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  1. Yejin SMART CF https://youtu.be/JzJIe8qtgME https://www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications/videos/1191976221167021/ Please watch, like and comment guys I'm hoping unnie will also post something too tonight^^
  2. It was when she gave her tomato present to him Congratulations to YJ once again! So proud of dedicated voters, from Starmometer to BAA to Kingchoice. Will there be another poll to vote? Hahaha
  3. After the denial, antis really work hard to downvote Jinnie...keep on voting guys^^ https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-beautiful-korean-actress-of-all-time-59.html?option=36800&fbclid=IwAR1GOVQ7zk2naQdNcCfze-E2XsxmtBugg8HdZAZo0HS3lHI3KMYIeQ6dIuc
  4. Why would her hair stylist use her photo as profile pic in her IG account about wedding? To gain followers? And Jinnie allowed it? Hahaha soooo many questions... It's been deleted though..
  5. If it's high-end I don't think I can afford it hahaha (if it's really what Jinnie will endorse)
  6. Keep on voting guys! https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-beautiful-korean-actress-of-all-time-59.html?option=36800&fbclid=IwAR1GOVQ7zk2naQdNcCfze-E2XsxmtBugg8HdZAZo0HS3lHI3KMYIeQ6dIuc SYJ got the most votes on both, antis really do their best aren't they? But ofc we can beat them
  7. Hi guys! Can someone DM me re HB whipped video? I just had glimpse of it ^^
  8. Glad this forum is back Compared to IG and Twitter, this is my go-to place when I need some enerJin and vitaBin hahaha
  9. Vote, vote, vote! https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-beautiful-korean-actress-of-all-time-59.html?option=36800&fbclid=IwAR1GOVQ7zk2naQdNcCfze-E2XsxmtBugg8HdZAZo0HS3lHI3KMYIeQ6dIuc
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