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  1. By episode 12 I felt like Oh My Master was the truck of doom.
  2. I felt like it started off a little slow but really enjoyed the episode. Many funny parts but definitely the photo shoot & car crash will probably stick with me for quite a while.
  3. While we do see a little assuredly temporary angst I am sure they will be back together before you know it. Anyway it’s been quite clear since the whole holding your hand brings my temperature up that something has been brewing between the two of them.
  4. This is why I cut the show off at ep 12. I almost always finish off kdramas but this one lost me.
  5. I get the main character is going through a lot but his attitude really rubs me the wrong way, especially at the end of ep 12. It’s super nasty.
  6. I agree but her character is one of the many reasons I stopped watching this show by episode 6. Most of the characters if not all are very annoying.
  7. I was not expecting much from this but figured I’d give it a shot. Not a huge fan of horror but it actually pleasantly surprised me. Something about it is enthralling.
  8. I’ve been disappointed with this too. She’s gone from lead actress to almost supporting actress.
  9. I think Vincenzo will end with VC and HCY together. There were scenes where they were interrupted & something more might have happened. I felt like the handshake was fitting as they were parting ways. Also it was quite clear how she felt about him. You saw him come back for her and it just felt like the writer was trying to make it more dramatic. Too much negativity folks!
  10. The ending just fell apart. It’ll be up there with other poor endings like Game of Thrones & Lost.
  11. Actually KDY had a similar role in my strange hero where he goes from tormented bad guy to redemption arc. I’m curious to see if his Han Seo character will share a similar story.
  12. I feel like they wouldn’t put romance in without tying things up by the end. I could be wrong but this episode was particularly violent & having romance in this episode feels out of place.
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