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  1. Looks like our BinJin can’t move on from CLoY too?? SYJ’s agency latest vid is titled “Son Yejin of Seri’s Choice” and our HB on Mediheal is wearing another hoodie with white T-shirt a la soju scene! We feel you BinJin, we can’t move on either. Please complete CLoY for us by giving us your real-life wedding. @TotoroSY You’re so right! I think when HB realized he’d like a future with SYJ, he would instinctively have had his parents’ expectations of a wife in mind and given the BinJin relationship is likely to have stretched over the past 2 years, good chance his parents have given the tacit green light! Actually, I have a sneaky feeling HB has already met her parents and sister; SYJ too has met his parents. Can you imagine how nerve wracking and knee wobbling that encounter would have been, given the reputed strictness of his dad? @Yanny62 LOL, yes and even if his dad didn’t do a NIS surveillance and background check on SYJ, HB’s mom would have! Maybe through a quiet interrogation during a calligraphy session. Poor BinJin, on top of being at the top of the acting game and everything else, they have to be concerned about the reactions of K-ent, fans and family. I recall from a video that SYJ not only does pilates, she is a certified Pilates Instructor. Well matched for our sporty HB. There was a previous chat about HB living in a condo and SYJ in her own house. Does anyone know how close HB and SYJ homes are to each other? Addresses shouldn't be given for privacy reasons but just the proximity of their properties.
  2. @Chewy HB was reading soompi yesterday? This thread? Can you share how you were able to tell? If I misread your comment or that was a belated April Fools joke, please let me down gently. But if it’s true, how intriguing. @B.MMM This makes us wonder if BinJin noted down the ring-size measurements for BinJin’s future use. We live in hope. @PrettyNoona Kisses: I think you are right about No: 1 the boat kiss. SYJ pulled HB too vigorously towards her for the passionate kiss, so he wanted to shield that with his cap, plus keep his balance. The red ears was perhaps due to the cold weather that plagued the film set. Kiss No: 2 the reunion kiss. View that kiss in slo-mo on Youtube (titled French Kiss). That to me, speaks volumes and must surely be the Mother of all Kisses. Article on how publicised coupling between K-celebrities can be a death knell for their relationship: And here you have it. Depressing realism and a ton of it. A raw reminder of the risk of shipping. The unforgiving K-ent industry and frenzied fanhood drives celebrity couples underground and into silence, for the sake of their relationship and careers. This leaves shippers in limbo, wondering and fretting over how the relationship is going. One can certainly understand why celebrities set up walls but one can also understand shippers’ anxiety, as it’s like night-driving in pitch dark without headlights. I confess when I logged off this thread yesterday, I felt a bit low after reading the article but thank you @C'est la vie for your second article about changing norms in K-ent, which offered encouragement. Still, today is a new day. Reading all your loving and funny comments is a booster. Big hugs to you all for that. We adore this couple and wish them together. Until there are announcements/public signs to say otherwise, we stay on board this ship and this cart. In my moodiness, I felt somewhat tired and then I thought about BinJin. When I’m exhausted, my interactions with colleagues, even bffs, become more toned down, more mundane, less laughter. When BinJin were tired during the grueling CLoY filming over 6 months straight, this is how they interacted with each other….. .... more than just close friends.
  3. Is this vid genuine? This was reportedly filmed a day ago and not an April Fools joke. If so, where to HB? Going or returning? Nice to see you without a mask! @eLizza Ditto. I also wonder whether BinJin have met each other’s parents, the acid test, especially for HB (who has said if his parents/mom disapprove of his marriage, it’s a no-go). That said, I believe he is a VERY resolute man who won’t easily take No for an answer from anyone. Do u think this possible, shippers... SYJ has a sister in LA and I have toyed with mental pictures of SYJ introducing HB to her sister and family during THAT LA trip. He would have been his usual sweet, gazing, attentive self. And her sis would hv later pulled SYJ aside and said, “What a gorgeous, thoughtful, smitten HUNK he is. He adores you. Go for it, sis!!” WELL?? We are all waiting!!!!!
