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  1. It's like the fan vid. I can watch DH spit out blood hundreds of times, but he tears up and I just
  2. Momma is definitely the cute one. I am going to need an eye rolling emoji, too. since that's my go to motion when JH is onscreen or mentioned.
  3. Hahaha we can call it polite vomiting. We really need a vomit emoji Also, I wish they had replicated that feeling for the last battle. my heart needed it.
  4. My daily calls with my momma was spending the last hour talking about ELoD. she thinks the DHDJ and FJ dance/fight scene was the most beautiful choreography for a fight scene ever. Also, I am quoting her, "wouldn't it be nice if that fur lover demon lord just left JH to die when he found her?". Momma usually tells me to not say anything if I have nothing nice to say about someone. <----- can this be the vomit emoji???? Ahahahahhaa
  5. Or at the very least, have some warlock second or third Male leads for the ladies. I think all the second third Male leads so far were lovable or at least redeemable. but in DH's case, the 2nd and 3rd Male leads were still him-ish. No wonder he is so narcissistic!
  6. The idea of people pitting dramas/productions against each other is not new. But the ineptitude makes me laugh. This is a prime example of someone who does not know these are adaptations from the same author. It is in the same universe, from the same talent company. It is essentially all in the family. It is sad actually. Even Yang Mi cameos to support the series. Family builds each other up, even the actors/actresses have this attitude. Fans apparently tear each other/productions down in this blind "loyalty" fandom culture.
  7. I am a lawyer, it's in my nature and job description to argue/communicate. Also a children's right activist, so I am used to speaking to humans with a generally lower understanding of life. Usually, they are cutie pies who are around (4-16 years of age). I have never had to argue with imbeciles/adults who have an IQ of a pubescent petulant child before though which I wholeheartedly believe these negative fans to be. They seem more like "anti-fans" on an agenda, than actual viewers leaving an honest review. This drama was recommended by my mother who also made me read the book. She opened a can of worms into chinese extreme fandom culture to me. I am still fascinated by the level of idle-ness these people must have.
  8. The negative reviews I have read are all about how they like the TMOPB storyline or how it doesn't follow it. I usually send them the link to the novel and enlighten them. Converted a few. At least on Viki
  9. If it follows human genetic rules, his eyebrows and 5 o'clock shadow are the wrong color I am not in love with how much makeup they slap on Vengo trying to hide his 5 o'clock shadow
  10. @Ninky He better know how to sweet talk with all the kissing up he's going to have to do to get out of hot water with FJ. She has a short fuse temper. His meeting with his father-in-law was so awkward but behaviorally accurate for a prospect son-in-law. It was so refreshingly human to see him stuff his face, with the bowl up to not make eye contact with the future parents-in-law.
  11. This comment already gave me another crinkle I can't do it, I was born smiling
  12. I am definitely going to need TQ to write about their little girl. The Bai family women are always running off everywhere and their fathers never know to where. How is DH going to handle this? BGG will probably be too busy batting off the crazy gaggle of girls to keep an eye on his sister. And DH will be too busy with FJ, who also has a tendency to wander.
  13. I'm going to need this magic, pronto, the stress is giving me some crinkles And all the laughing from these fan edits/creative videos!
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