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  1. i asked bc I got worried your source was a sasaeng fan. Thank you for the info tho! And I’m sorry we seem aggressive towards you.
  2. they really brought this iconic couple to LIFE. I want them to work together again so badly ugh
  3. “Someone who gives me good attention“....Hyun Bin saw this interview and decided to always stare at her uninterrupted
  4. Guys! SD is seriously ignoring us cloy fans and downplaying CLOY’s success and the hard work everyone involved did to make this drama so good. So we need to get their attention to make the DVD set happen!!!! That tweet has the information to how we can get their attention. I’m sorry if this counts as out of topic because it’s not just about binjin specifically but I’m sure everyone here wants this dvd just as badly so please don’t get mad at me for sharing this I’m sorry :/
  5. thank you so much for all of your efforts and for sharing it with us! I loved it so much <3
  6. if they really broke up on episode 6 then they really are two amazing and mature people because they acted the same on the behind the scenes from the first bts to the last lmao dksjdkd
  7. RECRUITING ALL CLOY’S STANS KOREANS FANS ARE ASKING FOR OUR HELP TO PRESSURE SD TO PRODUCE CLOY’S DVD/DIRECTORS CUT BOX SET Edit: They are going to try and trend the following: “We request for release of Crash Landing On you Blu-ray DVD. @chtvn @CJnDrama #사랑의불시착 #cloy #crashlandingonyou #사랑의불시착감독판 #tvn드라마 #스튜디오드래곤 #kdrama #둘리커플 #리정혁 #현빈 #윤세리 #손예진 #서단 #구승준 #서지혜 #김정현“ They are asking us to use that phrase, hashtags and tag tvN so we can pressure them into doing it. They are preparing for 8:00pm, 22,March (today, Korean standard time)
  8. Guys let’s help keep yejin’s comments clean so report all the recent comments that mentions HB or Binjin, PLEASE.
  9. the drought has definitely messed with our heads kdjskdkd there’s nothing there guys. let’s not get too much into things, we don’t want another “hands under the table” incident again...We are one statement away from really never hearing from them again.
  10. @Helena is there a like of the source of the Weibo page that says that about SYJ’s CEO or where you got the translation from?
  11. she went with her CEO to watch HB’s movie? I think that was her mother. They kinda look alike tho.
  12. there are pictures of her clapping for his birthday and he’s looking at her instead of the crowd...she was more excited about it than him, she posted twice about it on Instagram lmao.
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