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  1. OK OK fine, SYJ’s fanmeet wasn’t earth shattering in terms of BinJin candy. We definitely hoped for some but did we honestly expect that much? I haven’t backread here, so please excuse any repeats. Here are 6 reasons why I, a cockeyed- BJ optimist, find that fanmeet bearing POSITIVE signs: 1. THAT dress …hmm…with the terminal shoulder pads. Style aside, it was a conservative look. Why? Because the future in-laws (HB’s parents) were watching that fanmeet too, so nothing too spicy. Especially when they’re going to meet at Chuseok. 2. THIS was an opportunity for SYJ to
  2. Hello lovely BJ diehards, CHOICES: Ours is a simple one We can use our energy to celebrate our ship OR we can spend it warring with other ships. One brings joy and fun; the other is a sweaty gutter wrestle where everyone involved comes out dirty. By all means ship hard but ship smart. We have been gifted with a steady stream of positive signals from BJ themselves (not just 3rd parties) for no less than 2 whole years. Folks, we BJ shippers have the luxury of feeling confident and gracious, while we accompany our ship to dock. THEREFORE, no need to get lured into fights.
  3. @Restless_Hearts Thank you for highlighting the YT vid of SYJ’s Smart interview and @lovelyz for zooming in on some key words of SYJ’s from that interview. A quick yet irresistible comparison: In 2019, during the CLoY Couch Interview, SYJ was asked how she keeps healthy and her answer was: 1: Exercise 2: Eat healthy During the Smart interview, SYJ was asked the SAME question on how she keeps healthy and this time, her answer is: 1: Spending quality time with the people I love (*ahem, yes?) 2: Exercise 3: Eat healthy.
  4. @cybertron You will always be the Founder of this wonderful shipping lane. Please continue to post here. Never mind about the English language - we all speak the language of love for our BinJin here and it is thanks to you!!
  5. Blast from the recent past: Hello! In case there are any middlers and newbies who are wondering where the “older” BJ shippers have gone, we are RIGHT HERE with you everyday, relishing the grand feast of BJ-crumbs & cake in the quiet comfort of confidence in our couple. We are marveling at how brilliantly this ship is sailing In case some of you got a little unsettled with the baseless rumors, over-stretched theories and blurry photos in social media, remember one thing ~ BJ shippers have the luxury of a variety of receipts that include those from our couple, as well as those of
  6. THANK YOU VERY MUCH @Walk Kindly for your stunning legwork on the possibilities of there having been a BinJin rendezvous in South France in mid 2018! Never mess around with BinJin shipper sleuths, they don’t just fabricate stuff out of thin air or shoot the breeze but present tangible evidence for consideration. Your post has presented us with a banquet of possibilities to feast on for the weekend! Merci! Makes one wonder whether this meetup is the missing link between the TN reshoot (in April 2018, where BJ worked together again) and the TN promo courtship tour (Aug-Sept 2018, where
  7. I woke up to 3 hopeful, happy thoughts this morning (and they're STILL here): 1. No denials - What a twitter storm that was!! When the "BinJin Married" tagline was going viral, I was jumping up and down with joy but simultaneously holding my breath, wondering if it would trigger something unwanted (a la hands-under-the-table denial). I’ve never been this excited by the making of a mere mobile ad before, so why the glee? BJ understand the public perception of their actions & choices. So their endorsement of SMART show how comfortable they are with being so tightly-linked t
  8. The Jenny Likes spree: I don’t buy for one moment the idea that Jenny’s Likes are clickbait and business driven. She is obviously a successful business person in her own right (and since many BJ fans are interntional fans, we can’t do much for Jenny’s business in Korea no matter how many Likes she clicks), she’s a veteran in dealings with K-ent (thus fully aware of the consequences of her socmed interactions) AND is a longtime friend of SYJ . I don’t think she would be flippant about her friendship with SYJ, considering how much in the spotlight SYJ already is. For me, I am simply content to s
  9. @Choisamsook You will be branded a perv and an outlaw by certain segments of this thread but I want to say “I LOVE YOUR POST”! (pg 1014) It’s clear you are a fearless, formidable, flag-flying BinJin shipper, who comically makes the serious but valid point that we should simply enjoy what is offered by CLoY itself and its bts (even in slo-mo), instead of fretting too much over shippers' discussion on those candies. Please bear with me y’all – I’m a hopeless BinJin romantic who respects the fact that HB & SYJ are accomplished, mature actors who would well know how to juggle a ca
  10. Have you watched the latest Bench ad with HB? Is Bench a BinJin shipper too? Edit: The white flower that HB is holding is a peony = SYJ’s favourite flower (that she also uses on her IG account ID). Look for yourself - HB’s flower and a real life peony. His engaging smile alongside a symbol of his lady love. Life’s sweet reminders...of our BinJin world. Photo credit owners
  11. We all feel we are close to dock. Nervousness is palpable. This has given rise to several self-appointed Police Chiefs and Deputy Sheriffs whom I’ll concede have well-meaning concerns in not wanting to rock the boat nor stir up rumours that might result in denials from BJ. But please understand that you don’t have a monopoly on wishing to see BJ dock safely. There are many sensible shippers out here who are also watchful and alert to crazed-analysis. They will step in to caution or even correct runaway theorizing in the thread e.g. the recent pic on HB’s assistant and caption. The only rules s
  12. I’m near comatose from the overdose of candies and jennys. To you shippers who “unveiled” the Jenny connection” a gazillion thank yous! Sleuthing at its finest in the thread and logical deduction now invites us to think that if a close friend of SYJ thinks it fine to openly Like BinJin photos (and those with bridal captions!! YEOWWW), it’s all systems go for DOCK! Thank you also to @Baylackfor sharing the vid on HB piano playing “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. What emotive playing and I’d bet my bottom dollar HB knows the lyrics of that song too! This makes me think of these few imag
  13. ROAR!! What FUN with the food truck, red lips and blouse straps!! Shippers’ eagle eyes and wicked sense of humour crack me up everytime…big hugs to all! What also popped up were the issues of speculations, clubs & soompi ranks and these are begging for comment. Speculations: I am a beneficiary of shippers’ speculations, analyses and theories from page 1 of this 950 page thread. They have provided me joy & the rich information I now possess on precious BinJin. And I’m grateful for it. Speculation is not evil. Speculation is only dangerous if presented as fact. Obviously, mo
  14. Hello @quietreader. Welcome to the Ship and thank you for the HB condo article. What I found interesting wasn’t the celebrity neighbours nor was I thinking of rummaging through garbage bins to invade a celeb’s privacy but rather, how beautiful the featured apartment was, as HB’s actual apartment would have a similar look and feel. How romantic!! SYJ’s home is lovely too – here’s a pic of her home that she posted in 2017 (below the pic of showroom condo). Koreans seem to love BBQ (no, it’s not HB in the pic but her friend’s hubby) and we know HB is a master griller, thus ver
  15. Girl, you made me do it. I never immediately reply to posts only because I feel this forum is for many voices to be heard and not a dialogue between a few BUT your post on Jinnie’s following of Binnie’s career and falling for KTP/HB the man, is earth-moving and massively rich with insight and food for thought!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this and everyone ought to read your post again and again! It’s a thinking-person’s explanation on why SYJ loves HB and HB simply and uncontrollably loves her back this way!
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