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  1. Okay so she likes all those Binjin photos from BAA, but she also likes that photo from TN days... Woaaaa Yejin-ssi you make me smiling non stop Can someone who has been following SYJ since long time ago tell me when the last time she liked many many fan posts like this was?
  2. Guys! Do you see my tears of happiness? I’m flailing flailing flailing~~~~~
  3. By this, are you saying SYJ deserves someone better than HB??? What are you doing here in the thread for BinJin shippers??? I told myself not to be bothered by those new members that keep posting doubt thoughts and worries here but then I can’t stand this. What you are saying is really mean to HB! Also, what if she prefers that her true love doesn’t tell the world that he loves her yet, not until they announce their marriage? SYJ has been known for someone who never shared anything about her love life because she wants people to recognize her work and not her dating scandals. In the past, HB always confirmed his relationships to public, so he is not someone who is afraid to do so.
  4. Love that moment when HB said « we » while tilting his head toward SYJ who was smiling timidly. Oh my heart!
  5. Woww so beautiful flowers! And she posted in english too, because she knows that lots of international fans following her, how sweet Thank you so much too, Yejin-ssi, for your hard work and for everything
  6. What you have been saying until now are your opinions, why claiming them as facts or reality? My opinions are only positive ones. I see your ship is sinking, but my ship is sailing smoothly. I don’t think we are on the same ship
  7. Oh well, I don’t see any upset expression on HB’s face, that’s the same serious face when he checked whether there was no obstacle on the ground where YJ standing or mic on her chair during the Negotiation promo period.
  8. Thank you @celest1al for the translation! SYJ said it herself. They were observing us! Everybody, I repeat! They were observing us! Why in my mind I have the image of our Binjin together on the sofa browsing SNS and other fansites to update the voting results hahaha I hope that this Popularity Award can bring warmth, strength and motivation to Binjin.
  9. Hey hey Yejin-ssi and Bin-ssi! I saw you guys! Those quick glances followed by those smiles! Oh my heart!!! Thank you guys for sharing all these photos/videos
  10. Hello everybody! This is my first time posting here I’ve known PHJ for a long time, since the East Of Eden and My love from the star drama but didn’t really learn about him, but I did find him charming. I was really impressed with him in CITT and sad with the ending and how they didn’t give him enough aired times at the end of the drama. Recently, I finished reading the webtoon, and then decided to re-watch the drama. I was having that sadness about the ending of this drama again! Since I cannot move on from that, I need more PHJ dose, I then watched Man to Man. Wow! Love it so much. Now I’m on ep10 of Forest I think PHJ is a really talented actor and he has great warm personality too. So yeah, just wanna say some words here to express my support for this great actor and say hi to you all (sorry about my english, I don’t speak it really well).
  11. So finally I watch the episodes of « Master in the house » which had Son Ye Jin as guest. Wow I really love it, such a nice and fun show that made me laugh a lot, and help me learn a lot more about SYJ. I think her personality is really close to Seri’s. So I made a little recap here on facts about SYJ shared in this show (by others or by herself): Thanks to the English Sub by Kshow123. —Shared by her close friend Gong Hyo Jin— - SYJ is amazing at taking initiatives. - She is stronger than anyone else and never gets tired. She is the perfect boyfriend material. - For her, honesty is very important. She doesn’t like over-exaggerating. - She becomes very competitive when it comes to games. She’s Queen of Games! (This makes me think about the Ping Pong game with HB ) —By looking at her house— - She has pretty handwriting. - She lighted scented candle in the house. - She is an artistic person: A lot of paintings and flowers in the house. - Her house is very tidy and neat. —Shared by SYJ herself— - She confirms that she loves playing games a lot and really hates losing. She will keep playing until she wins! - She used to be very shy, but after working and meeting with a lot of people in a long time, she’s become more open minded and isn’t scared to be looked at anymore. - She is really strict about keeping promises. - She loves flowers and arranged all flowers in the house by herself. (This makes me think about the ending scene of CLOY ❤️) - She likes planning. She prefers going on trip fully prepared and really enjoying it than going without plan. - She’s been with the same agency from her debut until now (20 years), been coming to the same gym for more than 10 years and going to the same hairdresser for more than 16 years. - She’s got the TRX license for about 9 years already! After watching this show, I must say that she’s such a precious person. She can make you flutter the moment she appears with her eye smile (yes yes HB-ssi, I know I shouldn’t be fooled by that). She makes you respect her, but at the same time she’s really friendly, fun and nice. She’s also humble, modest and sweet. It’s episode 46 and 47 if anyone is interested. You can google these full english subbed episodes easily.
  12. For me it was the « Couch Talk » video where HB kept looking at SYJ and they looked so comfy and happy next to each other in that video
  13. You’re right, the eyes see what it wants to see sorry guys for my delulu mind, I think I’m so hungry for BinJin’s updates that’s why
  14. In my opinion his hand was in between her hand and her waist? (Sorry if I’m wrong) I don’t know how to insert this GIF image that can show better. here’s the link: https://imgur.com/a/Bcl8r17
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