng Jiu in TMOPB and ELOD, when he refers to particular times something must take place.)


    In 3L3W drama adaptations, Bai Qian's trial involves Ye Hua while she was a mortal. It is inevitable that they had to separate as Su Su and Ye Hua, so that Bai Qian can ascend to high goddess and regain the immortal state locked by Qing Cang. 


    That is why Consort Lexu raged to Bai Qian that whatever happened and experienced during her love trial, should not be begrudged against Ye Hua as Bai Qian did when she regained her memories. What Ye Hua did wrong at that time she was Su Su were parts and parcel for her ascension. 


    What complicated it between Ye Hua and Bai Qian was that she had to experience her love trial with her fated beloved. Even Ye Hua had his doubts, whether he was just that, the love trial, or they have eternal love.


    For Dong Hua in TMOPB, Feng Jiu had to make him taste the bitterness of betrayal by the one he loves the most while he was Emperor Song. Her "indiscretion" with Emperor Song's son would have led to her execution; hence, that would supposedly "separate" her from him after giving him immense heartache, except he literally died of the heartache.


    In ELOD, Feng Jiu had to stay in the mortal realm with Song Xuan Ren due to her interference that led to changes in the story. Since she has to replace the person with whom he would experience unrequited love, she would have to betray him and then leave him in keeping to the book of fate Si Ming wrote for the mortal incarnation of Dong Hua.




    @UnluckyWhiteCat if I find something I'll let you know. The additional details and the footnotes are very much appreciated...the dissection can be done later. :D

    So the love trial is beyond your control what is happening to you because it is all written down ? 
    yeah just hard to understand if it what they have is love trial or eternal love 

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  6. 20 minutes ago, MayanEcho said:


    The heavenly trials in 3L3W are for the immortal to ascend into a more capable being. Three lightnings for an immortal to be a deity, then heavenly trials for high deity status. The heavenly trials can be anything - in Bai Qian's case, hers was a relationship trial. 


    About the person on trial to restore peace in all realms, that would be, IMO, an if.  If he's on trial to give him the strength in character, correct judgment in assessing situations, and cultivation to carry through later on for his purpose of existing. 

    I didn’t know there is deity and high deity status. Thank you 

    28 minutes ago, MayanEcho said:


    The heavenly trials in 3L3W are for the immortal to ascend into a more capable being. Three lightnings for an immortal to be a deity, then heavenly trials for high deity status. The heavenly trials can be anything - in Bai Qian's case, hers was a relationship trial. 


    About the person on trial to restore peace in all realms, that would be, IMO, an if.  If he's on trial to give him the strength in character, correct judgment in assessing situations, and cultivation to carry through later on for his purpose of existing. 

    Does the love trial always end in tragedy ? 

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  7. On 10/23/2020 at 7:51 AM, omiki said:

    It’s nice to see that people are still watching this very enjoyable drama. Well, it’s been more than two years since I watched this. Let me see if I can recall. There are several types of “trials” or sufferings that they may have to go through, eg. sickness, disability, death of a loved one, etc. BQ’s trial was to suffer from her love for someone, thus it is called a ‘love trial’. So the idea is that if you survive the ‘trial’, you will emerge stronger and more powerful, and achieve a higher ‘level’ of your cultivation. Hope that helps! Enjoy the rest of the drama :)

    Thank you . But can an immortal undergoes love trial ? For susu , she became a mortal and then she undergoes a love trial . But how about immortal ? What if they die from the love trial?  what will happen ? Isn’t that still useless? Who is deciding for their trial? 

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  8. On 3/8/2017 at 1:57 AM, omiki said:

    It's like levelling up in a computer game. To get to the next job level, you have to complete some tasks or missions. You can ask your higher level Friend to help you play your character eg. to take down the boss. SY/BQ was supposed to have been able to predict this if she had been serious in her studies/training. As for when you level up, I think it depends on your own ability. Eg. YH did it when he was only 20,000 years old as opposed to SY at 70,000 years old. I don't think it was mentioned if the rest of the disciples achieved Shang Xian status yet but I don't think so. MY blocked her when the lightning struck, so I suppose the lightning just strikes at the person's position but it does not matter who was actually struck. Yes, one can die if one is not able to take it. 

    The next level is for Shang Shen, and for BQ's case, she had to overcome the Qing Jie, which means love trial. I think it is different for different people and it was mentioned that since she was born in a prestigious family, her life was smooth (as compared to other xian) so it was not unexpected that hers would be the love trial.

