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  1. I noticed at the presscon before the intro of SYJ that when she was trying to turn on the mic, she was like asking help from HB but at the same time not looking at him (not to make it too obvious). HB as well was like being his usual attentive self to his girl. They were probably like this a few days before presscon, “Okay Binssi, we have talked about this before, but we should not make things obvious. Don’t look at me with your loving eyes. They will ask about our dating rumors so let’s not be swayed by it. Let’s pretend that we’re not that close, babe. We are actors, we can do this!” Then KakaoTalk interview happened after and they’re back to their usual self (not too obvious, but still obvious) I think SYJ said “WHAT!?” In Korean when she was about to hit HB during the presscon. In public they are really cautious about it. She realized her mistake and did not continue hitting him. But in the BTS/TN promos, she hits HB playfully all the time.
  2. I’m pretty sure the cast and crew were all thinking of the same thing. ^^^ But of course, they respect them as actors. They wouldn’t expose them and probably those kind of things like dating, scandal, etc are not new to them. It’s their responsibility as colleagues to respect their decision and keep things private. @TotoroSY I checked mediheal’s ig and it’s not new. There’s another post with hb with the same pose. I think they just promoted the sale because hb is the endorser (which is effective btw haha)
  3. Please no quoting videos. Check out the soompi rules reposted by @liltash85 Also I think they were talking about the scene where they paraglided together when they were about to be caught by Cho Choel Gang.
  4. I feel like the LJK (TN Director) was like the OG shipper, and then followed by their friends, all the interviewers of TN. After TN, basically almost everyone was now on board. I also feel like the CLOY director was like a low-key shipper, esp since he worked closely with them and saw their close relationship. I am pretty sure everyone will be ecstatic when they announce their marriage. @sussieh Finally, V@st is giving us updates which I'm thankful for. He looks thinner though, but still healthy of course. I was expecting SYJ will just appear anytime in the video hehehe but it's a photoshoot. @Wol-sook We can't really say that one's role is a piece of cake for them though. I feel like every role of actors has some degree of difficulty. Like of SYJ, her role of YSR required almost every emotion which also may need to transition in a split second to another emotion which also applied for LJH. Anyway, they still both did a great job for their roles. Their chemistry really contributed greatly to the success of their show.
  5. THIS IS SO FUNNY AND ACCURATE SHOPPERS HAHAH Because he's literally an unclimbable wall.
  6. I just noticed that SYJ's IG post was posted exactly one month after the finale of CLOY. I was probably too excited of her post without noticing it. Maybe, she told herself to post it a month after and the orange lemon plant just happened to be the perfect thing to post because it also coincided with White Day. They are so near each other compared to their prev TN promos. ;_; And I also noticed that they only like spend a short time per stage greeting, so probably they spend most of the time in the bus or doing interviews. HB was probably courting SYJ already by this time or were probably together for like a few months already. Here's a cute Binnie. I can just imagine the 1st birthday party of their 1st child and him trying to grab the balloons. And SYJ would entertain the guest and take care of the whole party. HB also being cordial to everybody as well while taking care of their child. My delulu mind is at works HAHA
  7. It's not edited, however the media blown up the rumor that they were holding hands. V@st already denied the holding hands thing because they would seem unprofessional which is a big NO-NO for K-industry, so if you ever see it on IG pls report it cause we don't want another denial from them.
  8. @eLizza I legit cannot finish any CLOY OST song right now because I really get emotional like I remember which scene was this when it was played. I am too invested in CLOY. Anyway, I still like all of them just because it reminds me of BinJin/CLOY. I must say the drought is very real. Just hearing new news about them like the CF/IG post makes me really excited. I wonder when and what project will SYJ have this year. Plus with all the things happening this year that some people wish that 2020 would just restart, I’m really glad CLOY/BinJin came to my life. I only know SYJ since SITR, while HB from MOTA/SG, but now I’m happy that I get to discover more Korean movies through them because I usually just watch Kdramas. But I still cannot finish SITR because I am remembering HB now.
  9. I really wouldn’t think too much of the fortune tellings or horoscopes. It told me before that I would already have a bf, but i’m still single. HAHAHHA Anyway, here’s some happy repost that all of you would not mind seeing again seeing their clips really makes me happy even though i see it every day. My sister even said to me while reading the forum, “You’re like that every night” in an exasperated tone. I’m going delulu over them constantly praying that they would just get married (but without any pressure of course). And I cannot seem to listen to the OST because I really get emotional over them. I become like Jinnie “staring blankly ahead” whenever i hear it and remember the scenes. I wish only for happy vibes in this forum. Love you all!
  10. I agree with you @TotoroSY! I noticed, however, that not all the drama/actor/actress that were popular that year won. So I wouldn’t count only on popularity, but since their acting was superb in this drama, they have a good chance of winning either of the categories. This also considering the fact that they are both A listers. About IC, I was really impressed with PSJ. He has definitely improved as an actor. Anyway, I still believe that HB has a chance of winning. CLOY and IC might battle out for the best drama though (although i haven’t watched possible nominated dramas), since it was excellent for their respective categories (romance for cloy, revenge etc for ic). SYJ is amazing in whatever acting she does, so she still has a fighting chance. That long list of Baeksang Awards proves it much. I wish to see them in the red carpet soon. I’m not sure about HB since he might have a filming schedule that time? Let’s pray that this award show will push thru and the covid pandemic will end.
  11. I noticed this too! Was this the same video because I feel like I am now seeing it in a new light.
  12. Recent autographs from our BinJin. I wonder how the person was able to get it.
  13. I found this on Instagram that I just wanna share with you guys cause it’s funny. HB’s disguise is so obvious because of the way he covered himself up. And who wouldn’t look at this tall guy and his disguise. They would probably look at him more because people are thinking if he might be a celeb. I don’t know when was this but it’s probably old. sorry if only HB related hehe
  14. @bpwinces! THANK YOU FOR THAT VIDEO, I WAS SMILING THE WHOLE TIME. I hope they are safe and resting well. I pray for happy news soon.
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