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  1. I just want to give props to ST who saved everyone like the director said, one day he might save him. The whole situation would have been a disaster if 1. KT kills mom..then he would end up in jail and MY would break up with him. Luckily he thought of what MY said (but my mom is still my mom) and stopped.. 2. If MY kills mom, she would end up being like what her mom said her mom's other self (being a murderer), and she would end up in jail.. and they couldn't be together, so I'm glad KT stopped her despite being drugged.. 3. If head nurse kills MY for being a failure, KT and ST would be sad
  2. @ILSYJSG She was speaking Cantonese in the old version and mandarin in the new one
  3. @solilokuyla Maybe this was all over the news and MY's mom saw it so she went after that mental patient? Since MY is a famous children's book's writer and she was at the reading event at the hospital so if something happened then it should be broadcast all over the news though. @blueclueblue True she couldn't have survived that fall and blood loss .. and MY also saw all the blood coming out from under the door.. so she shouldn't / couldn't have survived .. even if the dad had distorted memories MY's memories should be reliable.. but at the beginning of the drama MY was never co
  4. Hi, first time posting on this forum because I just finished watching episode 14 but can't help to wonder this but no one brought it up yet?
  5. Lol my heart skipped a beat when you mentioned future in-laws... I wonder how Korean families are like.. hope the Kims won't be too strict...because i feel like they kind of are lol .. or at least like a serious family as HB is also a serious guy and respect elderly etc... you know in Korea during one of the bigger festival forgot which one, they have to prepare offerings to their ancestors.. and usually the eldest son's family have to do lots of preparation..so they said don't get married to the eldest son or u need to prep lots of stuff.. but maybe in 2020 it's less like that..ANYWAYS sorry
  6. @Choi sam sook I totally agree with you.. there is just so much chemistry between them..and them exchanging glances.. everything about them feels like a couple.. the only thing that is missing is admitting that they r a couple which they won't because they want their personal lives private.. but everything else screams couple .. Even their walking is in sync I'm so happy for them they found each other
  7. I can't stop rewatching this walk. There's just so much couply vibe in this moment... This particular moment where he's walking from behind feels like a husband following the wife to go somewhere bwahahaha Their outfits also match well.... oh, my heart!
  8. @Damini Rai You're wrong lol.. do u expect them to have hugs and kisses at the award ceremony? The ceremony is prestigious and everyone's nervous and wants to look their best. Deep down they're thinking am I gonna win am I gonna win.... Plus they have rumours circulating online so they have to be alert and not create any negative news. Their stiffness you mention is probably because they have to be extra cautious in their actions and behaviors. Imagine an intimate couple who has to pretend they're not a couple..... YOU KNOW WHAT.. that's exactly why they look stiff because they have to PRETEND
  9. Did they say we.. oh dear.. my heart skipped a beat reading this. I've been missing so much gems on this forum.. i just thought SYJ was so cute when she said thank you so much in English. She did it for us. I'm so happy. She seems embarrassed to speak English maybe becaude she is shy so she giggled right after but she did it for the international fans...She's so gorgeous in her outfit. They look so good together really. I think their body language shows that they're really close. And that eye contact and that smile of theirs posted on Instagram as they were walking on stage.. especially HB.. i
  10. Delurking here. Gosh yes I noticed the pants are kind of too loose and top blazer seem too small when I saw the photos (not sure if it's been talked about already because I've been away and missed 100s of pages of discussion. ) Luckily it was Hyun Bin who pulled it off... but what a coincidence they're wearing the same brand RL.. but the blue looks good on him.. I miss them but been busy lately .. hopefully I have time to catch up the pages I miss Buy why wear 2019 clothes? To honour their grocery incident? Hard to understand if others are wearing 2020 clothing.
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