  4. @sussieh It’s quite ok. Even though it is a HB vid from last year, HB/Vast themselves chose to repost it again, at this time. It’s a fresh outreach to fans. In that way, it’s a current posting. This has brought relief to the drought. And cheer to this thread. So thank you! It led to the next question - where was the vid filmed? At HB's apartment? At first I thought, nah, can't be and then I thought of the LP record player - very retro and in sync with HB's reported liking for books, photography, art and SYJ's tease in calling him "ahjussi" which I gather means an older guy? An old soul? If HB chose the music in the vid, cool! @Ligaya Prez There’s no pic of vege shopping. Comment was based on other fellow shippers’ input. @citron Woah, what illuminating analysis of the Kakao emojis sent between BinJin! Aww...so she's not entirely the Cautious Queen and responded to him with joy and love emojis. This reminds me of a psychology-shipper here who once observed that affectionate gestures initiated by HB (including pats) are always met with a similar response from SYJ, which apparently indicate that she is equally invested in the relationship. Swoon. I noticed the love-and-kiss emojis from HB and SYJ are both timed at 3.31 - I wonder who sent it first? But what the heck, they both did!! Telepathic. Pic 1: The “Son Yejin Effect on HB”. The reserved HB explodes into expressiveness. Pic 2: The “HB Effect on Son Yejin”. HB chose a photo of the both of them for the calendar he made for a fan. After HB praises her.
  5. HEY sussieh - You are a lifesaver! Beautiful emotive vid with mellow music. Puts me in a BinJin mood. And HB is wearing the same kind of top (grey hoodie with white T-shirt) as he did in the soju scene ("I want to marry you") ??! Is he teasing us shippers, like SYJ did with her potted plant? Hmmm....Maybe SYJ filmed this vid for him and he passed it onto Vast. The accompanying words to this IG vid were "Sleepy, cuddly, warm, sweet spring Hyun Bin." Ooooo....yet another reminder of the soju scene. I also like to believe that occasionally HB anonymously reads this forum and understands our devotion to BinJin and decided to comfort us with this lovely piece. Is there any confirmation ANYWHERE of the filming of "Bargaining" starting soon? New data shows a spike in Covid cases, this time in Seoul, largely due to returning travellers and students. PLEASE take precautions producers! For the sake of cast and crew, as we are highly invested in HB, who is half our ship! SYJ was recently shopping for vegetables? That's cuz she's already well stocked in meat (for HB) and wants to provide him with balanced meals when she cooks for him. No kidding guys, my gut feel is that they are hanging out in the privacy of their homes. I am delighted for them but boo hoo, sob sob, for me cuz I cant see whats going on!!!
  6. @Bin~jin You are brilliant! Excellent logic. It takes a shipper to notice details, place info side by side and examine the whole picture. A variety of interpretations is always possible but your analysis lifted me up! @doolyfeels Yeah, I miss them too. Waiting for BinJin “good news” is hard, like serving a prison sentence. @Chewy I laughed at your choice of the word “woodblock” for HB. He goes give off a little bit of that vibe, doesn’t he? He appears very proper, shy and stoic, which makes SJ’s effect on loosening him up all the more remarkable. Those CLoY promo vids projected a happy, relaxed and at-home feel between them. That girl unlocked a white cloud called HB and unveiled a rainbow. Reality check: This morning I bit the bullet for a while and left aside the BJ fantasies and saucy jokes and asked myself, “What keeps you BJ hopeful?” Of course, the first answer is the groceries photo and the many bts. Then there is the time-test: Late 2017, they worked on TN. April 2018, a re-shoot of some TN scenes (I believe attraction bloomed into interest around here) Sept-Oct 2018, TN promo (their playful intimacy has become legendary) Jan 2019, LA, and possibly more. June 2019 to Feb 2020 – CLoY prep and filming – (Ooo la la) We are now nearing April 2020. If the above timeline and guesses are correct, it means BinJin have been in a close relationship for 2 years = plenty of time for them to have walked away, if they saw no future in this relationship. After all, HB and SYJ look like people who know how to say "No" and say it early. The clock is ticking. No sign of that. New clips are emerging that suggest a deeper protectiveness between them. Armed with all of this, I concluded yup, there is every hope that we shippers’ dreams for BJ can come true. Lets keep each other encouraged! Even diehard shippers need it. For those who missed seeing these recent pics related to our couple’s respective new CFs (HB/Mediheal, SYJ/YoungLim), here they are. Looking fine and fabulous as always. Photo credit Mediheal/Younglim/owners
  7. @celest1al Thanks for the clarification. @Yanny62 @cloyfan SYJ said she wants to marry twice - my guess - she wants to marry her man in two marriage ceremonies = one in traditional style, for parents’ sake and another marriage ceremony, modern style and perhaps overseas (in LA? Maldives? Wink) with only close friends present. Some months ago, Swoon released a video titled “2019 in One Word” (sorry I don't know how to upload vids here) featured Kdrama stars including BinJin each giving one word to describe what 2019 meant to them. Photo credit owners My mind raced with possibilities on what BinJin meant with their choice of words. HB’s word was “change”: Did he mean - change from courtship to committed relationship with SYJ? change in future work ie fewer rom-coms because he 'd rather not kiss anyone apart from SYJ? Change in thinking for one, to now thinking for two (BJ)? Or maybe 4 (if you add the twins) SYJ’s word was “Hope”: Hoping her dreams of marriage and family are now possible with HB in her life? Hoping her career opportunities will continue despite her being a mega-couple with HB? Hoping for CLoY to be a huge success because it is "their" masterpiece; written "for" them? Uhhh, you can see my one-track mind. Have fun with your own list of possibilities!
