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  1. Best NY news ever!!!! I’m so happy!!! The crumbs, guessing accompanied us through the pandemic and now it’s official. BRB I go cry at a corner.
  2. @QueenieBee agreed with what you said. There’s are some stuffs I need to rant. I came across several BJ shippers and also other Inetizens saying they do not understand why is dating a scandal when there are idols dating.There is NO NEED for you to understand because you choose to ship a couple or follow idols from KOREA and this is how Kent works. Take it or leave it. If your country support love team then good for you, why put your country standard on Kent? The KOREAN example quoted in that IG post was quite pointless based on what was stated. That couple were holdi
  3. Shippers, why not spend the debate time to create more IG accounts to vote for The Swoon best couple, actor/actress, ost, drama. Solo stans, why not spend the googling Wikipedia time to create more IG accounts to vote for The Swoon best actor/actress when they open the voting. Other ship shippers, why not spend the time to go and take a nap instead of stirring in BJ forum. Sorry no awards for you to vote. Maybe can vote for umm best OST?
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