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  1. I feel that the Chinese really engage in virtual harassment and bullying. Look at this series and its' haters. Weibo was a hot nightmare with neutral fans literally drowned out. They produce a lot of keyboard warriors over there. I wonder if they are going to adapt any anti-bullying/harassment policies over there, or at least enforce something. SMH. Regardless if TQ plagiarized or not, she did not deserve to be harassed the way she was. I heard that the other novel was translated and officially published in another country. Foreign policy might be in their favor to tak
  2. I was under the impression that the allegations of plagiarism were inconclusive at best (on a legal capacity) as the original author of the BL novel was unable to take the case to court. As BL is an illegal genre and would have essentially resulted in self-incrimination if the case went to court. Plagiarism and copyright infringement is near impossible to prove if one side is not even allowed to present their novel as a viable piece of evidence. Keeping in mind that plagiarism is a word for word form of copying/stealing, whereas copyright infringement is taking concepts scenes and
  3. I assumed DH has his entire wealth hidden in his Marry Poppins magical sleeves. If you can fit your whole tea table, tea set, and daybeds, what in the world can't you fit in there?!
  4. Some more pretty fanart I need to hire these talented artists to make a picture book vs. As a gift to my mother. She's having a hard time moving on, also
  5. Since it isn't a confirmed work from any production studio, I wouldn't put too much stock into it. These are copyrighted characters of TQ, I can't see her liking this plot line. On top of that these two characters were inspired by another author's work that accused TQ of plagiarism. I don't see her trying to stir that pot up again now that it has just settled.
  6. Side note, I am meal planning for the week. I really really really want to make ginormous meatballs just so I can be unladylike and hold them in my hands. but also, they look so appetizing when she eats them like that.
  7. I think her shade and savagery is just from sheer boredom at this point.... and impatience with my father But yes, she is awesomesauce
  8. My mom is a polite savage. A little background, she's part Belgian and very polite, finishing school polite. So no "richard simmons-ing" in the parent's house. But her savagery is catching me off guard these days. "Must also be the culmination of stress from being stuck in a home with your father 24/7" (her words, nobody is safe at this point) "Wouldn't it be funnier if SMY dug that whole to catch that frog, JH, instead of CD" (out of the blue after we were discussing how cute SMY is, as we were hotpot-ing at the parent's house last night) Dad jokingly asked "what into
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