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  1. Please! Thank you. something to brighten up your day! More smiling, less fighting! k.Bye.
  2. My playlist is loaded with new songs! mostly coming from binjin FMV. Bless you shippers with all your talent. This ahjumma still amaze, how you guys so quick making those clip! keep going!
  3. How can we move on from cloy! Well how can i move on from cloy. binjin nations are the most creative human being. We can build our own production house i guess. Lols!!
  4. Personally, I never like golf and never understood the idea of golf apart form golfing is one of the way to entertain client and get the contract agreement done easly, but for sport? I’m out! But seems like this lady did not agree with me Anyway, You can see me in this pict. I’m behind her, no, not the guy. The green one above the aircond. Yep! That's me
  5. And she didn’t check their chat group to wear black, coz her friends wearing black. Oh wait maybe she did. She just want to wear matching colour with her boyfriend. This is what happenend when we eat too much candies gurl @Ri Se Ri hahaha!!
  6. But first let us crash tcchandler by vote for them, just like we crasch tik tok app. The tiktok ahjumma is back now!! Binjin these days glowing than ever, i thought my lpad brightness was too bright! Oh no! It’s their glow. ok. Too much binjin candies for to day. p.s maybe this FMV has been posted on the previous pages, maybe i missed it. Let me know and i wil delete it. This one is my current “on repeat”. Have a look! And try not to smile. cheers X
  7. Dear lovely shoppers, Take a moment to read this tweet! If we keep arguing who is more rich, more popular, more powerfull, more superior day by day don’t you think it’s tiring. And It will never reach the finish line coz both of em are amazing and equal. Period. What we wrote here might influence those shippers from instagram and twitter. So, let’s build a healthy discussions. By not comparing. This place should be our happy pills. That is why it called “binjin paradise” since the first place. Cheers X ps. Midnight blue and gold are my thing now..
  8. Shippers, I think from to day on we all have to agree that We don”t need to over analyze, over thinking, and put any doubt on this ship. We just have to enjoy the candies that the media give for us. No need digging too much information. That probably will lead us to the wrong direction. Everything is just there. secure and safe. Me personally, could just rest this case here. I don’t even Need the announcement coz first, they don’t have the obligation to do that. We don’t own them. But Since, i have so much free time and binjin content is my happy pills so i might visit here once in while to read your amazing thought. Last, Just a friendly reminder if this thread reach 2000 pages we have to start all over again. I THINK, we need to safe some space for new Content from them, which i think will be more and more In the future. so kindly avoid posting something that has been posted by the previous member. PS. To day i’m smiling from ear to ear. I hope you all too. cheers!! X
  9. Apologize if double post. Haven’t check previous pages. https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/heres-hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-actually-compatible-according-astrology/ x #binjindestiny
  10. Agreed! clearly they are not her fans. Maybe from other shipper. If they are SYJ fans they can see it, that At the BAA couple days ago, she looks radiant and glowing more than ever! She always looks gorgeous (don’t get me wrong) but there is something different this time. And look at her eyes. That’s the eyes of woman in love and drown in a pool of happiness. Well, we all know the reasons behind it. Me personally and any other women in this planet will act the same as she does. @sussieh LOUDER sis! So people at the back can hear you! Sorry for my repeat mode with the following: LET’S BE PATIENT, LET’S IGNORE TROLLERS (and jealous spies from other ships LOL), and important... LET’S SHIP RESPONSIBLY. Just STOP saying HB look this and SYJ look that. They are exist in this world not to fulfill our expectation. They are not our property and yes ( somebody said this few pages back) they did not owe us anything. I repeat, they did not owe us anything. They could just attend the BAA, except the trophy, continue their life and ignoring us but they don’t! Keep saying we are this we are that, wearing the same brand with macthing colours, took a pic with one trophy. SYJ posted a flowers from her fans intead of the trophy, thanking us and acknowledge our effort. I Think thats more than enough. So, dear all haters and other shippers from other fandom. You better leave coz this is not your home. cheers! Happy monday.
  11. Yesss! Chemistry is something that we can not fake. Imagine this, you are sitting iniside the aircarft waiting the rest of the passanger to board into the aircraft. The passenger's coming and keep coming. And then you see this man and woman walking toward your seat. She walk first and he followed. Behind them there are some people also walking in the query. This man and woman don’t talk to each other and you don’t see them also at the gate. So you have no idea who they are. But you instantly knew they are couple, just by seeing Them. Later you find out you are right. I don’t know about you guys, but i experience this many times. The body language speak louder than what mouth can tell. Coz chemistry is something we can feel not we see.
  12. To those who think this forum turn into YeJin thread, maybe you're new.. First I like to say welcome to binjin paradise. Hundred pages back, i’m one of the member who constantly keep posted about HB. His new cf, his food truck, he had lunch, another cf, another cf, another food truck, another lunch. And not even one member saying this forum turn into HB thread. Until i am the one who recognize it by my own self that i think a little bit too much of HB crumbs here then i stop sending HB update. But still other member keep update about him. While from ye jin nothing. Like nothing. But not even single person complaint about too much HB on this thread. at the moment, we are still celebrating the hype of BAA. So let it be.. it will gone until we back into hiatus status from both of em. and so far i did not see too much yejin. Or less HB, or too much Hb or less yejin here. So chills, everybody here I can tell loves them equally. Cheers!
  13. To those who questioned why BINJIN wore RL. And want them wore something more “fancier” then “just” RL. Where other part of the world still suffer with covid situation, i adore BINJIN even more with they “only” wear RL this year. and they DID the right thing. And this is the type of celebrity couple that i really wanted to see, esp on the red carpet event. Humble, low key, but you can not denie the expensive and classy vibes. Royal couple vibes. BRAVO! some shippers spotted, gong hyo jin wear burberry* suzy wear dior* IU wear gucci* BUT they are the ambasador (please corect me if i’m wrong) of that brand. And fact SYJ earing cost $58.900. What kind of fancier thing we wanted to see from YJ. I couldn’t find her dress on the web since it’s last years collection, but some said it cost $8000. So if this is not fancy enough to some people than i don’t know what fancy is then. I always watch red carpet event for the last 15 years, i even get more excited with the red carpet than the award show it self. So my conclusion BINJIN wore RL is a jackpot to me. And No! I’m not delusional. So no one paid attention why YJ wore last year collection? k.bye. @lololo we all know who that person is. Thank you
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