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  1. Agree! At least we can be sure that they'll be together. Not from just her looking at his robe behind the carriage.
  2. Why did it end like that? They both deserve happiness!! Is this some kind of trick to make Season 2 happen?
  3. Agree, with so little episodes left I wonder how they're going to cram everything together. But still enjoying the beautiful cast (can't help but think Lei Ao is like a male version of Red Velvet's Seulgi XD).
  4. If her assistant posted this then I feel a bit hopeful but still, please let her and DYX and the whole cast and crew work together again!
  5. Been reading comments that ZLS might not be in Season 2! Please say it ain't true. Hurry up Tencent let us know what's going on, the suspense is killing me.
  6. The actor in SKKS is Micky Yoochun, and he was part of Dongbangshinki (DBSK) and later left the group to form JYJ with 2 other ex-DBSK members. He was one of the more popular members and had a huge fan base. That's probably why he was casted but now he's embroiled in scandals and is rather forgettable.
  7. I saw the Mediacorp production ages ago with my mom, and to this day I still remember the lyrics to the theme song. It was my favourite drama of all time (from Mediacorp) bar none. Can't really stop myself from comparing the original and the remake. I really loved the original and watched it many times, but felt that the part with Yue Niang's granddaughter and 2 boys fighting over her could have been left out. So was glad there was none of that in the remake. And am slso happy that the remake had Yue Niang and Chen Xi together at last! Yay! It's as though the remake was done just t
  8. Agree that the ML is sooooo good looking and the bed scene felt a bit flat, there was no tension between them at all. Ok @hush puppy you also think Le Xuan knows rite, that's why he egged the FL to go watch the meteor shower with ML on that deserted island. Maybe he hoped they'd fall in love but since she's still in male clothes... it'll take more than that. @hush puppy @WinCee the lipstick bothered me so much! Why can't she have bare lips? And her bangs, it's too feminine. Lol yes there's strands of red hair too. But I didn't notice her eye makeup XD. The
  9. Funny how viki didn't fight to get the director's cut, like when they did for Goodbye My Princess. Wish we could see all the sweet couple and family scenes that we've been robbed of. But if there's more JH scenes then by all means let those stay hidden forever!
  10. @Isrin haha there is one lonely lady in red in the poster. Hopefully it's our cute and bubbly 3rd princess
  11. Yes, Yu Le Xuan is Song JoongKi's character, while Lei Ao is Yoo Ah In's. I think Lei Ao has no idea either XD. I like both actors, they acted differently than the original but still acceptable and likable. Sorry for giving you spoilers Yes! So looking forward to the part where FL has to don courtesan outfit. Maybe then we'll see some changes in their brotherhood? Somehow I feel that the villain's sister who has a crush on the ML is more annoying here than the original.
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