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  1. I felt the same way when I read this lol but haven't got time to comment because there is too much other discussions going on. I was thinking she is always conscious in hiding her true heart with either her poker face, or trying to play with her hair and stuff when she is nervous, or like change the topic of discussion, laughing to conceal her fluttering heart toward HB. In CLOY promo they both just ignore the rumors and laughed it off. I remember in SITR when her costar is all nervous and stuff she actually asked him, "You don't actually like me, do you?" (Maybe not exact words but similar meaning) Well, certainly nothing is going on according to SYJ. Why can't she ask the same question to HB lolol, well well, because there is something going on!!! Yeah and then guess what happened after? She met HB, someone who she worked with. My delulu mind is thinking maybe HB did some research on her online and saw these interviews. He'd be like, hey I think she is cool but is she single? *looks it up* Ahh she seems single at the moment and people dare not to approach her, so I'm gonna try pursuing her then! And now we have no more new articles about SYJ and her romantic life.
  2. I think I found episode 1 of the Hyun Bin taxi interview but I haven't got time to watch all the episodes yet to confirm if it's really episode one. I will delete this post if I made a mistake. It's in a play list so you should see if after you click for part 1 below, but I'll put up part 2 to 6 in the spoiler in case you cannot see it. Part 1
  3. We need some magnifying glasses and patience to watch the whole thing to find more clues during this drought lol... but I really cannot see him say much in 1:38-1:39. But he definitely whisper something at 1:42-1:43. Anyone found more clues to feed our delulu minds?! It's all good if the parents know already then. Hey I want to have that insider's scope too lol.. gimme all the details lol *in dreaming mode* I wonder how he brought it up to the parents? I'm imagining this lol sorry HB: Father-nim, I met SYJ at work and I want to be serious with her after knowing more about each other. We are same age and debut at around the same time. I met her in 2014 Pifan when we attended the same award ceremony. She is a hardworking and professional actress. She is a gorgeous woman inside out. We clicked quite well and I believe she is the ONE. Father-nim, I need your approval. Please! I know right? This virus is making most of us stay home, so I have more time for delulu thoughts but I'm liking the delulu discussions so far, but not the virus though. Everyone stay safe!
  4. I wonder if HB or SYJ's parents know about their rumours? I don't know if the grocery rumours were big in SK back in 2019 Jan? Or like if their chemistry news was big during TN promos? Because I wonder if their parents have ever asked them about the grocery incident hmmm? Maybe HB's dad was curious and had to search SYJ up on naver to find out more information about her . My delulu mind is thinking maybe HB's dad had to do some background checks to make sure she is a good woman for him, before allowing them to have potential marriage plans lolol. I mean, they're both 38 (but almost 40 in Korean age). The parents must be somewhat concerned or curious about their kids' love life? And their dating rumor has been present for a while already. I think SYJ's parents might be more concerned. C'mon V*st CEO if you're reading this do something! I hope their parents also watched and loved CLOY and could see their burning hot chemistry! Wonder if they could tell if it's all acting or really something is going on with them? Deep down I just hope the parents and relatives are also Binjin shippers lol
  5. WOW! New hints everyday.. our Binjin detectives are working hard in digging up new clues I'm looking forward in discovering more and more from this forum hope someone could captured HB whispering "love u babe" to SYJ lol.. excuse my delulu mind. Ah just want to comment that the selfie movement was so natural.. it's like they're so used to taking selfies together. Actually HB seems familiar in using Kakaotalk app? Does he really have no SNS at all? I read somewhere that he has no Instagram but I think he probably does use something like kakao? Otherwise how did he contact SYJ when they're in the LA? Anyone know? Thanks
  6. @TotoroSY Omo HB's dad sounds strict AF... he must have gone through a hard time in his earlier years. I knew from various postings that HB's dad didn't want him to be an actor at first but I didn't know HB actually got locked up and beaten up because of that May I know if the Taxi interview is available somewhere online? I don't think I've ever seen the video/website. If anyone could repost it that would be great. Thanks.. @eLizza Yeah there are wayyyyy too many coincidences. The more I dig into it the more I find them. Just like the matching outfit coincidence, there was also grocery shopping coincidence (coincidently in LA), coincidently showing the same gestures in various BTS and interview promos (turning their heads and necks at the same time or right after each other, putting their hands in the same place, laughing at the same time, pouting right after each other, etc.) And today coincidently posting new clips around the same time and coincidently wearing white. Hmmm lol are there more? But they will just tell you that those are ALL coincidences.
  7. Wow her photoshoot making film and his mediheal ad releasing at around the same time?! Are they trying to tease us shippers?! What a coincidence!