    Ying Jie means to succumb to the trial, ie. be unable to overcome it, usually die. But in DH's case, he just lost 90% of his powers, but did not die. Maybe he's powerful like that. 

    What is the purpose of love trial ? Why do they have to go through that ?

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  9. On 1/28/2020 at 8:31 PM, Bojun said:

    I"m definitely very late for party but hoping my questions will still be replied to. We discovered Ashes of Love slightly over two weeks ago in Netflix. We don't know why but Netflix has recommended it many times but we were giving it a past until that fateful day when we finally decided to watch it. We've always like fantasy especially fantasy involving gods and had no idea that Ashes of Love was one. This is our first time watching c-drama and we were definitely not disappointed. Me and my wife had no prior knowledge that it was based on a book nor were we aware of the various "dramas" that apparently occurred during filming. I believe this was for the best because we had no expectation how the drama was supposed to run. Overall we are very satisfied with the drama but we did notice some of the supporting characters seem to have too much screen time. I will not comment on this as this has been discussed too many times already. I'm surprised people are saying Yang Zi is not fit to play the role of JinMi because she is not beautiful enough. I've checked out how all the actresses in the drama looks like in real life and while one or two might be considered more beautiful than Yang Zi, IMHO they will not fit the role of JinMi. Yang Zi's facial features, sunny disposition and overall charisma are perfect for JinMi and combine that with her acting prowess and we have a winner. Another thing I liked was the very strong on screen chemistry between Yang Zi and Deng Lun. My favorite episodes were 60 to 63. The emotional ride was almost too much and almost brought me to tears. JinMi's marriage escape, the revelation of true love via the heart changing stone, the lets make a fresh start moments, JinMi's death (the scene of everyone crying in the Floral realm was painful) , Xufeng's suffering and quest to find JinMi's primordial spirit, the Floral Fairies commanding all the plants to assist in finding JinMi's primordial spirit, Xufeng's joy and pain again after JinMi materialize from his tear and dies again and the Floral realm's sadness on failing to secure JinMi's primordial spirit. The ending was satisfactory but even one JinMi Xufeng moment would have made it better. 

    Most of my questions have been answered after reading all 83 pages of this thread but I have a few more questions and thoughts.

    1. Is the Elder Demon similar in position and power to Lord Doumu? Lord Doumu seem like a higher level god in the Heavenly realm.

    2. What is the significance of the pendant that the old man (later found to be the Elder Demon) in the mortal realm gave Liaoyuan? Liaoyuan died without even using the pendant to obtain the favor(?) on the old man. Honestly the giving of the pendant does not make any sense to me and I'm thinking could this have anything to do with the changes in the script that was somehow overlooked?

    3. I noticed a continuity error in the cave scene when JinMi successfully resurrected Xufeng. JinMi's tear fell on Xufeng's cheek but JinMi's was already sitting near Xufeng's stomach.

    4. People have debated on the rightness and wrongness of Xufeng bringing JinMi into the battle and someone gave a couple of scenario's on what could potentially happen. I would like to add another one. Xufeng leaves JinMi in the safety of the palace but decides later on to go to the battlefield and subsequently die. I believe regardless of the scenario JinMi is fated to die and in my opinion Lord Doumu gave JinMi the essence ashes because she already knows that JinMi will sacrifice herself to stop the war. What is the point of giving JinMi the essence ashes to remove the so called "doom" if her supreme act does not stop the war? If Xufeng dies and she kills herself then what happens to their love story? I guess people will say if it is the will of heaven then at a certain place and certain point in time they will meet again. But that is another story right? 

    I'm in the process of re-watching the drama to make sure I did not miss any detail. This time I will skip the episodes I did not like. As parting words I tried watching Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms but I just can't connect with it. The chemistry between the leads seem off for me. I'll probably watch it in the future for the sake of watching but not with the same sense of urgency as Ashes of Love.   


    Can you please tell me about this will of heaven? So everything is fated to happen and jinmi is fated to die for the peace of six realms?

  10. 12 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:

    Why heartbroken over AOL? The ending is happy.


    You will probably like Love and Redemption. Love & Destiny has happy ending also. For happy contemporary drama, Dating in the Kitchen.



    Every phoenix has only one such feather so it is not given away easily. It is very powerful and can protect the wearer which was why Xu Feng gave it to Jin Mi.


    Her mother foresaw she would lose her life because of her love life i.e. Xu Feng. I think it is also true the other way round. Because of her, he went through so many agonies.


    I think it was sort of a gradual process while she was his servant. She's very innocent and he's protective of her.