  8. Found it. The clip where SYJ shares how she feels about HB’s gazes... Right at the end of the above Youtube TN interview, the MC commented about HB’s charisma and SYJ replied, “Right. He (HB) claims me with his eyes”. Oh yeah, we noticed…. There was a mention about HB’s “nervousness” resulting in many NGs at the rings scene – that’s one way to look at it. For me, I saw that as merely HB clowning with SYJ; part of HB humour because even the Director can be heard laughing throughout the rings bts. And this happened alongside interlocking fingers and “lets go (to bed)” bts, where HB looked relaxed and playful with her. Thanks @boonieyo and fellow shippers for your views on Baeksang. Honestly, I’d be content if BinJin just attend the awards together…hold hands…sit together…announce their marriage….Is this too much to ask?
  9. Anti-shippers: I joined soompi because I was captivated by BinJin. I spent many days reading through all (now 391) pages of comments because I wanted to assess the forum atmosphere, learn abt BJ and also felt I had to earn the right to open my mouth here. That’s just me, although I would encourage newbies to this thread to do the same. What a glorious adventure it has been because this thread is a fountain of juicy, cheery info!! That’s when I noticed something about anti-shippers… There are 2 kinds of anti-shippers: (1) the un-sophisticated, plain vanilla type who send in provocative comments against BinJin and then flee, like a hit-and-run driver; (2) the more dogged anti-shipper who uses guerilla tactics like using pro-BinJin language in the comments but attach videos or articles that are destructive of BJ or designed to create heavy doubt on the relationship. This occasionally works because I see a few shippers getting rattled. About 20 pages ago, the first type of shipper entered this thread. When I saw that posting, I burst out laughing, thinking wickedly, “Oh Ho. So this person wants the experience the sensation of getting blasted out of the water by loyal BJ shippers, who patrol this thread better than the Navy or worse, get deleted outright by the Moderators”. True enough, a Moderator stepped in and I couldn’t find that posting later in the day. A big thanks, Moderator. I hope I’m not being presumptuous in shouting this from the rooftop – this is a BJ shipper thread that believes/hopes BinJin are headed towards a life-commitment with each other; it is a specialized forum on that basis; its fine to challenge pics/vid/articles/comments but not the relationship itself because doubting the relationship is not what this BJ shipper paradise is for. Sigh: Heaven help us, another fortune telling video. If the stars determined our destiny, we need not make choices, exercise our willpower nor have any hopes & wishes. We would just need to stay on the sofa and glue ourselves to the stars-almanac. I believe will, effort, love and a dash of faith are the real deciders, so let’s support BinJin with ours. Thank you @liltash85 and @Annie12for checking out that video and giving us your views. They allow us to continue chanting "Sail on, shippers!" Baeksang Awards: May I know the difference between a Daesang and a Best actor/Actress award? Since BinJin were equally brilliant in CLoY with their display of a wide range of emotions, is it possible for the Daesang to be awarded to the couple? Has a couple even won a Daesang?
