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  1. Aside from the mother, everything else about this show was exceptional. Just this final episode alone made me go through so many emotions. These three characters—these damaged souls who came together and formed a family—will forever go down as some of my favorites.
  2. I need a word with the editor of episode 15. HOW ARE YOU GONNA END IT THERE?! We better get a continuation of that scene next episode or we riot lol
  3. SYJ's popularity is exploding and I'm sorry to say but her old fans are just gonna have to learn to share. I know that each cafe has its own rules but the overreaction because of the leaks is unlike anything I've seen before. Well at least it gave us something to preoccupy ourselves with while we wait for the final episodes I guess
  4. This week's BTS has to be the most anticipated and yet disappointing BTS I've ever seen lol Korean and international fans in the comment section pissed off at TVN And I also agree that if they end up not showing a single behind-the-scenes of a kiss scene in this show then something must be going on. No way the editor is this incompetent lol
  5. Episode 12 [Romeo and Juliet] Text preview: As Moon-Young is accepted as family, not as a stranger, the relationship between the three takes a step forward. Kang-tae and Moon-Young finally have the same happy time as normal lovers. Meanwhile, Kang-tae finds something unexpected in Moon-Young's study.
  6. Long have we waited for that kiss scene and OMG did it not disappoint. Someone needs to report those two for attempted murder because their chemistry is off the scale! ST growing to accept MY and trying to act like an adult was both cute and heartbreaking. Also that high school scene was so magical. KT dreaming of a scenario where all three of them are living a "normal" life; where he and MY are just kids and ST is the adult. That has to be one of the most beautiful and melancholic scenes I've ever seen.
  7. I just saw this show in my country's top 10 on Netflix lol. Even though the ratings dipped last episode in Korea, it's nice to see it growing internationally
  8. Am I the only one that thinks the brothers' relationship is extremely unhealthy? KT merely lives, as MY would describe it, as a "hostage". ST is extremely possessive and KT's guilt forces him to be complicit. I thought we were gonna make progress but it seems that the relationship regressed. On the bright side I'm glad we saw MY say "Kang-tae belongs to Kang-tae" in the preview for next episode. It's an issue that needs to be faced head-on and at this point MY might be the only one brave enough to do it
  9. I really don't know how to think about this episode to be honest. I just feel robbed. Robbed of a proper kiss. Robbed of seeing their relationship progress now that he's most likely gonna focus on his brother. To be fair the relationship dynamic between the three of them was something the show would have to tackle eventually. I get it... but I still feel robbed
  10. It seems like Sang-tae and Moon-young are both vying for Kang-tae's love. I guess there's more heartbreak in store for us. Well at least we'll get more sweet moments next week I hope this is the beginning of Kang-tae "removing his pin" and letting loose
  11. Episode 8 [Beauty and the Beast] Text Preview: Moon-Young, who cut her hair, enjoys freedom for the first time after escaping from her mother's shadow. Kang-tae is embarrassed by his feelings that Moon-Young keeps worrying about. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the identity of the song 'Clementine' which is heard every night is finally revealed.
  12. This couple will be the death of me I swear I could watch a whole hour of just them
  13. Time to go into hibernation for another week I guess lol But seriously I'm starving for every scene of them together and I can't wait to see what's in store. Whoever the casting director is needs to get a raise because this pairing should be illegal.
  14. I think I forgot to breathe during the ending lol. And that Heize track is so good . Acting, cinematography, ost -- this show is killing it so far!
  15. If the actual show is as good as these trailers then this could be drama of the year imo
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