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  1. Yejin SMART CF https://youtu.be/JzJIe8qtgME https://www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications/videos/1191976221167021/ Please watch, like and comment guys I'm hoping unnie will also post something too tonight^^
  2. It was when she gave her tomato present to him Congratulations to YJ once again! So proud of dedicated voters, from Starmometer to BAA to Kingchoice. Will there be another poll to vote? Hahaha
  3. After the denial, antis really work hard to downvote Jinnie...keep on voting guys^^ https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-beautiful-korean-actress-of-all-time-59.html?option=36800&fbclid=IwAR1GOVQ7zk2naQdNcCfze-E2XsxmtBugg8HdZAZo0HS3lHI3KMYIeQ6dIuc
  4. Why would her hair stylist use her photo as profile pic in her IG account about wedding? To gain followers? And Jinnie allowed it? Hahaha soooo many questions... It's been deleted though..
  5. If it's high-end I don't think I can afford it hahaha (if it's really what Jinnie will endorse)
  6. Keep on voting guys! https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-beautiful-korean-actress-of-all-time-59.html?option=36800&fbclid=IwAR1GOVQ7zk2naQdNcCfze-E2XsxmtBugg8HdZAZo0HS3lHI3KMYIeQ6dIuc SYJ got the most votes on both, antis really do their best aren't they? But ofc we can beat them
  7. Hi guys! Can someone DM me re HB whipped video? I just had glimpse of it ^^
  8. Glad this forum is back Compared to IG and Twitter, this is my go-to place when I need some enerJin and vitaBin hahaha
  9. Vote, vote, vote! https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-beautiful-korean-actress-of-all-time-59.html?option=36800&fbclid=IwAR1GOVQ7zk2naQdNcCfze-E2XsxmtBugg8HdZAZo0HS3lHI3KMYIeQ6dIuc
  10. I think it's a different dress. She's so pretty in white YJ unnie keeps on posting videos, maybe that's her thing these days and next she'll try on IG stories or maybe IG live heheh
  11. Maybe in the future they will join forces together hahahaha Can't wait to see YJ new CF and the photoshoots/interview along with it (plus she would be saying "Mahal ko kayo" too^^)
  12. It will be a never-ending process as long as CLOY is on Netflix. New people will watch it, new ones will be their fans, new shippers will be born hahaha
  13. We need to talk to her and ask what does she know about BinJin hahaha (just kidding) Honestly, her liking spree gives us hope somehow, I just hope that she doesn't receive DMs asking about BinJin I'm so annoyed rn at our local courier, I ordered CLOY OST album and it was reported as a lost parcel! I waited almost a month for nothing
  14. Can you take me back to their TN era? Gosh I really miss them And these past days that no news or sightings about them doesn't help at all. @Baylack I'm so sad that some people misunderstood YJ unnie's personality, but I'm glad LMH and HB saw her true personality. Well, that was 2010, so I hope this time she won't be misjudged by her soon to be co-workers.
  15. I feel like she has already plans for the remaining months of this year I'm so happy for YJ unnie, I also like Sam Worthington and his movie choices. I haven't seen any films directed by Andrew Niccol but based on his Wikipedia profile, he made good films tackling different issues, though he's into fictional setting? Do you think this will be an all-English film?
  16. Happy 1000+ pages everyone Cheers to more pages^^ Sometimes I do! I feel like I'm watching a real couple and I'm invading their privacy hahaha I really feel like that scene of NIS watching RJH-YSR moments especially the mirroring part was taken from real life. I know BinJin is aware that they are mirroring each other (for most of the time it's HB!) I wonder who is behind that IG account hahaha she's a shipper too^^ I hope her likes means something deeper and not just giving us false hopes.
  17. I love how supportive GHJ is (that's why she's also my favorite actress), they knew each other very well. I also believe she has found her match with HB. In their Swoon couch interview they both shared views about traveling, among a lot of other things. It's so hard to find your soulmate, glad they've found each other
  18. The reply can be misinterpreted by some fans though...for sure it's about her CF with them (but it's okay to dream right?)
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