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  1. I'm delurking to support freedom of expression here. I would like to thank you all for creating this wonderful, positive space. I rarely post but I'm a silent, supportive reader (freedom of expression includes quietness too ). My Binjin support goes against what I usually do - I'm also ahjumma and I don't like being the 'product' for any apps or websites and basically that's what we are, especially free ones. Yet I did download TikTok for Baeksang voting, and was proud to be part of that effort. I've opted not to do any more voting - it's my choice not to do it - I respect anyone elses right
  2. Again there are people deliberately bringing in negative feelings - one who now has 12 similar posts has an obvious pattern of bringing up old news, and often brings a second person to post something similar. I'm mostly a silent reader (different from a lurker) because I can't keep up half the time with the pace of this forum, and so many people here have already said it way more knowledgeably and eloquently than I can. I thank all of you wonderful BinJin friends from all over the world who keep this a vibrant, happy and fun forum. We are united in a common goal to support BinJin. I get fru
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