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  1. Hi everyone! I've been a silent reader for these past few months (since CLOY was airing) and I loveeeee to see the chemistry between HB-YJ! After all, I've been HB's fans since years (since Secret Garden). I keep on replay their BTS, their interview (both TN and CLOY), I also went to see TN, replay all HB's past works like crazy (hahahahaha!), and I always check on this forum (like 8 times a day?) to see if there are any news from them Finally I dare myself to sign up and write for the veryyyyy first time here after seeing @KameKame's post. At first, I feel the same with all of you here! I feel something is surely going on between them too (and OF COURSE I'm so excited to search all over the news and found this forum). Esp, when I saw TN interview. The spark was there. The eye-sight, love-glare, the smile, lovey-dovey gestures, you guys named it. More over, there was that groceries scenes, it's like what everybody saying are true! Then one day, I saw that kakaolive interview of CLOY (I'm sure you guys also saw it right?). I discussed with my best friend about it. I dunno my heart feels bad when YJ ask HB to make the rating promise, and HB's face/gestures feels like don't like it. Not only that, a lot of time, I feel like the sparks is not there anymore I feel like there was so many love-emotion in TN, but it's different in CLOY. Well please correct me if I'm wrong. And I hope that I'm wrong!! Because I really want them to be together (maybe I'm being sensitive because there are no news at all from them). I'm not offending anyone here (please understand). Just like @Chewy Hoe said "the fun of a forum is to agree to disagree". BUT I'm not disagree with everyone here. I love to see them together! Maybe I just need a peaceful answer from you about my thoughts after watching that kakao live interview
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