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  1. Oh wow - 604 pages already!! I refresh this thread all the time - I am very thankful to be able to come here to follow my heart about BinJin, and grateful to you dedicated shippers who make this thread such a humming and interesting place. I just wanted to add a couple of comments after feeling slightly uneasy about some earlier posts. The last few pages have been heaps of fun - yay we have men - we have 30 year olds - and we have 60 year olds! I'm 59 so almost one of those and so happy to be here with you all. Binjin2Ri About the comments under the Dukhu TV girls analysis of CLOY BTS - when I watched it I was very sure they were (guardedly) implying they were together. However asked point blank to put their opinion in writing, being Korean, do you think they might err on the side of politeness to the couple? Knowing the potential impact on them if they were quoted? Just thinking they're clued in to that K-ent culture in a way many of their commenters and questioners aren't. They also have a reputation to protect - not wanting to be seen as gossip peddlars. And about the SYJ instagram pic.Anyone who has ever tried to do one of those 10 second phone self-photos knows how hard it is. She looks AMAZING!! She's composed, she has her hands in the right place, and she's properly within the frame. She has that look on her face of trying hard to get it right, maybe after a few takes. I tried to do my own ID photo recently with that method. I have no words for how bad I looked - I think I did 100 takes. I would really hate for anyone to interpret and speculate about my life based on that photo. Like so many here I ONLY came here as a first time ever shipper based on a hunch about these two after watching CLOY. I believe they are a couple, that their interaction is mutual and equal, and they will marry. I just hope it's soon for all of our sakes. And I don't want to think about any other ending. Thankyou and goodnight
  2. SYJ said they're on the same boat. (6.17)..might that be a ship?? haha
  3. My dream would be to see them together in a period drama - one with lots of twists and turns where you never know whether it will work out in the end (a bit like this BinJin ship!!) but they make it in the end. Their beauty, the costumes, the stunning scenery, the interiors, the colours - it would be perfect. But the SYJ female character would stay true to her feisty self - not like some dramas where the female goes all wimpy and forgets that she ever had top-level martial arts skills and a brain as soon as she puts on a court dress. The HB character would be Captain Ri in hanbok...oh well, I can dream.....
  4. I read your post as rhetorical not offensive. It was obvious to me you totally support BinJin.
  5. If SYJ and friends drink so much beer how come they stay so freakin' thin, perfect and beautiful????
  6. Hi everyone - I don't post much because I can't keep up with all your amazing sleuthing abilities - but thank you so much for posting your informative, fun and funny posts so every morning there are about 3 pages to read!!!. Please stay well - this COVID experience is global, scary, we don't know what's happening. I'm in Australia - curious to know what other countries are represented here (thanks to Netflix for making K-drama so accessible). This is my first and probably last shipper experience - how can these two ever be topped? One thing I thought after reading a few posts here about how SYJ really has got Binnie in line - are they JinBin instead of BinJin? . I can't work out where the videos that were just posted 'coincidentally' together can be found.
  7. Annyeong! Thank you - I thought it was him embarrassed but they were embarrassed for the questioner aha OK...
  8. Hi - all you shippers. I'm new to all of this and this is my very first post. Sorry if a bit long. A few weeks ago I'd never heard of Hyun Bin or Son Ye Jin (how is this possible??). Reason because I only found Korean Netflix less than a year ago and was binge-watching hanbok dramas (I love the!!). I was running out of things to watch when I saw the reviews for CLOY. I just loved the whole thing; the story, the landscapes, the clothing, the entire cast and when I watched the last episode I was devastated - what to do with my life now?. Then off I go to look at BTS (never done any of this before) and I COULD NOT believe what I was seeing (eg the scene where Yejin is in the hospital bed) - was this a couple in love? Amazing friends like a brother/sister? I start looking around and discover a whole universe I knew nothing about called shipping... (I had to look up the meaning of shipping too ha ha). I am IN LOVE with this couple. After CLOY I watched Memories of Alhambra but I never wanted to see 'the man' with another woman!! (I'm not sure forum rules about names so I'm being cautious here) I wanted to switch off! I preferred watching him with his secretary ha ha :). Thank you for this fun forum. As a non-Korean I was hoping someone could help interpret this. In this video below an audience member asks a cheeky question about Min Tae Gu character's name which she pronounced "Kyu". (about 44.40) The English translation said it was a word for 'cute' but that didn't explain the reaction where YJ and the director fell about laughing and HB got so embarrassed he stood up and turned his back! I hope someone can enlighten. Sorry its a long post .
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