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  1. @Ilikeboringthings Before you get your hackles up, I did not even read or know what Binjin4real’s comment was . I was talking about overpolicing here in general. Its not directed to anyone or that removed comment in any way.
  2. Spot on! This is the reason why I stopped posting here. First I’m not here to argue. Shippers here pride themselves on being positive but try to have a differing view and they’ll swarm you like bees. I’ve read reasonable comments and arguments which is within the context of the topic and in no way a violation of the rules. But they were shut down right away and were even asked to be deleted. Why? This is not an echo chamber where we all have the same views. That’s the beauty of an online forum, the exchange of opinions. We don’t have to be catty and act like dictators. I’ve come across a LOT of cringey posts myself but I just let it slide. Nitpicking everything is toxic jmho. Someone posted about the hand holding under the table thing and I agreed. But I was chastised for it for the reason that Vast denied it. Fine, I get it. But Vast also denied HB and SYJ’s relationship 3 times. 3 times!!! And yet we’re still here shipping them. Opinions are subjective and we have can have 1000 different interpretations from the same picture. Since then I’ve bit my tongue, kept my composure, never retorted back, held from asking more questions and stopped posting. We are all here for the same reason — BinJin. Any perceived wrongdoing and we cry “take it down”. One comment and we act like soompi nazi( just a joke, Seinfeld reference) and slap them hard with the rule book faster than we can say Hyun Bin. Now we know why the old timers have left this forum. Let’s not police each other, we have moderators for that. End of rant. Just letting it off my chest. Sorry for venting. This post was not written to argue or offend anyone.
  3. When I said atrocious I was talking about her stylist. Her gowns are gorgeous but I don’t know what her stylist was thinking when she chose layers upon layers of fabric. YJ is dainty and petite and those coats drowned her. Her casual style is great and I love her in shorts and minis.
  4. Sometimes I want to raid Yejin’s closet and.... BURN her clothes lol. What was her stylist thinking? She has atrocious taste. Wrong color and wrong season. Her outfits at the presscon and the wrap up party arrggghhhh. Her clothes are wearing her and she’s a beautiful woman but sometimes she’s drowning in a sea of fabric.
  5. I’m one of those people who thinks that they’re holding hands too. So shoot me now lol. There were a few IG accts who posted that and it puzzled me why some fans wanted to muzzle them. I disagree with them tagging YJ and Vast but IG is an American company and here the 1st amendment(freedom of speech) is taken seriously so I doubt if IG will take it down. It boggles the mind how the K ent industry works whoa! I can’t wrap my mind around it tbh. A little controversy and they go the whole nine yards to stop anything. Anyway, these two need to get married soon or I’ll go cray cray. Don’t want to debate this issue its just my offhand take. And if my comment ruffle some feathers, I apologize. Good morning! @cloyfan The thing about Binjin is that individually they are very talented, ultra attractive, and highly respected - but together they are something MAGICAL. That’s why I don’t think there’s any point in turning this into a competition because they are that muchbetter TOGETHER The whole is greater than the sum of the parts is how I think of these two. Together they’re magic. Yin and yang. Type A + Type B. Lock and key.
  6. @citron SYJ is too sexy for HB to resist. "How to make Hyun Bin fall harder? Ask SYJ, She knows" I stan a confident queen who knows how to shoot her shot!!! WTG Yejin!!!
  7. So I finally crawled out from under the rock to congratulate the OP and all of you girls on the 400+ pages woot woot! Pretty sure this crisis has been tough on everyone. Yejin is all of us this week. Love all your insights keep ‘em coming.
  8. Its fortune telling, there’s no use losing sleep over it. You have to take it with a ocean full of salt tbh. We map our own path in life. Everything could just be coincidental you know. You can go to 20 different fortune tellers and get 20 different answers. What that FT said could happen why not? But you should not accept it as a certainty.
  9. Start at 1:00:00 when HB refused to post their selfie. YJ: Not funny at all MC: Whether its funny or not, Son Ye Jin always attacks verbally. I witness how close you are. Rewatching it again she’s more of contradicting Yejin haha or stating the obvious that they’re close no matter how much she rebukes him.
  10. Yejin is such a smooth operator. Girl I stan. Who knows what signals she’s making under that table. HB smiled afterwards. Heart sign? See you later ahjussi sign wink wink These two I swear hahhaa
  11. Yw! I looove that interview too and also my fave. I’ve never seen HB that happy
  12. Yesss that is so me! I’ve never seen her act like that. She’s cheerful/perky/outspoken but professional at the same time with co-stars. She slipped big time on this interview. She wore the gf hat instead of the work colleague’s. Even the MC noticed it and defended her hahaha.
  13. If anyone doubt this relationship then the kakaotalk live should be the eye opener. Her eyes were shooting daggers at him and she was so snappy. Normal work colleagues don’t act like that. I just attached the shortest clip that I can find that showed Yejin’s “if looks could kill” stare hahaha. Totally a gf thing.
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