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  1. I like that in the drama we can hear Dijun's thoughts and pov. I think a major turning point is at the end of ep 30. I think he had an epiphany there. I think that's the first time we heard one of his deep thoughts. I'm trying to put myself in his shoes. Dijun didn't have a family so I'm pretty sure he hasn't experienced being taken care of or being showered with affection. Yes, he did have friends while growing up but it's not quite the same. Having lived for thousand of years, most revered him and are even afraid of him. None probably thought he needs anyone or anything. I highly doubt they showed care as genuinely as Fengjiu does. So, for the first time he's experiencing how it is to be 'loved' without any strings attached. And je probably realized how starved he is of affection and likes the feeling. Let's be honest, he's milking the situation because he knows his Xiaobai loves showering him with love and affection . And let's face it, everything is so much sweeter when you're getting pampered by someone who loves you and someone you love. It can't get any better than that. For the record, this is the longest I've written on any discussion board and on a more serious note too. . I'm not used to it .
  2. You're absolutely right! But can we have atleast one anyway? Haha, I'm just being a greedy, stubborn brat.
  3. Sorry, I didn't feel anything...unlike V&R's. Even their kiss on the nose or the nose to nose kiss is more electrifying
  4. Haha, don't remind me ... I wonder if they filmed that scene at all or totally skipped that.
  5. I've seen a clip of vid before but I wasn't sure if it was photoshop or what. Now, I'm even more disappointed . I mean, really, I wasn't expecting their scene to be like this or the fan art floating around the web , but a kiss on bare shoulder and then he blanket would suffice...but then again, might not Will we be ever satisfied if we see them passionately kissing or more on screen, even once? I highly doubt it
  6. how come these words don't comforting at all... someday soon, I'll accept reality...I guess ..
  7. I've been trying to watch anything else to not miss Dijun & Fengjiu/GuangRe couples, but no such luck. Yup, talk about addicted and obsessed. I might need to attend an ELOD/V&R Anonymous
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