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  1. Yep, 2018! It was reported MOTA started filming in Spain first at that time, then started filming in Hungary and Slovenia in August Same, i'm letting my delusional mind run with the possibility that he was there too. it's really easy to travel within Europe, even from country to country. Shoppers (including me) have really been sleuthing through all her companion's IG's. I fell for her initial trick that she was in France even in July, but those were old pics from June (as seen from her team's IG). I just hope they really met up. It would explain so much of their already prominent skin ship (protective touches, etc) and "early stage couple" atmosphere during the TN promos!
  2. Haha tbh I think I know what they're talking about. I contemplated the timeline at this time, but thought it was a reach. Forgive our real delusional minds, but if she really thinks it's legit, then I'm not alone on this one HAHA We just know a special lady was in France in June (and resumed working back in Korea in August.) And we know a special guy was filming in Spain from late May to June. Filming resumed in August.... so there's a LIL gap in June/July. ... and I mean, it's a quick 2 hour ish flight.
  3. Wow, so many posts I'm glad everyone's so excited today! AGREED. I genuinely think they could have started even at the summer, if not by the end of the re-filming haha (if this is true, you go guys!). All the heart selfies and the way he protects her are more telling of a couple in the early stages of their relationship to me. Me too!! Will ride until the very end, whatever ending that may be. Just hoping and praying it'll be a beautiful ending. But yea never have I ever been so attached to a drama or frankly a couple it sometimes scares me.. even to the point where I even started a FANFIC to fill the never-ending void that is BinJin and RiRi. I needed to let my imagination loose somewhere and twitter isn't enough sometimes HAHA Inspired by the beautiful stories I've seen there, I decided to give it a go and write about glimpses of both couples (but, let's be real they're the same people so oh well). Let me know if you're interested in seeing it and I can give you a link!
  4. @Riri foreverPeople on twitter think it's from his profile pic photoshoot for Naver! But pray for us..... how does he look so damn FINE
  5. Yes I’ve read about HB at the gym, but not about SYJ at the market! Awww I’m genuinely so happy they’re doing well Am just hoping and praying for any new crumbs of them together we can add to our cart but I’ll keep on waiting for the good news!!
  6. oooh thanks for that. Knew I could count on you guys to verify! I guess this is what happens when shoppers are suffering in the binjin drought The thirst for new content is too real rn
  7. Was lurking on twitter haha. Have people noticed this?? How do people notice this, I can barely see without my glasses.
  8. Y'all IDK: This seems like very normal behavior between BF...F's...? I do this kind of thing all the time with my male bff too!! (And by male bff, I mean my actual best friend of 7 years.... my boyfriend. .) I can't even imagine if I did this to my other male friend.. Wiggle, rub what. He'd throw me off the cliff.
  9. Glad to see I'm not the only craving for that little extra taste of Binjin content!! So I'm back again with my madness. Since our couple has been very low-key nowadays - I, like your average day-to-day working professional, have been rewatching their BTS vids pretty much all the time at quite possibly working hours I have been especially ~creepy~ since I have more time work at home with the current crisis. ANYWAYS, when looking at the final BTS videos, the two moments that actually stood out to me and never failed to make me smile and blush were surprisingly these two (all from swoon)! These moments were sooooooo brief that I replayed them too many times to count. 1) Rehearsing for the reunion kiss in Switzerland: HB's cute little "Ba-bam" made SYJ giggle so sweetly! And I am the director who is actively shipping laughing along with them. 2) The last kiss: Besides the fact that I am over the moon that they added the last, most natural kiss themselves , what I love the most (before it got instantly cut off) is how SYJ so naturally suggests to kiss and without a second thought, heads over to him in his space to cuddle start rehearsing. Even more, I love how HB instinctively and naturally begins to wrap his arm around her....... until yea this whole scene cuts to the cast interviews I just wonder how much editing and content their agencies and tvn had to go through to produce these ~safe~ friendship clips.
