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  1. wow guys! happy to have this back. i felt lost without it hahahaha!!!
  2. wow i wonder if this motorcycle CF is really for SMART or not! i'm surprised she was "allowed" to post it already even if it hasn't been released yet!!!
  3. hahaha this thought has crossed my mind too. glad to know im not the only one with these odd ways of thinking hahaha
  4. Given this drought, i won't be surprised if we will start analyzing all the luggage that was shown in the Jordan clip. Hahahahaha! Desperate times...
  5. this is giving me a headache too wish it could go back to the way it was before.
  6. HB & SYJ talk about their ideal type of woman and man. Love watching their old interviews!
  7. @hallyu why do i feel like i've never seen this clip before? it's different from the bts clips on Youtube isn't it????
  8. @binjinfighting i took a screenshot, is this the one you're talking about? it's a hard case, looks like a Rimowa definitely not the one we see HB with at the airport.
  9. @ElectricHearts now i'm curious at what you discovered! i always enjoy your analysis
  10. dispatch is giving me palpitations hahahahahahah! enough with the teasing
  11. i found the full video but its in Chinese: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV167411b7Hv?p=2&share_medium=iphone&share_plat=ios&share_source=COPY&share_tag=s_i&timestamp=1592389158&unique_k=ERaruf Anyone care to translate? hahaha! Also saw this on Instagram -->
  12. I just came across this and i'm not sure its been posted hmmm....and i wonder what holiday he went on
  13. This warmed my heart!!! So nostalgic! I miss CLOY <3 After seeing SSH in RJH's uniform just shows that i really cant imagine anyone else playing RJH except HB. He was perfect!!!
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