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  1. Thanks so much! Today is a special day and I’m so happy that you’ve opened up this thread again! What a gift
  2. Hi! May I ask what the last news/video was we had of them together? Im so oc, just trying to figure out the timeline. I was late coming into this. Sorry! Was it the kakao or the one where they compliment each other? Thanks so much!
  3. EXACTLY what I was thinking, too! I was like ummmm hmmmm hahaha
  4. I am no techie and couldnt insert the images so Ill just share my tweet this morningThe ashmatt pic made my day! For those who arent aware of the couple ashmatt, theyre a famous couple in the Philippines. Just the way he looks at his wife reminded me of how HB looks at SYJ Happy morning
  5. Hi! This is my very first time to join a forum and to ship a couple so hard that I actually pray for them to get together/stay together forever daily. Been a kdrama/kpop fan for years but CLOY has really set the bar high! Thanks for creating this forum and will await further updates! Keep safe and God bless everyone!
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