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  1. Finally found Chaewon's stand alone forum I've been a fan of her since the release of Innocent Man, that's early September 2012. If I remember it right her first appearance was; she's driving the car with a man. I guess it was a love (in admiration way) at first sight; since then I've been following her works, I even watched The Princess man for her even if I hate period dramas for their brutal punishments and bloody scenes, but thanks to her I found another great drama. I also wanted to see her act alongside a lot of great actors but because she's so selective of the roles she's going to portray I found a way to fill in my desire to see her get paired with the actors I think would look great with her; I started writing fan fictions with her as lead! She's the first Korean I made a fictional story of. And since over a year ago, I started loosing interest in Kdramas and only anticipated her project. I used to follow a lot of actors but now I'm only after her updates. Her last project was hard to finish but it didn't make me admire her less. I'm just too excited to see her on screen again. Crossing my fingers for her upcoming drama to do well.
  2. I went to my first email and found my old user name but when I tried searching it here, it's not showing any result. Maybe I changed it but couldn't remember doing it. Anyway, thank you so much. I'd definitely contact Soompi about this.
  3. Umm is it too early to start my new chaewon fan fiction with joong ki as her pair? I've recently decided to make moon chae won fics and come up with a story for chaeki but I'm scared ss shippers would attack me for it or just the thought that someone might get offended and think like I'm taking advantage of their break up. But what I'm avoiding is immature ss fans would hate chaewon because they'll think the story relates to chaewon and joongki's real life.
  4. Back to Soompi for Chaewon. Anyway, need a little help here, I have an account I last used year 2012-2015? but I can't open it anymore, I forgot the username and seems like I changed the email (I have a lot of email so I couldn't remember which one, anyone knows how to retrieve it?
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