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  1. Of course there’s no one on the passenger side. He just dropped her off and missed her already. Hence the song
  2. When we already prepared our fragile hearts anticipating an intense ending, it turned out to be so light and left us with good feelings. I am gonna rewatch this episode again and again! Btw kinda relieved that Lady Noh didn’t turn out to be JTE
  3. been a data analyst, I can say that seeing from this poll, HB will easily climb up to be #1
  4. The fact that KGE is a Chanel girl speaks a lot. I think the brand adores her talent, confidence, and natural beauty. Being a Chanel girl is the dream of all celebrities internationally.
  5. Yep and instead of JY, I guess it could be SJ who would sacrifice himself in the end. That kinda explains why he got so much scene and character exploration in the whole series.
  6. I guess maybe SJ will go along too? Because he cares about JTE and less likely he will let JTE just go by herself.
  7. Yes I saw them up to the stage together for the popularity award. Binjin fighting!!
  8. Is it now the awarding for movie or tv drama already? edit: just saw @GroceryShipper post above. Thanks!
  9. Is the tiktok live session done? Where can we watch what’s in the room now?
  10. I just rewatched that scene from ep 1 again and from what I could see it was only LG. I tried to figure another person there (either JY or SJ) but couldn’t. That’s LG’s posture and his long legs. Though I wish JY or SJ (or both) were there to team up with LG and that it may add a twist to that scene.
  11. I was wondering could LG’s doppelganger mom was actually his real mom? That’s why she was interested in SJ because she knew that SJ was LG’s childhood friend in the ROC?
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