    Ok thank you. I had the idea the importance of Phoenix feather but no idea that it is the only one. Is it true jimni and xufeng has two children ? I read the comment from somewhere that the boy is water while the daughter is fire. 
    do you know the story of moon immortal ? I heard he has only one tail? Why he was not killed by his brother when his brother usurp the throne? 

  11. On 8/1/2017 at 6:59 PM, frostflower14 said:


    Totally agree they should leave the ending exactly as it is it the book.

    During the rice cake party, my theory is Xu Feng knew which rice cake had 500 years because it was his own power in it and kept it for Jin Mi. But since she is forgetful, he made her stick to her end of the bargain just to teach her not to forget her promises to him.

    Hope they include the epilogue where Jin Mi is disappointed that her son turned out to be an egret (white heron), cause she would rather he be a Phoenix or something fearsome like a hawk. She is water and Xu Feng is a bird so their son ends up as a water bird.

    There's also an epilogue where Xu Feng is angry that Jin Mi is not demanding he transfer her some divine power like she does EVERY NIGHT. It's a measure of how much he loves her that he's willing to give her his power and to him it's a measure of how much she relies on him.

    Where can I read the epilogue about wanting to transfer the divine power ? I read the four chapters of epilogue, there is nothing. 

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  12. 22 minutes ago, kboramint said:


    Of course, GH still loves YR. A Widow/Widower isn't going to stop loving their deceased wife or husband. That's how people still remember them.


    It is selfish, because after 5 years... MJ, GW, and SW have become a loving family but that doesn't mean they don't have flaws. MJ has already explained why she wanted to divorce GW but has stated that she no longer wants to because she loves him. She didn't deny that she was looking to divorce. Also, through the POV of YR, we have learned that GW does love MJ. It's also shown in flashbacks. YR would be the first person to say that their marriage is loveless. Also, there is no evidence that GW wants to separate from MJ. You can't say MJ and GW's marriage is loveless, if there is no evidence of it.


    I do know what a homewrecker is. YR becomes a homewrecker if she breaks up a family that had their ups and downs for five years. 


    Look, I get that this a K-drama and you are trained to think that the two main leads are OTP and that you want OTP moments but sometimes K-dramas have to be more realistic.     

    Okay, I understand what you’re saying.. in reality, there is nothing like reincarnation.. so this drama is about healing and moving on. So what’s gonna happen to Yuri? 

  13. Do you think GH is still in love with YR? 


    9 hours ago, kboramint said:


    So, you want Yuri to become a home-wrecker and take away the mother that raised SW. Haven't you forgotten that SW thinks MJ is her mother. Have you forgotten that GW grew to love MJ, and that they all became a family despite MJ not being a birth mother. That's not a happy ending at all. It's selfish.    



    I never thought about this but Yuri could end up being a grim reaper. We might find out that Guk-Bong came back from the dead as well which is why he knew Yuri came back from the dead. Which is also why he knew SW can see ghosts. 


    Okay, I have a new theory. Guk-Bong and Yuri have something in common. That they both came back from the dead. Neither are human or ghost. The end to this drama is that Yuri takes over his job. Either that or become the Inn-Keeper for Hotel Del-Luna. 

    How am I that selfish ? It’s obvious that MJ and GH are not happy together. Before YR came, MJ thought of divorcing him. MJ deserved a praise for raising SW. Imagine staying in a loveless marriage, I want MJ to have a happy ending. I mean finding a guy who will love her, but still has a good relationship with SW and YR. I don’t want YR become a HOMEWRECKER. I want her to have a good ending. How can everyone moved on when GH is still in love with YR? Do you know what it is a Home wrecker is ? A woman who tried to destroy someone else’s family. YR is not doing something to destroy MJ’s marriage with GH or sabotaging her. MJ and GH’s marriage is loveless. The marriage won’t survive if only one is in love with the other. It should be mutual.. 



    noun: home wrecker
    1. a person who is blamed for the breakup of a marriage or family, especially due to having engaged in an affair with one member of a couple.
  14. Happy ending for Yuri and ganghwa.... MJ will divorce ganghwa since she realize he still in love with YR.. please. I don’t want YR end up as a ghost... or happy ending for YR. I know this is crazy but I want YR and GH together...


    On 3/29/2020 at 3:29 PM, Queen U said:

    I think, MJ might die and takes Yuri’s place. I hope it’s a happy ending. 

    What do you mean MJ will die and take YR place?

    MJ and Pil Seung together in the end.

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