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  1. LOVE TRIUMPHS! I was in defensive mode over the Dispatch article and half expected a “No Comment” response from Vast and MSTeam but no, no, no - we got a declaration, an affirmation, a confirmation of BinJin being in a love relationship! In the immortal words of Ri Jeong Hyuk.... Aaaacccckkkkk!!! As if that wasn’t enough to fly me to the moon, SYJ wrote a shy, sweet, sincere message to us all, telling us she is thankful that she has found a good man.....oh my heart!!! Let's savor this feast in small delectable bites. I’m telling myself (and if you don’t mind, sayi
  2. Is this what BinJin are doing together this festive season? BinJin are real people and a real couple. Isn't it wonderful they have this time together, away from the harsh filming lights and hectic schedules? Wishing BinJin & BinJin shippers love, good health and all things happy in the new year!
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