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  1. I think it's also because Zheyan might be a more fun drinking buddy . He might have a lot of stories to tell. I don't drink either but my daughter said we're going to drink on her birthday .
  2. Right? . I don't think I can watch any dramas the same way again. . I'd drink Zhe Yan. I think it's more interesting living in Qingqiu. As for the 2nd question, I'll have to wait for Mo Yuan's story. . Great idea, i might just do this.
  3. I'm using a tablet, I'm not sure if the image will show. But i love Xiaoyan's expression when Meng Shao was describing Fengjiu as a pure and innocent fairy. https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/410672059776955757/
  4. That's why I can't get over them. Love, love, love our DongFeng couple. The fact that the actor and actress were outstanding in their performances and their chemistry make it more lovable
  5. He was probably thinking of kissing her (at the least ) then but Fengjiu exercised strong self-control . Otherwise Gungun would be much older
  6. People who don't get their hands dirty are scarier, I think. They look sweet and nice while they talking to you but they have someone to stab you at the same time.
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