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  1. for me it’s the waffle date, how JSM praised JK and he’s avoiding direct eye contact, smile shyly. I was like, ok what is happening? Why JK act like that, it’s like he’s got nervous around his crush
  2. Okay okay i will lay down my wild imagination, but i think i will cry if jsm or jk announce they dating someone else, I’m waaaayy too invested in this loveline, hahaha
  3. Yeah i feel it too, but then again we don’t know what happens outside RM. I just hope JSM have skinship boundaries, maybe she’s overwhelmed by situation cz it’s YSC who gave her advice. But this whole situations not in favor for JK
  4. Anyone notice JK kind of distancing himself from JSM after JSM hug YSC. She should have some boundaries lah, i know it’s just business but if you see it from JK perspective.... well it’s not ideal situation if you have crush for someone right? every kookmin scene after that hug is always jsm approach jk first, I’m afraid it’s JSM herself that will ruin her love life Please Writer Joen
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