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  1. I mean you have to sell that $1000 coat somehow
  2. What's weird about this show is that everybody portrays the doctor as a cold person. The son says she never spends time with him, the husband complains to the mistress that she is pretentious, and everybody seems to not like her for some reason. Maybe there is more going on to her personality then it seems, or is it just me? I will say that the way the show paints the husband, and literally everybody that she knows, except for the psychiatrist, makes me think that this is going to have some sort of Shakespeare-level of revenge were everybody dies in the end.
  3. This is going to be even crazier as time passes. The husband is spoiled rotten enough (or maybe narcissistic enough) to actually believe that he could love both women. I would believe he could love his mistress, but him hurting his wife is so completely against any concept of love that I can understand. And I'm surprised she still even talks to her "friend" like nothing happens; taking advice from her like she ever cared. I'm already getting an adrenaline rush thinking about how she is going to get revenge on everybody. Every single mother-in-law or elderly person in these types of shows seem to have the most selfish/spoiled requests ever heard, but I had an aneurysm when she told her it was her fault.
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