  8. Ahhhh I'm so sad there is still no real confirmation even if there are subtle hints and obvious clues. I'm in such a paradox now.. I want them to confirm but if they confirm I know they'll no longer have their private lives and will be bothered by the media a lot and a lot. But I know they will never confirm anything even if they're really together. But then if they don't confirm then we wouldn't know if they are still together as of now.. they might be sweet and stuff post and during CLOY but now that CLOY is over and there's this virus I hope they are still spending time together.. We can only keep praying and rooting for them in our own thoughts.. Agree with what you said! Lowkey relationship is super sweet and very protected. It's good our CEO is protecting YJ well...
  9. When can I see an article like this with Binjin in the content? Lol I knew it.. Pyo Chi Soo cannot really say his view whether or not they're dating. He could only say we don't know. The cast or anyone can't really start rumors like that or they will get in trouble, especially when HB and SYJ are seniors and also super famous in the field. Only the people working with them could observe and have their own conclusions for themselves ... and we wouldn't know... at least Pyo Chi Soo said they good look together hehe... any Koreans here know if it's an open secret that they're dating or not? P.S. It's funny how Pyo Chi Soo said he cannot look into HB's eyes because he has this "cool energy" around him. But HB cannot look into SYJ's eyes when doing the staring test with her in one TN promo event he can look at her without blinking when she is talking and talking in various interviews and promo..
  10. Hello all, I found this article about Hyun Bin and would like to share with you guys. Is this April fools or what? Hyun Bin is not handsome in according to the standards in North Korea?! https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/04/north-korean-escapee-youtuber-says-hyun-bin-wouldnt-be-considered-handsome-in-north-korea
  11. I'm interested to know what this is all about. Would be great if anyone can share a link or translations! I hope they're getting along too if they have already met. I wonder if HB has to ask father-nim for permission for him to date his daughter, but if they are really together and will get married, then I think he would definitely have to talk to her parents before proposing. I'm imagining him saying "Father-nim, please allow me take care YJ for the rest of my life." Maybe he has to kneel down in front of the parents to show sincerity Omo... Or is this just what happens in Korean dramas and not in real life? I saw some of those clips in Korean dramas before lol my delulu mind is carrying away again ooops.....!
  12. @citron Maybe introverted HB likes it when his lady is strong, independent and confident. After all he did mention that his ideal woman is someone who dresses well(sexy?) and eats (and cooks?) well, meaning that she has to be good to take care of herself (as HB is an actor and may not always be around his spouse all the time). There were moments when YJ was seen making fun and joking with HB and HB seems fine with it. Maybe he likes it when his girl teases him. @Riri forever The ending kiss above reminds me of the BTS where SYJ was asking are we kissing here? Let's do it! They're being their own directors here talking about a kiss that wasn't planned out hehee I don't think normal co-stars / colleagues / "close" friends would initiate kisses like that? Or am I wrong?
  13. Were they actually kissing already at 12:21 before Yejin bursts out in laughter (in the swoon BTS video)? I never thought of that until rewatching the clip.. It should be the scene where he said the side of his nose got "injured" and then she said "I don't see any scars" and then he surprised her with a kiss. Watching this scene now makes me laugh because now I think about this BTS that they're being funny and playful with each other before and during the shoot. And during the shoot they had to be serious haha. I bet when the director said, "Cut!" She would be bursting out in laughters. These two are so "close" with each others. SYJ is holding in her laughter because RJH is being flirty and she finds it funny? Also I saw this "rude tongue" action clip on twitter of HB.. in case anyone hasn't seen it. The description was saying if HB got "wild thoughts" while watching YJ's clip. Maybe he's thinking why this beauty is sooo irresistible, or perhaps he's thinking what he's gonna do with her.....when they're in private..... lol sorry for my delulu thoughts.
  14. Nah, they could have their "bedroom scene" off cameras lol The BTS you shared really showed couply vibes. Definitely they are more than regular colleagues, even though we all know this already. But it will give me peace if they would actually admit they're together (I know I know it's not possible because SYJ is too private...) I miss them so much! I hope KTP is secretly reading this forum and give us more juicy updates and keep this ship sailing! Even better if he disguised himself as a shipper and make comments here just like in kakaotalk interview where he is sending stickers and making comments hehee.. I hope they're spending time cuddling with each other during Covid19 outbreak. I mean people are advised to stay home during this time anyways so there's nothing much they could do other than cuddling and keeping each other happy and healthy.. and watching channel 20 together oh, my heart!
  15. Why does this video give me a feeling of sausade? Lol.. and so much inside is reminding me of CLOY.. the piano background music, the pots of plants that are outside the balcony, and the pile of books. Btw I wonder if anyone knows the location of the filming. Also, I came across some SYJ clips on Twitter, and was wondering if anyone has a link to the full interview in English. My apologies if these were shared already, but SYJ is being cute and said "I didn't know people would call me innocent." Etc. And commenting about her beauty about people looking her on the bus (jokingly). I think this was the same video as the MC said she is getting married? And talking about her favorite food too:
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