  10. Heheeee. I opened up this thread (page 387) and felt the love big-time from all your postings, shippers! @Chewy Thank you for the prompt Kakao pics and notes! Tabloid buzz over pic of HB and GHJ. If you look at that video of HB’s stylist’s wedding held a year ago(?), they were guests and it was rather obvious he was awkward standing there. She was fiddling with her neckline whilst he looked at the kid behind – nothing romantic about that. LOL. Let’s move on. If we get upset, you can imagine how BinJin feel about absurd news concerning them. Time context: This is so important isn’t it? When postings are done of old videos and articles without a time and place reference, reality can get terribly distorted. It’s a reminder to us to indicate in our postings whether our posting-news is current or old. Otherwise, it can trigger heart attacks or suicides off this ship. @rosy I don’t think HB loves SYJ more than she loves him. HB may be more open in his feelings towards her but it doesn’t mean those feelings are not reciprocated. Here’s what I think – a strong and independent woman like SYJ is nobody’s fool and has spent decades building her career in a cutthroat industry and has remained scandal-free. This kind of woman publicly speaks and acts very, very cautiously but lives her love life privately and deeply. She loves so deeply that she might hesitate in a serious relationship because she fears losing her identity, herself and all that she has worked so hard to build. SYJ has steely determination but you know, I believe HB matches her in that. He may be a puppy to her but will transform into a pitbull if anyone threatens her/them. He didn’t choose the Marines of all things because he was easy & soft. It indicates a person of resolve. So let’s adopt IBinJin's confidence (I wanted to HUG you when I read your posting on pg 386) – Have faith in BinJin. Have faith in HB to finally say to SYJ “Will you marry me?”….and I would add, for SYJ to launch her koala hug on him with a thunderous “Yes I will !!”. Sharing with my shipper-family some of my fave CLoY images: Love gazes that mere acting cannot replicate. HB’s gazes are reserved “For SYJ Only”. No more doubts. Undisputed “Right-on the Lips” Kisses. Being protective of her, even though the script doesn’t require it. Tenderness on a bicycle.
  11. HB humour: You are all so right!! HB’s has a dry and subtle wit. During the Couch Talk, HB was comparing himself to RJH in being diligent at work and caring about loved ones and SYJ said, “Are you bragging?” and he answered comic-defiantly, “Shall I do more?” At another promo vid, she read a fan comment that he looked good in military uniform. HB looked at her and teasingly proceeded to nod smugly, prompting her to threaten to end the video shoot. Then there is the belt-hugging bts, where she asks him to stand with his legs apart to lower his height but he does the exact opposite and stands with his legs together. Then there is the hospital bed vid where he has his shirt unbuttoned and his guys come into the room. The script had her say she didn’t unbutton his shirt and HB adlibbed to say he didn’t either. At that, SYJ tapped his chest and approvingly said that was funny. Then there are the lovey-dovey bts related to the rings-episode. YOU SEE shippers, BinJin totally get each other’s humour and understand each other’s signals. We are not hallucinating in believing there is a more-than-just-close-friendship between them. Another box ticked on the marriage checklist? And yes, @cloyfan HB’s response of liking “negative space” to justify his limited artwork was a howling hoot! @Helena You are such an impressive archivist! You are like a living library of the chronology of happenings in K-ent. Would you know if HB/SYJ ever revealed in interviews whether they watch the shows they starred in (respectively) to self-evaluate their own performances? I couldn’t help but wonder of BinJin watched CLoY in private together for this purpose (and cuddle up while at it). This shipper can hope, right. On really? HB staff shared that HB once indicated that he would only use emojis for his girlfriend? Well, well, well…we saw during the Kakao interview where HB and SYJ were given phones to read incoming texts from fans. HB/SYJ were given phone icons that concealed their identity. At the end of the session, the icons were revealed and people could see how HB/SYJ responded. I recall a posting of a phone screen showing HB’s response to comments on what a great couple BinJin were and he answered “Yeah!” and as for references to SYJ, HB would click multiple heart-emojis. No wonder he stopped texting when his identity was revealed. Too shy and didn’t want to get found out?! @MOONCHILD BTS Hahaa…I did check into the weather re-Xmas photo of them in Switzerland. That photo was taken in Aug-Sept at Iseltwald (although posted by SYJ in Dec 2019). Googling the weather, there is no snow in Iseltwald during those months, only rain. However, there was snow in S.Korea when CLoY was filming, so there’s definitely a chance BinJin were together during first snow. @AnnieCheesecake I have watched several fortune telling vids on BinJin and you're right, they do speak glowingly about this love relationship, indicate marriage challenges at first but conclude these can be overcome. I keep in mind though, that uploaded videos often have a commercial motivation behind it i.e.. just to get an audience and potential future business. The more sensational, the better the prospects of gain to the maker. This to me, dilutes the reliability of the video content. But so far, these vids are all good, so Let's Party shippers!!