  10. Finally! As others mentioned, I like these subs better too So naughty Binnie! How did people manage to spot that?? Wow, so their last kiss was ad-libbed as well! (16:21-16:25)- in addition to the reunion hug! these two My Binjin virus is so strong right now. I'll really need the 6-month condolence period
  11. I rewatched her episodes of Master in the House because of this!!! And in the beginning (when they entered her house), there were scented candles and flowers. And she mentioned how much she liked coffee and was making it for them too. And as for HB, he got his little beer scene (ep. 12- before the intimate soju talk) and we all know how much he likes drinking a lil beer (Swoon vid). Kudos to writer-nim for her work! When art imitates life, indeed
  12. Like many others that are late in climbing aboard the ship/pushing the cart, this is my first time posting after days of CLOY sepanx. Genuinely never have I ever shipped a couple as hard as I do these two. Like many others, it became natural how beyond the RiRi couple, I thought “wow their chem is sooo strong, they could be a couple.” I wasn’t even an avid fan of either of them before the drama. But after initially watching the show and Swoon vids, I was 70% sure they could be a real life couple (30% bff). But then BAM this thread and all the evidence AHH So after reading the entire forum (yes, this took days- love you guys and all the timelines of their love) and rewatching all their videos together with my mom (we’re in this together), we are both over 100% convinced, went beyond why they’re actually together, and were just trying to figure out when they started. So here I am: I just wanted to provide my little two cents and possible additions to the MANY points on why the amazing BINJIN genuinely does exist: (if it’s long, I’m so sorry I’m just so excited) CLOY bits Thumb rubs, back hugs, easy skinship- All these subtle gestures that I swear only VERY intimate couples can make (can best friends really do this?). I even went that far and searched other back hugs of not just HB doing back hugs, but other actors and actresses and SELDOM (if not ever) are back hugs so openly done across the actress’ chest (usually above or below on the stomach as an act of courtesy). Behind the Scenes The hand holding pic, SYJ's easy glomping of HB in the parachute shoot, the infamous scene of them laughing and holding each other after HB looked at the handsome soldier instead of her (HAHA), the cute BTS hospital scenes- need I mention more? It’s just funny how V*ST denied the hand holding and only mentioned that SYJ was holding her own hand, but then NOT explicitly deny their relationship. Groceries (and LA) #Ingrocerywetrust- the pics speaks for themselves- first time SYJ’s agency denied a rumor (could be wrong), but it’s so elaborate and emphasized she was there to meet a friend that I just laughed it off. Her instagram pic (190127)- the watch! Someone wrote how the watch she’s wearing is way too big for her and how it matches HB’s watch (grocery pic). The way she was posing and holding her phone could mean she was emphasizing her wrist hehe (I've passed the point of delu, don’t mind me). And note fans caught him back at Incheon on 190124 so this could her way of telling him she misses him? (The caption of double hearts as well) V*ST coming after me The Busan pic- I’ve actually seen it so openly on other social media sites (not insta)- It’s such an innocent pic of them smiling and posing with an ajumma, I seriously can’t fathom why V*ST would want to have them take it down if they’re really BFFs. They weren’t holding hands, doing anything intimate so hey, if their real chingu’s, it should’ve been fine to leave up? SO when did it all start? Like many others, I used to think that they started dating AFTER the TN promo period with all their cute instas together. But my mom made a point that with all the press cons and insta hearts, she thinks they’ve already starting dating BEFORE that. The way SYJ actually got shy with some questions and all of HB’s gentlemanly and NATURAL tendencies to touch/guide her makes it a little suspicious. And I don’t know about a lot of you, but why put a heart with your male bff? They can argue they are hyping up the film, but hey you’re supposed to be enemies, not lovers HAHA. And combined with evidence people have mentioned about him meeting her parents in Daegu, this might make sense since they’ve already established that they are serious about one another. And by the time of the CLOY BTS/Swoon videos, their relationship has already went WAY PAST the chase and honeymoon stage- they’re genuinely and old married couple that’s comfortable with one another, finishing each other’s sentences, answering for one another and just enjoying each other’s presence. Don’t get me started on HB’s stares. Everyone has made their point . But the little nudge SYJ did to HB to get him to stop staring at her (TVN interview) is still the thing that makes me smile the most. So subtle, but so telling. Final notes: I’m also so suspicious that the very hardworking SYJ AND HB’s only big project of 2019 is CLOY (in the second half of the year). Besides some ad work, fan meetings and other things, it’s just surprising how not one of them have another movie at least. Did this give them time to re-energize and spend some time together? SYJ's friend got married and went on her honeymoon in 2019. And like others mentioned, her friend explicitly stated SYJ came along. Third wheeling would be indeed weird so if she said SYJ and other friends, this wouldn’t suspicious. She didn’t so I would be over the moon if she went with her “BFF”! My mom is genuinely convinced they were dating before the TN promo period and is even happier at the thought of HB suffering when watching all the intimate scenes of SITR. She thinks because of that, HB actively pursued her since it triggered his male instincts I can genuinely write an entire thesis on why they’re actually a couple, but I’ll refrain so CEO-nim won’t come after me HAHA. I really enjoy reading all the comments and love for BINJIN and I’ll definitely be an active commenter with my new theories for them hehe.
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