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  1. Tvn supposed to be change the title of this drama. From record of youth to be "Record of Park Bogum" The title "Record of Park Bogum" is suit with the whole story of this drama Start of preview and screentime, park bogum was dominate too much. Yeah i know the reason is because he is top actor. TVN love him so much Few times ago i hope there will be justice to park sodam screentime. But now, i stop it. There is no justice to sodam
  2. Im sorry to say this. i dont hate bogum at all, he is great actor tho. I just want more justice for my sodam. Just it. After watched fifth episode, me be like Yeah i know bogum is halyu star and king of rating. but the production team should be not do these things for park sodam. Park sodam deserved better. Ahn jungha character is unique with natural acting. Why the production team wasted her talents
  3. Im really curious about the whole of haa myunghee and ahn gilho interviewed. I hope there will be someone who can translate into english
  4. Yeay. After 6 months they spent for filming. Finally today is the last day of filming.. Let's cheer up for everyone Awaiting for lil wrap up party pictures
  5. Gumtaek : TBH i dont hate bogum anything he is. I know he is a halyu star and had given the big contribution for korean drama industry. Sodamssi: you are right.. I felt sorry for misunderstood these all Yeah, I just lil bit sad about sodam has less screen time of these promotion. Just it hope im wrong I still support youth record, bogum, woseok and the whole team of youth record production ever. Hope everything will be okay #fighting
  6. Springmaiden: you are right, just as Park Bo Gum may not be in manly handsome side, but he has exotic charm. Just like Park So Dam too Yeah, Park So Dam has superb charismatic charm. I love her so much..
  7. @Sakurafairy aaaa im so happy to see the 3rd teaser. Sodam and bogum chemistry makes me fluttered
  8. After seeing the second teaser, the cinematography are great and bogum looks so cool. But i lil bit sad because sodam part is just glimpse
  9. I heard YR will be air on 7 september on neflix. Isn't true? Maybe they all gonna make presscon a week before airing. So they still have 7 days for promoting it. @Sakurafairy im so curious about the storyline and what's the genre the used
  10. These filming drama are so private right. I saw everyday bogum's fans sent coffee truck and foodtruck to the filming set but i couldn't find bogum filming photoes @gutaek so which one that officially? Gonna airing on august or september?
  11. It's so obvious rightnow. Youth record was pre production drama so that's why gonna airing on september
  12. I read from another website about YR. YR was called as big budget blockbuster and masterpiece drama. Im so curious why they called it. Since the plot has not heavy plot
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