  12. Fortune tellers: Personally, I think we make our own destiny. Environment (and I’m willing to include the planets) and surrounding people may be influencing factors but NOT determinants of one’s life and happiness. But even if we look at this latest fortune telling YT video, to quote the lady on BinJin, “Love fortune is good as a couple, good flow of love feelings. Marriage difficult (at first) but there will be a turnaround. Protect well, difficulties can be overcome”. I view her comments as positive. I would have been more suspicious if she had painted a bed of roses because difficulties come to marriages between ordinary people and all the more so to celebrities. Besides, it’s GOOD to know the troubles ahead because to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Key thing is, is there love? I believe HB and SYJ love each other hard and deep. I really believe this about them but the goldfish bowl life they endure must be very unsettling. Bottom line, mature love prevails. BinJin are not kids, I'm so glad they met in their late 30s and not their 20s. I believe in BinJin love. @binjinunnie You felt sad cuz you wish so much for BinJin to work out, it's understandable. We do too, so let's cheer them on together! I was re-watching CLoY and came to the “first snow” scene, where RJH and YSeri were having a beer in Pyongyang and the first snow fell. She told leaned over and told him about the S.Korean belief that watching the first snow with someone would see their love fulfilled. I Googled to see if there is such a belief and yes, there is – as per pic below. CLoY was filming right through the winter months of 2019. There is every chance that BinJin were together during “first snow” … that thought made me smile.
  13. “They were going to get married but separated”: I thought this was an “old” rumour in the early days of CLoY that lost steam. The gap in filming was reportedly due to extreme cold weather and also, I think at least 1 promo video was filmed after CLoY had already started filming a few episodes, so that too would take time. In any case, we have recent clips like interlocking fingers and the 2 kisses in front of the green screen, just to mention a few, that could only have happened because their relationship is close and tight. So, no sweat and let’s sail on! @eLizza I was happy reading your input that SYJ wont be in Pirates 2 because that would free up her time and open up all sorts of possibilities in her life. Wink wink. @Xoxo Why no Directors Cut DVD? My speculation – maybe due to: 1. North-South Korean politics. CLoY got heat on that. 2. Or there may be commercial/legal reasons: Swoon’s CLoY bts have already flooded Youtube. Swoon I believe is under Netflix, one of the co-sponsors of CLoY. Would TvN/others still view it commercially viable to release a DVD now, since the now-widespread bts would also form part of its content. Just a guess. 3. Or maybe the CLoY Producers/Director want to respect BinJin’s privacy. Given the hype over the bts (some have logged 3.7million views!!), releasing high resolution bts could fuel the fans’ rumour mill further, especially when the Directors Cut DVD lends an “official” tone to things. PIFAN looks: SYJ/her stylist usually dresses her in beautiful gowns but the one worn at PIFAN was not one of them. Instead of the gown looking elegantly sexy, it looked clumsily revealing. Not surprised gentleman HB didn’t dare look in her direction! SHE looked at HIM though! BIG HUGS to shippers and video creator bpwinces for the enchanting video “101 Reasons to Ship SYJ and HB” (YT link is on this thread page). It is truly a work of great detail and love. Many of us are affected by some form of Covid 19 lockdown/stay-in orders, so here’s a cheer up pic that I received yesterday.
  14. Granted, no one can truly know what’s going on in BinJin’s private lives but as a shipper, I have my guesses. So, if an alien were to land on earth today and ask me to describe BinJin’s relationship as I see it and in simple terms, it would going along these lines: In public, they are like this - teasing and privacy-conscious. In private, they are like this - teasing and loving. Occasionally, they slip up and display emotional intensity in professional photo shoots like this … ... and they have diehard shippers/fans who love them so much, the fans end up becoming like this. As for WHEN some news could come about BinJin’s “next big step”, I have wondered if it would be sometime after the completion of HB’s new movie “Bargaining” (has filming in SK begun?) or after “Pirates 2” (there was talk that SYJ agreed to star in that). My BJ hopeful mind thinks that movie contracts for both HB and SYJ beyond these two films would take into account where the BinJin relationship is headed. I guess their mutual “preference” (although not etched in stone) to be “married by 40” has become my BJ milestone. Nail biting times.
  15. @jinjin @swclw @joyxxdz @amelie @shazbinjin @Yanny62 Hello Jinjin. Your posting on the proximity of their homes was like a bombshell (of excitement) on me. I see you were careful to qualify it with “If this info is correct” (i.e. it’s not confirmed. I appreciate and thank you for that cautionary note). Interestingly, the person who posted that (Weibo?) message was careful not to use real names/initials and instead, used code words like “brother” and “sister”. Going forward, perhaps we shippers could do likewise i.e. when we identify “potentially sensitive” information on our couple and want to post it, to use code words like Apple for male and Orange for female (any other ideas?). This is because whilst we would like to share info with our shipper family, we need to avoid public repetition of unverified information that could trigger the couple’s agencies into denials, which have hurt & disappointed us so much in the past. Latecomers to the coded conversation can be explained to via DM. Now – is anyone able to verify/confirm the location of the Apple tree and the Orange tree?
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