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  1. I feel you sis...again this is just my delulu..but with the ig yesterday in white and this article..did it happen allready and dispatch is trying to beat the other kent news entities into bringing out the news?..my head needs a little bit of shaking
  2. It is very likely...forward to June 2018 France vacation of YJ and the connection of HB interview of bringing a camera in Europe taking romantic photos..yes my delulu says they have been pretty "closely connected' even before the TN promotions because the actions of HB are very much bf like.
  3. @wolfie26Hi..one thing though ... the moderators decide who joins the club.?.i actually requested to join but the status was kept pending till now so i was thinking moderators had preferences who they prefer to join..i don't know now if i should retrieve my request..
  4. Yes .we can all feel the drought when no news is coming out. However i rest in the thoughts that no news is good news specially no known incoming projects for YJ visible in the horizon..for now at least...In the kakao talk when HB said "how long must i wait?..".well it is my delulu that the waiting for HB is over and that they are now entering a new phase in their lives..so let us wait patiently comrades...
  5. I agree...Binjin will not think these "wdate writings" as some form of pressure for them. They would probably think how observant we are since all these 22 figures are coming as well from their interviews..we are doing some math and yes assuming...on the contrary, i think these will bring smiles in both their faces or " laugh it off!"...peace y'all!
  6. Hi fam, Seldom choose to post as reading all your wonderful posts seems more " convenient " for me because everyone seems to have everything covered and no stones unturned.. Just wanted to share some thoughts of a possible timeline for an announcement. The 6 months condolence period that has always been mentioned in CLOY, somehow I am thinking of the parallel with the end of the drama in mid Feb 2020. From reel to real, the 6 months will fall sometime in Aug-Sept. ( Sept 2018 is the heart selca IG post). But I was wondering as well, anyone has an idea when Binnie is going to finish filming Bargaining( this had a really great effect with their timeline I suppose)? That would have some effect as well specially if travel to Jordan is still in his itenerary. If Binnie will wrap up around August this year, I just have this gut feel that it will be September this year or latest the last quarter of 2020. Of course this will remain a delulu as well. Happy sailing everyone.
  7. @eLizza you made me tear up. No matter how stiff or cold he seems to some his eyes cannot lie of the overpouring gratitude and concern that he has for all. And Yejin's thank you so much is just so hearfelt..and with these i will sail on.
  8. Hello my Binjin family...my eyes and my heart are so full and well fed right now with all the predictions..but for a while setting aside all these major awards and from the various tweets that we are seeing with regards to their attendance, after tonight SK time, the popularity award will certainly be known as per the votes. Will that at least secure their attendance in Baeksang awards night? what are your thoughts clan?
  9. Hello all...just lurking around for the past weeks and enjoying the exchanges here in our home..Just finished watching the interview. I do not know who did the translation but was he really saying Ms. Yejin in his interview? He looks thinner now as compared to his built as Captain Ri.
  10. After seeing this..I scanned through internet news regarding your topic and my...my..was I surprised with some fans reaction regarding celebrity marriage announcements..to the point of returning merchandise that celebrity endorsed or from what I read demanding exit from his group( let's not mention names here.) It's really a make or break situation for their careers and I think some endorsement contracts also may have some conditions of the endorsed staying single for the contract duration. Now I understand why they build walls as far as their private life is concerned. I hope that kfans will somehow evolve to the understanding that their idols are not Gods but human too seeking normalcy by having their own family. Hoping that when time comes and our Binjin will ever tie the knot..they will be welcomed and blessing be bestowed upon them not just by families, friends and the entertainment circle but fans as well
  11. Woowww! How many new CFs are in the bag for our Cowbin! I'm quite sure the same number of offers for CF has been offered to our Cowyejin because of the success of Cloy but seems like no promo item is anywhere to be seen..I wonder why ( wink..wink...) Happy 600 Binjinnies!!!
  12. Ok let's think about hypothetical. What possible conclusion can be drawn if only Binnie attends the Baeksang?
  13. Good day today! I suggest that for our virtual party..we will all post a photo of our filled wine glass for toasting to Cheers!
  14. Thanks for the info..i just noticed though..dont people in SK wear mask anymore at this time? During the video introduction. Have they eased up the lockdown? I also saw from some news some sports event taking place in some area in SK..that gives us hope that Baeksang will be well attended i hope..
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